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  1. I had to email them as been trying since Friday as we leave soon. They said that there is a issue but I got on last night
  2. Hi , we are due very soon to go on our first RC cruise with 2 formal nights . How formal are they ? we have done a Cunard cruise which was very formal and I don't want to look out of place if we wear tux and long formal dresses . we will be eating in the main restaurant as we have our 15 year old son with us ( he esp. doesn't want to get over dressed up !) .i have looked on line but there are different answers and pictures Thanks
  3. thanks everyone , not sure my waistline will be as thankful
  4. thanks Matt do you know where I can find current list on non alcoholic cocktails please ?
  5. thank you that is really good to know first hand
  6. we are still undecided about the drinks package,( would like to book by tomorrow as on sale with 30% off) we don't really drink alcohol, I love non alcoholic cocktails but the ones I have been on the menu seem to have red bull in them ,are there others ? I have googled cocktails on the navigator of the seas but it is either years ago so I guess out of date or have red bull in them . thanks
  7. Hi, due to go on our first RC cruise on Navigator of the Seas soon. Has anyone eaten gluten free and can give any tips? (I have told them ).
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