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  1. Just saw that my cruise for next March dropped about $150. It originally booked a non refundable fare, but have not made final payment yet. What are the logistics of rebooking? Placing a phone call and the apply what I have paid to the new price?
  2. First cruise in a long time coming up this summer. Travel party is my wife and two children, and also my parents. We are arriving the night before departure and staying at the Hyatt in the Orlando airport. As for transportation to the Port, I am basically down to two options. Car service or car rental? Looking for some feedback on your experiences. I’d think a car service would be the one with the least hassle, but likely the more expensive route. If renting a car, is it easy enough to drop them at port and then have me return the car solo and meet back up? Would I be able to do the opposite upon returning, go get the car and come back to pick them up? thanks!
  3. Just to clarify, this is my first cruise in a long time (this place has been great, thank you). If my wife and I have a passport, do we need to also bring a birth certificate? Or will the passport itself be sufficient? This is a cruise leaving from and returning to Port Canaveral. Our kids are 11 and 5. They would just need a birth certificate? (Likely going to go the passport route before the trip anyway). Thanks!
  4. This summer will be my first in 19 years...so it has been a while! I’ll be sailing on Harmony with my wife and two boys. We are looking to rent a car in St. Maarten for the day. I’ve seen a few posts on here about it. I’m the type that likes to reserve ahead and have it taken care of. I see that there are several Hertz locations in St. Maarten. Is there a specific one I should rent from? I’m not really sure which to choose. Can anyone provide any guidance? Thanks!
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