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Oasis, Dec 5, 2021, a live blog failure? Time will tell.


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Had dinner last night in CK. Excellent as always. We both had salmon (Siri transcribed that we had snowman😂), and I had to have the apple pie again. Ken got the apple pie as well when I told him he wasn’t getting half of mine again.  It is stellar. The braised beef gnocchi was over the top. Ken also had the curry coconut soup. He said it was very good.


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Last night we went to see Phoenix in the Music Hall, after going to Cats. We both enjoyed Cats, but it is probably a one and done for us.  The dancers are all very good, we just aren’t cat people.  😋 Phoenix, on the other hand, is an excellent tribute band.  I highly recommend them if you’re ever on board and they are playing.  

When they played Hotel California, A couple of highly (Siri translated highway) inebriated attendees got out on the dance floor and danced. If you know Hotel California you’ll understand how entertaining that was. 👀😉 Afterwards the lead singer asked for a hand for the guys playing the guitars…and a hand for the Hotel California dancers. 🤣😂 It was great.  By the time it was over, there was a mosh pit on the dance floor. We were sitting on the second level at the rail, and were almost as entertained by them as we were by the band. Great way to end a great day.

We grew up with the Eagles, the Doobies, Led Zeppelin, etc., the generation with the greatest rock and roll ever (IMHO), and it is always entertaining to see old guys out on the floor enjoying our music…until I remember I’m their age. 😳🤔🤫 At least I am in human years. I have embraced the whole ‘dog years’ measurement of age, which means I’m about six years old now. 🤓


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6 hours ago, Winston Wolf said:

Thank you!!

I have them too. Dlove, if you aren’t able to post all, let me know. 🙂

Bet you guys thought I forgot about you. No, I seemed to have some trouble with my Internet last night.  Since I was also having trouble with my drinking last night 😁😉, I didn’t think to reboot my phone. Until this morning. 

The weather so far has been tremendous. We couldn’t ask for anything better. The staff on board is outstanding. I’m so glad they are back at work, able to support their families again. Most people I run into are thankful to be here. Whether they work here or are vacationing here. I don’t think I’ve seen the first sourpuss. 🙂

The Celebrity Apex was parked close to us yesterday, and sailed right past us as they left first. Will post that uncut video (think lazy) next. Just a few odds and ends of pics from yesterday. Had lunch at El Loco Fresh, very impressed. 012FDC50-3CE5-4B6A-8BEF-3ECA02404A1C.thumb.jpeg.dd34349b0abc7f85e51ee2d1132ba968.jpeg

Dinner was in Coastal Kitchen, and because of the ‘drinking issue’, didn’t get the first picture. However it was outstanding as usual. We chatted with the couple at the next table for an hour and a half after dinner.  Then we went to Central Park to listen to a guitarist.  I really love Central Park in the evening. 



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We considered getting barbecue for lunch, but we were slugs at the suite deck bar too long and had to put it off until Saturday. Didn’t want to fill up at a late lunch and then have dinner at 150 CP tonight (yeah, baby!).  Note to self: try to take pictures of food. Drink garden martinis more slowly.

We walked into St Maarten this morning, more for the exercise than anything else. We are sailing Harmony next year the same week, eastern itinerary, so most of ports the same. This cruise was about being back on a ship. ❤️ 

Logistics note: When we leave the ship, we are advised to take a photo of our shot cards and have it on our phone in case we are asked for it.

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On 12/8/2021 at 8:22 AM, Moxiegirl1977 said:

Can you maybe send RC Blog the full week’s compass? I’m totally digging your writing!

@Moxiegirl1977, not sure why, other than satellite internet, but at times posts from you guys don’t show up in the thread on my side till much later. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Glad Dlove caught your post. 🙂 Thank you for the kind words! 

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7 minutes ago, barbeyg said:

Speaking of the Celebrity Apex, I have been pricing 2023 on the Celebrity Edge series. I must confess that it feels a little bit like I’m cheating on Royal’s ‘good friend’ when I’m on the Celebrity website. 🤭

Oh, you're just driving them home. Nothing will happen. 🤨 Enjoying your blog. We are on Oasis over NYE! 

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So last night, we made our second trip to 150 CP. I remembered to take photos, fortunately, because I don’t think Ken would bring me back again this cruise. 😂 The food was fabulous, the martini divine, the service impeccable. 

Sunchoke Veloute 


Braised short rib


Beet salad


Lobster Thermador


Chocolate peanut butter tart


Fried cheesecake


Garden martini


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We had lunch today at Giovanni‘s. It was an excellent experience. It would’ve been really nice if our server would’ve piggybacked to me back to the cabin, because I was in a food coma. But I hated to ask him to do the extra work. 😂

My happy place:




Ken’s salad:


Calamari (made my tummy very happy!):


Seafood pasta:





Torta di Cioccolato e Nicciola (One of the top desserts I’ve had on this cruise):A2B42394-6A29-47D1-9EED-275EF6E2D0E6.thumb.jpeg.437dfad9a17360410cd2ed40cf83604d.jpeg

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Hello! I haven’t had a chance to follow along (we’re on Anthem right now), but I was wondering if you could snap a photo or two of the “swim diaper-only area” of Splashaway Bay? On Anthem, kids in swim diapers aren’t allowed in any pool except one (insultingly) small splash area. Wondering if the amplified Oasis has something a bit nicer…

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2 hours ago, MattG said:

Hello! I haven’t had a chance to follow along (we’re on Anthem right now), but I was wondering if you could snap a photo or two of the “swim diaper-only area” of Splashaway Bay? On Anthem, kids in swim diapers aren’t allowed in any pool except one (insultingly) small splash area. Wondering if the amplified Oasis has something a bit nicer…

Let me see if there is anything out there. 🙂 Will let you know. 

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