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  1. Booked out Barcelona in June as well. No word yet on the cruise. My wife and I have been vaccinated, but I don’t even think we are currently allowed to enter Spain right now. We are US residents. I did notice that Harmony is currently en route to Barcelona.
  2. My wife and I are scheduled on a 7-nighter out of Barcelona in late June. While not officially cancelled, I can’t see that happening considering the fact that we can’t even legally enter Spain as of right now. We did cancel our flights last week. We are paid in full. If my research is correct, if Royal cancels we can still qualify for lift and shift? I did read that that sailing has to happen by April 30, 2022? Would shifting to next summer not be an option? Do I understand that correctly? We have an amazing rate that I would hate to lose, so much so that a refund is not pr
  3. Fun read. My first trip was on Harmony was last June for an Eastern Caribbean cruise. This was our first cruise in almost 20 years and we had a great time. It was crowded with it ring summer, but we were able to find some quiet spaces usually. Headed back on Harmony in June 2021 out of Europe. Curious to see how the experience on the ship might be different on that trip.
  4. We got off the ship as soon as we could. I did go to the Cabana first to get that squared away, but once that was finished my son and I headed over. Again, we should have gone back and done more things. He got busy with the pool, lunch, and then the beach. We had a great time don’t get me wrong, but I certainly didn’t get my money’s worth on the water park.
  5. My first visit was on Harmony in June 2019. There were 6 of us, my wife and kids plus my parents. We splurged for a Oasis Pool Cabana and it was $499. We used our onboard credit to cover some of it. It was a great hangout spot, but not sure I’d pay again. I did purchase two water park tickets for me and my son, they were $74.99 each. We went down the big slide after almost a 2 hour wait. We got there about 30-45 min after docking. After that we went to the Cabana and never came back. It was my fault for not going back later and doing some of the other slides, but my son got busy wit
  6. Thanks, Matt. Is there a designated area for pickup that I would need to head to? Do you wait until you clear customs to request a ride?
  7. My wife and I are taking a quick 3 night cruise on Mariner in March. We will be getting in late the night before and just staying at the MCO Hyatt. Planning to get an Uber/Lyft to the port Canaveral that morning. On disembarkation day we have a 12:15 flight. Would a car service be more reliable for us instead of waiting to get an Uber/Lyft back? I’ve her used a ride share from the port and not sure what the process, is how long of a wait there may be, or even where to go to be picked up.
  8. I’d absolutely love to hear what you have to say after the trip. Thank you.
  9. Well, this came together fast. My wife and I just booked a June 2021 sailing to the Western Mediterranean sailing out of Barcelona. We will be joined by another couple and will all be celebrating turning 40. My wife and I sailed on Harmony last summer and loved it. We visited Barcelona in 2007, so it has been a while. I know the ship well, but interested in any tips about what to see and do on this itinerary. Anything from the ports, to where to stay in Barcelona, boarding tips, etc. this will just be our 2nd RC Cruise. Plenty of time to plan (and pay!) Barcelona, Spain Ø
  10. Just saw that my cruise for next March dropped about $150. It originally booked a non refundable fare, but have not made final payment yet. What are the logistics of rebooking? Placing a phone call and the apply what I have paid to the new price?
  11. First cruise in a long time coming up this summer. Travel party is my wife and two children, and also my parents. We are arriving the night before departure and staying at the Hyatt in the Orlando airport. As for transportation to the Port, I am basically down to two options. Car service or car rental? Looking for some feedback on your experiences. I’d think a car service would be the one with the least hassle, but likely the more expensive route. If renting a car, is it easy enough to drop them at port and then have me return the car solo and meet back up? Would I be abl
  12. Just to clarify, this is my first cruise in a long time (this place has been great, thank you). If my wife and I have a passport, do we need to also bring a birth certificate? Or will the passport itself be sufficient? This is a cruise leaving from and returning to Port Canaveral. Our kids are 11 and 5. They would just need a birth certificate? (Likely going to go the passport route before the trip anyway). Thanks!
  13. This summer will be my first in 19 years...so it has been a while! I’ll be sailing on Harmony with my wife and two boys. We are looking to rent a car in St. Maarten for the day. I’ve seen a few posts on here about it. I’m the type that likes to reserve ahead and have it taken care of. I see that there are several Hertz locations in St. Maarten. Is there a specific one I should rent from? I’m not really sure which to choose. Can anyone provide any guidance? Thanks!
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