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  1. By “vibe” do you mean gay? ouch! yeah, maybe you should have researched more.
  2. We are excited to be going on the Wonder of the Seas in 2 weeks out of Barcelona. I’m looking for excursion ideas for our family. We have twin 6 year old daughters and trying to balance having fun with culture. Ports are Mallorca, Marseille, Pisa, Rome, and Naples. thanks in advance for all suggestions.
  3. We are on the June 5th cruise out of Barcelona and got moved to the Wonder. But we also got downgraded from a crown loft suite to a grand suite. We were given a $300 OBC, which I find pretty insulting. I feel a grand suite is a huge step down from the loft suites. We booked this cruise with the crown loft suite room being one of the main attractions, we love the rear facing room watching all the action of the ship while still seeing the ocean. I agree Royal probably wants us all to cancel our cruises so they can resell our rooms at higher rates, which I think is horrible. So what are our options? Will they let us change the date to stay in a crown loft suite (although unlikely since the wonder has so few crown loft suites)? Has anyone got anywhere with Royal on this? Thanks
  4. We’ll be sailing on Allure of the Seas in October. Have a few questions about shows and dining. Do I need to reserve seating for shows in advance or is there reserved seating for suites? If so, is the seating good? We definitely don’t want to miss the ice and water shows. we’ll probably do a few nights of speciality dining, what restaurant would you recommend with twin 3 year olds? Do I need to make these reservations in advance or will our concierge be able to get us in when we want? Earlier is usually better for us. Any suggestions for things not to miss with kids? Thanks!
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