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A new Twangster blog!! A new Twangster blog!!! I don't care if it's completely fake and all the pictures have been seen before, IT'S A FREAKING NEW TWANGSTER BLOG!!!!!

I have a fever but it isn't from COVID-19.  I have cruise fever and an itch I can't scratch.    So why not join me for a wild and impossible cruise itinerary involving teleporting between cabins,

A new fake feature is the Royal Transporter.  I dropped by just in time to see some new guests arriving from another ship. 📷 :CBS/Paramount Pricing: For $79.95* (plus 18% gratuity)

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The Captain needed to clear the outer decks before engaging the warp drive to zoom us to our next destination so they put on a special late night showing of Pixels in Two70°.  


Two70° is a unique venue you won't find on any other class of ship.


Our main character and leader of the Pixels gets the show off to a start.












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Thank you for this.  I really enjoy looking at your pictures.

Seeing the ones from Quebec (again) reminds me how I've only been there a couple times in my life.....and I spent my first 27 years living about two hours drive time from there.  Goes to show how things can be taken for granted.

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