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Diamond Plus!

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Hi cruising friends!  I just wanted to share a Royal milestone with you...

I have officially become a Diamond Plus member of the Crown & Anchor Society today (December 10).


I "pleaded" with the Loyalty Ambassador to give me my D+ pin in advance so I could have it on my cap at check-in for my next cruise.

IMG_1743.thumb.jpg.3b30480485fd11462c2545e70e073de8.jpg IMG_1751.thumb.jpg.b82cafa16e5ee3c1f0cc5b91a9a49123.jpg


I'm not bragging ... just proud of being Loyal to Royal

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22 minutes ago, twangster said:

Emerald in September?  Diamond Plus in December?


Rhyming Leonardo Dicaprio GIF

May I add... two paperweights, I mean, two glass blocks in November...

IMG_1088.thumb.jpg.ee3a0be3eaac1ae979b807fb542b98f7.jpg IMG_1669.thumb.jpg.03e37006f51e9ada06a755fa1553d6a1.jpg


Told ya, @twangster... "when I grow up, I wanna be just like you" (I already contacted my tailor for a white tux ha ha)

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