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  1. Hello everyone! Our cruise is coming up soon and I have a question. Our family of 5 has only stayed in the family ocean view rooms before that sleep 6. This time we decided to get two balcony rooms. They are next door to each other and our plan is for our 15 and 19 year old sons to be in one room and my husband, daughter and I in the other. Because they will not allow anyone under 21 to be on a reservation without a parent they had to put my husband in one room and myself in the other on the reservation. My question is...do you think they'll allow us to have an extra room key for each room so that my husband can get into our room and my son into the other? They can swap cards if they have to but that might make purchases tricky. Any suggestions from anyone who had done this? The rooms are not connecting. Thanks in advance!! Angi
  2. We always enjoy paradise beach. As Melski94 said there is a small cover charge but well worth it. Very clean, you can use the pool and beach, clean restrooms and changing areas, good restaurant and bar. We usually leave there early enough to have our taxi take us back to town for some shopping and then we walk back to the boat.
  3. Hi Chris! I've read your online blogs and they are really great!! I'll be sure to follow you on Instagram and FB! We'll be on Independence of the Seas for our first time Jan 3-7! Look forward to meeting you!
  4. I've never had good luck with the shout wipes either. But I swear by the Wet Ones antibacterial wipes. They will take out most anything you spill on you. And then we obviously use them too to wipe our hands, tables etc to disinfect!
  5. I agree with checking when you board even after requesting ahead of time. One of our cruises we requested a table for just our family. I had planned on going to the dining room to check ahead of time but got busy and just figured since I called we'd probably be fine. We ended up at a table with others. It really wasn't a problem, just not what we would have preferred.
  6. Thank you all for the information!! Good to know about the tighter security so we are prepared!
  7. We've booked out 6th cruise on Independence of the Seas out of Ft Lauderdale in 161 days! Yay!! We've only ever cruised out of Port Canaveral before so I want to get some info ahead of time about Ft Lauderdale. We're going to be in Daytona for a few days before the cruise staying with family, then driving down to Ft Lauderdale the day of the cruise. When I google Ft Lauderdale cruise port, info about Port Everglades comes up and also about Miami. I'm assuming its Port Everglades in Ft Lauderdale but wondered if someone could tell me for sure. Just want to make sure I'm checking out the correct port. Thanks!
  8. I actually found that a cruise is my very best way to vacation without kids. I've always been the kind of parent who even when we did leave the kids for a getaway always felt the need to check in and make sure everythings ok. So I thought that not having as much connection with them over a cruise it would be really hard. Total opposite happened!! As soon as we were out of cell range I was like...Well, now the grandparents are in control. Anything that happens they'll have to deal with. They did just fine and it was the most relaxed I've ever been without kids!! Enjoy!!
  9. Been watching closely, as we're supposed to be leaving on Freedom of the Seas Sunday morning out of Port Canaveral. No changes to our cruise yet. My guess is at this point they just need to let Matthew pass through and then assess afterwards. Hopefully not too much damage and the port can still open Saturday as they are planning. We're going to start the drive down to FL from Indy tomorrow morning and just plan on staying inland, instead of staying Friday night on the coast as we had planned. As much as I REALLY hope this cruise still happens, I'm sure Royal will make the best decision for everyone! Fingers crossed!!
  10. Thank you!! Looks like we'll have to make a reservation after we get on the ship :)
  11. Hi Guys! We will be Freedom in about a week!! We haven't done Sabor before and would really like to try it this cruise. My questions are... The cruise planner only give times for dinner as an option to book ahead. Is Sabor open for lunch on Freedom? If it is open for lunch is there usually a price difference between lunch and dinner. We have a family of 5 because all 3 kids want to go, so if it's any cheaper for lunch it could save us a decent amount of money. Thanks in advance!! Angi
  12. Hanging out with my teens without any cell phones, and not cooking anyone dinner is definitely something I'm looking very forward to next month!!
  13. So I think we've decided to spend a little more this time and park at the port instead of off site. Basically for the convenience. My question for those of you that have parked at the port... Do you usually reserve and pay in advance or pay when you get there? Noticed online that you can prepay but wondered if there is any benefit to prepaying. Does it save time? Do they ever fill up and you can't park there? Just curious, thanks!!
  14. Mine didn't even print all of that. Mine just printed the barcode section. I called my TA and she checked with RC and they said that the only thing they really need is the barcode. So I'll be checking in with just that section :)
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