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Swim with pigs


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Following this as well as it is a lot cheaper than doing it in Nassau.  Although from what I can see, its a much difference experience. Much shorter and looks more like the pigs are kinda held in a penned in area(which I am not thrilled about) unless its just for the feeding part when tourists arrive?!


Either way, I am interested to hear some first had views or experience from this as well.

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We went in June. They take you across the water to another island. The pigs are all running (and swimming) in an area that is about 200 x 100ft. About half of that is in the water.  They don't make the pigs do anything. They can choose to swim or not. About 5 or 6 pigs choose to swim when we went with about 4 or 5 just sleeping on the beach. We were in the water about 20 to 30 minutes and you feed them and then can hold one and get a picture. They took pictures (which you could later purchase online) or you could use your own camera. At the end they brought out a bunch of piglets to play with.

Overall it was entertaining and my 11 year old thought it was fantastic.


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I went on this excursion in CocoCay on Wednesday, I’ve always wanted to do this but the prices in Nassau to me was insane. So for $110 per person to me was worth it. They take about 30 people over, first they go over all the rules and teach you how to properly feed the pigs apples on these long skewer sticks without harming the pig. They then take everyone down to the beach area which isn’t very big, one guy stays in the water with the bucket of apples and hands each person apples as needed. They have several men all around and very attentive to the pigs to make sure the larger ones don’t get excited and hurt anyone. They have the pigs trained to sit on command and the love belly rubs. Many baby pigs running about the beach, if you sit down they will climb all over you looking for apples. There was an opportunity to sit on one of the very large pigs for a photo if  you choose to do so. There is also an option to have one of the pigs do a piggy back ride on your back in the water for a photo. If one of the pigs happen to poop in the water they have one of the men quickly clean it up with a net. All in all I had a great time, I feel it was definitely worth the money as I would never pay the 350 like they want in Nassau. 




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46 minutes ago, Ian Dixon said:

We went on an excursion via Royal Caribbean off Cococay island but never received a link to purchase photos. Does anyone on here have a link for this????

Here you go: http://swimmingpigs.photostockplus.com/albums/  On  our tour in december 2019 they told us to take a picture of the sign with the link. I guess they don’t send any links afterwards and I don’t think collected our emails.

Pictures are quite pricey, but I bought two of them. I was first worried when I didn’t get the link to download the pictures after submiting the payment ? ... the link came after few days by email. Clearly the system is not automatic.

We were the first group in the morning and I felt the pigs were most interested to swim in the beginning. Many of the pigs had returned to their shelter when the next group (from NCL) came.

The excrusion was great fun and a highlight of our cruise! Highly recommend!

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