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Vision Of The Seas Coming To Baltimore?

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Just for kicks, I tend to check the RC Website to see if anything out of Baltimore is available to book later in 2023 (up till now, it only shows sailings through the Spring) ....  And then this morning.... September (ONLY September) popped up and has a 5-nighter to Bermuda listed on VISION OTS...... Did we just get a glimpse as to what's coming down the pike?

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28 minutes ago, coneyraven said:

I'm slightly amused, in classic RC IT fashion, September '23 has been removed from Baltimore sailings .... now, if only we could have another $18 glitch.

When they test load future deployments they are usually live for ~24 hours then they disappear until the full deployments are made public the following week.   That's typically on a Tuesday or Wednesday night the following week.

Jewel's cruise departing from Quebec in Oct. 2023 has also disappeared.

This is normal for new deployments.  

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29 minutes ago, FionaMG said:

There's a nice little repo from Fort Lauderdale to Baltimore that might suit some of you from that neck of the woods, especially if you have the ABC islands on your bucket list.


Being that this is "in our neck of the woods" --- We may have to seriously consider this.  Thank You for Sharing.

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