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  1. Do C&A Gold members who booked a Jr Suite have a special line at the SJU boarding dock?
  2. Can I purchase less than 7 days of VOOM
  3. Why don't we just bring a plastic cup with the straw in it and just have them put the drink in it.
  4. packer cruising did you sit at a table for 2 or were you able to sit with other people if you wanted to?
  5. If you go on youtube and type in the ship you are going on you might be able to see the ship docked in the ports you are going to and that will give you a idea of which side people are getting off.
  6. Thank You. do you know if Johnny Rockets is free or do they charge for the food
  7. If I choose my time dinning will I get a table for two all the time or will I be able to sit with other people.
  8. it looks like red wine. it is an after dinner drink and it is not expensive it is a nice lite night cap. it is 16 proof
  9. Like I said before I used mine on the cruise but I only used it outside and sometimes I could hear the ships crew talking and I guess they could hear me. I hope someone that got off a cruise with walkie talkies can let us know how it worked.
  10. I filled out all my documents at 88 days the only thing I have to do is request my luggage tags at 30 days before the cruise
  11. Can someone tell me what the price max is on a drink if I purchase the DELUXE DRINK package. Is $12.00 or $13.00 I am sailing on The Freedom of the Seas in Sept.
  12. I agree with Ray. I am going to San Juan the day before and am staying at the hyatt city center hotel it"s about 15 minutes from the pier.
  13. Thank you everyone for all the info.
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