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  1. The only cruise terminal in Boston is Black Falcon. It is located in South Boston.You look out at the Airport across the harbor and at Castle Island Fort. The public transportation system (MBTA) is located a short walk away. Lots of taxi's near the port and the waterfront restaurants are within walking distance. Most people asked about Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market, a 10 to 15 minute walk away. Black Falcon Cruise Ternimal 1 Black Falcon Ave, Boston, MA 02210, United States http://www.massport.com/port-of-boston/cruiseport-boston/
  2. If they have not refunded the correct amount open a dispute with your credit card company. Why people let companies hold money due I will never understand. Open a dispute and your money will be returned within a day or so. If more people filed disputes, Royal would refund faster, but since people just wait they seem to not care. I also like the fact that when I file a dispute the merchant is charged a added fee because of the dispute.
  3. You can get a 100% refund even if only a few days left. But you have the risk of not being allowed to re book. So you need to asked yourself a simple question; what is more important to me being able to cruise with Royal or to get all my money back? If you make yourself into a problem Royal will cancel you off the cruise and refund. But it does have risk involved, one way is to not agree to the terms within the boarding information. Or just be become a problem for Royal. That is from the customers side, looking from Royal's side you booked the cruise and now you will not take the cruise so they are entitled to recover the loss you have caused.
  4. Royals marketing model lately is to always have a sale running. Right now free nights, but WOW will be back soon. But why wait? As long as the cruise is more than 90 days away just book now and if another sale offers a lower price cancel and re-book.
  5. For those already in Asia great weekend cruise. Voyager of the Seas Leaving from: Hong Kong, China 2 NIGHT CRUISE TO NOWHERE CRUISE Jul 8, 2016 Sailing $135 Inside
  6. It very much depends upon the cruise. Take a cruise from Main Land China and the entertainment will be nothing like a cruise from Miami. But as others have said what is right for some 12 years old is wrong for some people older. I do not believe it is up to Royal to make things work for mall ages, it is up to the parents to take responsibility. Because no one knows the youth better than the parents.
  7. Regular cabins get 1 point per night, suites including jr Suites get 2 points per night. Solo travelers get a added point per night. So solo in regular cabin 2 points, suite 3 points.
  8. June 21, 2016 Voyager of the Seas
  9. Absolutely, if you make a contract or commitment, then you most follow it. And when they reach out to the legal department within Royal or any company, that provider knows to correct the issue. For most people the idea of hiring a lawyer is not normal. But when you keep lawyers on retainers, then it becomes just another asset to be used. Anyone who follows the deal as agreed has no problem with me but break the deal or try to change it and game on.
  10. I do not disagree with that. My point was that the information is not clear and a strong case could be made for unlimited but most passengers will not push the cruise line on this point. If I had SKY CLASS book and paid for I would go to the Hotel Director and make my case. If he did not agree I would call my admiralty law attorney directly after the meeting and have him contract Royal legal, to inform them of our position and that they had two choices: Settle or it would become a dispute and or lawsuit... Have a lawyer contract Royal over a issue they can settle they will settle it.
  11. Yes will be in the room before you get to the room. But also your Royal Key card will have the imprinted coke logo on it. So you can get drinks at lunch before your room is even ready. Also he stickers they add if you purchase package on the ship can fall off the card. Pre purchase coke package is something I always do every cruise.
  12. A good trick you can use is to do a cruise booking search for the cruise ending on the first day of your cruise and see what time the ship gets into port. Then add four hours and that should be the start time for embarkation.
  13. Thank Matt for this one: Need to know what is in the Packages search Beverage Package and you get Matt's full report: http://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/royal-caribbean-beverage-packages Your package includes: (price may not be the same) Premium Beverage Package Cost: $57.82 per guest, per day (includes service charge) Package includes: beer frozen drinks all cocktails including premium brands house wines by the glass bottled water (500 ml) all non-alcoholic cocktails fountain soda juices Fountain soda with souvenir Coca-Cola cup NEW 20% discount on purchases of bottles of wine NEW Tell your mother no issues here she can have all the "fun drinks" she wants. For your includes the beer bottled, cans, and draft. ($13.00 price limit per drink) Important Note: Does not included the mini bar in the cabin.... The delivered juice and water yes but the other things no. I would recommend that she ask the cabin steward to remove the pay mini bar items, so not surprises at the end.
  14. Some great deals on Legends of the Seas as it is moved in the spring from Australia to Spain. Three great cruises, all very low in pricing. I am planning on doing the Singapore to Dubai Cruise, a D3 Balcony Cabin is only about $1500 USD total. Legend of the Seas 10 NIGHT THE SPICE ROUTE CRUISE March 3, 2017 Singapore to Dubai, United Arab Emirates $499.00 per person Legend of the Seas 13 NIGHT SUEZ CANAL & THE MED CRUISE March 13, 2017 Dubai, United Arab Emirates to Barcelona, Spain $590.00 per person Legend of the Seas 11 NIGHT BRISBANE TO SINGAPORE CRUISE Febuary 20, 2017 Leaving from: Brisbane, Australia to Singapore $728.00 per person
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