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  1. Can I use the cell phone while the ship is in port? As soon as we get to a "covered" port? Or as long as you are on board it's out of range of your cell range? Thanks!
  2. When it says that ship departs at 7pm from port, what time is the latest to board? Wouldn't like to be left stranded...
  3. Is there a formal and/or lobster night on my 9 days Canada/New England on September?
  4. Please advice on what not to miss, places and unusual things to eat, drink, shop etc. The Anthem of the Seas stops in Boston, Portland, Bar Harbor, Halifax and Saint John. Thanks!
  5. On which dock will the Anthem dock when in Boston in September?
  6. Yes! They asked my preferred time and see it on my calendar on the first night but not on the second. If I understand correctly once onboard I will be informed which restauarants I have reserved and can make changes if needed. Was just wondering why it didn't appear on my calendar. Thanks!
  7. Can I buy the internet just for the last couple of days? It seems a waste to pay for the port days... Thanks!
  8. When will I be able to book entertainment for my September 8 cruise? I've heard of people not being able to see shows because the were all booked on embarkation day. Thanks!
  9. Just paid for BOGO on Anthem for a September cruise but on My Calendar only see the first night booked, what about the GO(second one free)? Why isn't it on My Calendar?
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