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  1. Hi all. Sorry if this has been answered already (I did search). Have royal or any other line said what will happen if my scheduled cruise goes ahead but I haven’t had the vaccine. I have a June cruise booked from Barcelona and as unlikely as it is to go ahead I won’t have had the vaccine yet due to slow progress here in Ireland. Any ideas on if I will be offered future credit or what will happen?
  2. We will be sailing on symphony in April 2021 as a group of 6 adults and 2 children! We have selected mytime dining but will we be ok getting reservations as a larger group? Should I go back and change to mytime? Also with the kids age 5 and 3 is it ok to take them to the later sitting?
  3. thanks twangster I just didn’t want to waste 10 glasses of wine if I could get to try them and choose what I like but oh well if needs must I can manage a few glasses
  4. Hi everyone. Does my deluxe drinks package cover the beer/wine tasting events? I’m thinking no but it would be great to taste the range without having to order full glasses if I didn’t like it!
  5. Thanks everyone! Looking forward to trying it out we missed a trick with this on harmony last time
  6. Hi all. Looking forward to our cruise on oasis in June 19. We have been on harmony in 2016 and loved it!! Just wondering about sabor and can you go and have one of their yummy margaritas without ordering food? Trying to squeeze the most from our ultimate drinks package! Thanks guys
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