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  1. I've never heard of it or looked for it as didn't know about it until it was mentioned on here but I honestly think they will cancel the cruise or move the ports if there are any issues
  2. We use cover for you and add in cruise, we do a yearly one and it's quite reasonable
  3. I cancelled one recently and it took less than a week for the refund to appear
  4. Another vote for ab parking we used them 2 years ago and were impressed, we're already booked for Aug this year, and found them to be a lot more economical than others
  5. Just checked as I do everyday and the refreshment package I think was £25.84 per day yesterday is now £16.72 I think we paid £15 2 years ago. The dpp is down to £46.36 I think it was just under £50 yesterday so a bit of a saving. My hubby calls me obsessive for going on cruise planner everyday but think he'll forgive me now 😁
  6. There were quite a few on indy a few years ago and can't remember them being stopped from anywhere we even saw one getting on a tender at villefranche. I know it's a different ship but hopefully same rules apply. Sorry I can't help with the destinations as we are in the UK.
  7. Mine's August as well originally booked when it was released so had the drinks package but now on meds so can't drink, even if now added it would still save £600 but decided the hubby will just pay as he goes
  8. Many thanks for the heads up we've just rebooked and saved £2000 and luckily only lost £150 as was booked when first released
  9. 2 years ago they reduced the prices about whit weekend for both the drinks packages and excursions, we didn't cruise rccl last year but hoping for some similar deals this year
  10. We've got all inclusive on Anthem this year but that's a UK sailing but the fare went up by over £29 pppd from what it was prior to the offer
  11. I've used them 2 or 3 times and have had no bad issues but when I pre registered for p&o online they phoned me to try and do a booking and when I said I'd done it online he told me I'd requested a phone call. It took 24hrs to sort out but I was right all along and he didn't know what he was talking about which he admitted. We got the cabin we wanted on the cruise we wanted so everything worked out fine, its also easy to make payments online so no phone calls to bother with. The deposit was the same as others wanted as well so really pleased
  12. There are a few of us from the UK on here, we are hopefully on anthem in Aug 2020 as long as our annual leave is at the right time
  13. We paid £150 for the digital package on a 14 night cruise last year and were really pleased as came away with over 300 photos. Once the photographers knew we had the package they made a point of looking out for us. As we were on indy we could go and check them on the terminals and if any were missing the staff were able to locate them for you
  14. I can't remember going through any but we are UK based it may depend on which country you come from, I've asked my hubby and he can't even remember if we showed passports just remember it being really quick and no hassles
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