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  1. I was surprised also. Some do and some don't. Seemed strange to me. It's reserved and confirmed. Just need to get from cruise terminal to offsite Enterprise just around the corner from YVR. Enterprise on Beckwith Rd. (Vancouver International Airport (offsite) had the best price (133CAD). Hertz does not. Some indicate sold out for that date. We looked at the SkyTrain and if I only had a camera backpack and one checked, it would work. Both I and Joy will have two checked bags (big & small). Plus one carry-on each. Taxi estimates run 32-71CAD. Somewhere I heard that RCI had shuttles to the airport. I may need to call or email them to check. Thought someone here may have done it b4.
  2. For us, the biggy is a 9 day DIY pre-cruise land tour attached to a 7 day Alaska Radiance cruise in late Spring.
  3. Does anyone know for sure if Radiance has a shuttle from Canada Place Pier to Vancouver International Airport (YVR) after disembarkation? We may take a taxi since we will have two checked and one carry-on each. Just looking at options to get to the Enterprise rental car office on Beckwith Rd. They have shuttles that run every 5 minutes from the airport to that offsite office but no shuttle from the cruise terminal to that office. We checked on renting and picking up from the Pan Pacific location 200 yards from the terminal but the difference in rental cost was 389CAD vs 141! I've been told to watch the price closely since as the cruise season begins, sometimes rental car agencies get a overabundance of cars that need to be driven back to SeaTac airport.
  4. Thanks. Carry on or checked luggage? My carry on is a Tamrac backpack style camera bag. I plan on squeezing all the camera gear AND my 2 camera battery chargers, batteries & the Digipower in it. I will not have to carry separate chargers for the phones, IPod, IPad, etc.
  5. I want to make sure that my camera battery chargers are okay to carry onboard. I looked over the FAQ and list of prohibited items and do not see any reference to the wall wart style charging devices we all use for IPods, phones camera batteries, GoPro & etc. Has anyone had issues with this sort of thing? I have read many mention of extension cords being confiscated. I'm looking at something like http://www.digipowersolutions.com/product_info.php?products_id=1053#!tab1.
  6. And again Access Denied You don't have permission to access "http://secure.royalcaribbean.com/cruiseplanner/" on this server. Reference #18.6b72d17.1539009039.144d1eb5
  7. It may be back but I'm getting "permission not granted" errors and now only the blank blue screen with tiny dots all over it. After clearing history twice I was able to get the sign in page where you have to put in all your details - ship, date, cruise # and sail date. Crazy!
  8. That could mess up your day de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver = Bush Plane
  9. I did that on the CruiseCritic RCI thread and also the Roll Call for the two ships that will be in Ketchikan on May 29th (Radiance & Grand Princess). I also posted on the Princess blog. There are two other flight seeing tour companies that work out of Ketchikan (Mountain Aire & Taquan). I put out emails to both of them. I figured that if I could get another 4 persons wanting to book with Michelle at Island Wings for the combo tour, then we could fly her Beaver. I've heard really good stuff about her on several boards. Plus the reviews online.
  10. We have a flight seeing tour booked with Island Wings Air Service out of Ketchikan on May 29th for their Misty Fjords National Monument Flight seeing Tour. We want to add the extension Combination extra 40 minutes to fly over Soule Glacier. We were told by Shona Hosley (operations manager) that tour required 6 person minimum to book. We're on the southbound Radiance from Seward (departs May 24). Not sure what other ships might be in Ketchikan next year on May 29th. Maybe if others sign up for the Combo, we'll be able to take it. We're making a plea to get folks to book this $385 tour - Misty Fjords and Glacier Combination Tour http://www.islandwings.com/misty-fjords---glaciers-flightseeing-tours.html
  11. I finally got it to show all the arrive - depart times. I just had to cancel the land tour and DIY instead.
  12. Super wide angle lens for your camera. Rent on if you have to
  13. Something to report. Had not heard back from RCI so we called them to get the times. Found out that we could switch to any "B" land tour. Switched from the 7B to the 5B. This will have us skip Fairbanks and add Girdwood/Alyeska. http://www.royalcaribbeancruisetours.com/content/uploads/2017/12/RCCL_5B.pdf That is the place on the Turnagain Arm where we wanted dinner at the Seven Glaciers Restaurant. It was becoming clear we would not have enough time in Anchorage to do that. Now with the 5B Land Tour, we'll be in Alyeska. Also, we fly into Anchorage instead of Fairbanks. There still are no direct flights Houston - Anchorage. We will also not be taking the Resurrection Bay Cruise or the Chena River cruise on the steam-wheeler. I've heard several say we will not miss much. So far it seems that the arrive depart times are not shown because there is a land tour attached, but no confirmation of this. Thanks to all for the assist and recommendations for things to try. We are very exited since it will be our first time cruising Alaska AND the first time Joy has ever seen Alaska.
  14. Hey Baked, yes, that is the way I navigate to the calendar. Sorry but the original screen shot was cropped just above the cruise date. It's the 13-Night Grand Mountain Marvels cruisetour 7B southbound. I did another screen shot on the 30" monitor - all I could get (large image - 500k web image 3840x2103).
  15. Okay, I managed to get signed in using Chrome and still see no dates. I wonder if you have to add an excursion, show or dinner, etc. Does anyone else not see their arrive and depart times? Am I the only one with only dates showing? Just weird. Weird.
  16. Right now unable to log in to RCI for anything "unable to complete request" using any browser. Was trying to get into cruise planner to check the calendar again in Chrome. Maybe tomorrow.
  17. Using Chrome RCI keeps telling me to "try later. Unable to complete request" Never had that happen. Maybe I'll take their advice and wait awhile?
  18. Mworkman has it showing on his IPad but it will not show on mine. The defacto standard browser used to be Internet Explorer and that is what most web page developers wrote for. Not so anymore with Chrome now taking over 60% dominance. As much as I hate to "test" software that wants to rule my computer, I'll give it a try.
  19. Took out the trash (cntrl-shift-del) - in Firefox. Checked the cache box. Clicked "clear now". Refreshed page. Nope! Samo-samo. I have to admit, that was a good idea.
  20. Yes. Both IE and Firefox. Also does not show on Safari on IPad. Strange. Really strange. Don't have any use for Chrome - try to stay away from Google products as well as IE but all 3 fail to show any times except Seward. I'll send a note to RCI.
  21. Evian natural spring water. On our planner under dining and beverage it is $39US/12 one liter bottles or $69US/24 one liter waiting in your room on arrival. Or use the water in your room made from sea water (desalinated).
  22. Zoom? Guess I need better specks? No zoom seen? mworkman might be on the right track since we are 300 days out and have not added any activities yet. But watching prices on deluxe drink and Zoom package. Still unable to find what I consider good long whale watching at Icy Strait Point and good all day glacier tours at Juneau. All the Excursions from the ship are short and not to our preferred places. Looking now at the independent tours and excursions.
  23. Viewing in Firefox 61.0.1 (64bit) using Win 7 pro 64
  24. When viewing my calendar inside my cruise planner, it shows day, stops and dates. Is there any way to get it to display the arrive and depart times?
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