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“Gossiping” in the Diamond Lounge

PG Cruiser

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For those who have been on the Jewel (maybe on other Radiance class ships as well), you know how the Diamond Lounge is on the deck overlooking the pool deck.

Well, I went there to get coffee and there were these two men, probably in their 80s, watching people on the pool deck. An elderly lady joins them as they point out to a couple making out in the pool.

Some of the lines I remember were:

”Don’t they have a room on the ship?”

”There are children on the pool deck, you know”… (Reply) “But the children are gonna find out about it sooner or later”

“I’m a prude, I care about private things being private”

”Look, they’re going at it again”


As I was leaving I said to them in jest, “Boy, I have to be careful how I behave on the pool deck”

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People watching.  Probably jealous as heck remembering the old days when they used to do something similar.  

Just be glad none of them became an Alpha, Alpha, Alpha from all the excitement.  

Seriously hope when I'm in my 80's I can people watch from the a Viking Crown Lounge, or whatever equivalent venue exists in a few decades after Icon class has been crushed in a yard somewhere.  

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I remember being embarrassed for necking as a young man.  When I was 17 lying on a beach in Spain with a new girlfriend (local), I couldn't resist kissing her, and the Beach Police actually yelled at me (in Spanish), "That is for the bed, not the beach".  Under Franco, things were a bit conservative...So I am OK if a few cruisers pass judgment on me for a public display of affection with my wife!


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