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  1. dress neat comfortable lots of photos after dinner especially on formal nights.
  2. I have the twelve cruise compass how do I get them to the site.
  3. does it come in something that looks like a 750 ml wine bottle. is it more than 15 proof. must important is it expensive
  4. any odd ball things I might be forgetting any help please. thanx Milton
  5. I had no prob on scooter little bit of traffic till i got of town. parking is easy with the bike.
  6. couple of euros P.p. nobody tips for bad service.
  7. I am going to Barcelona 30 min taxi ride to the port. 39 euro taxi plus tip
  8. should I bring back all the cruise compass from 12 day cruise from Barcelona Spain.
  9. Venice cruise. wondering if they have horse racing on cruise days.
  10. st Marteen we rented a scooter to get to the French side. you can get a cab to get there. 20 min drive. don't forget to go to beach airport.
  11. chase bank rate is .73 today what bank did you use? thanx
  12. I tried very hard to get info from r c no luck. I do know what you are sayin bout bad rates on board. its a sin that info is not available. thank you
  13. what is the exchange rate dollars to euros. if this is not the right site can someone help me
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