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Gotsta List: looked at it and did not know what the posters were talking about here. So I did what I always do Google the term and see what comes up.


I think I should stay out of this one. 


Urban Dictionary


A retarded abbreviation of the two words "got to." 
It is only used by idiots because of the following: 
1. It's longer than writing "got to." 
2. The correct way of saying it is "have to.
Online Slang Dictionary 
to need to. A contraction of "got to".
I gotsta leave.
Definithing . Com

a r*t*rded abbreviation of the two words “got to.â€

it is only used by idiots because of the following:
1. it’s longer than writing “got to.â€
2. the correct way of saying it is “have to.â€
i gotsta get this shoe out of my *ss.



Yep not the thread to add comments, time to find smoother sailing waters.

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My apologies for not providing sufficient context to the original post. During Matt's daily Periscope broadcasts, he will utter at least one "gotsta" in reference to an activity, product or feature of a Royal Caribbean cruise, ship or port. In yesterday's (5/19/2016) Periscope, someone came up with the idea of tracking them perhaps in the hopes of creating a future "Gotsta" t-shirt with a top "gotsta" list prints on the back, perhaps a la Letterman's Top Ten list. So, here is a place to do just that.

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