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  1. I can appreciate that Royal Caribbean is trying to help out the local people living in the villages on the island, but there has to be a way to control them better, When your guest feel uncomfortable walking thru a part of your private island then something needs to change.
  2. Yes its the ones on the hill that are the worst, but you can tell they have boundary lines that they are not permitted to cross. When you have 20 to 30 of them all yelling at you at once, it becomes a bit overwhelming.
  3. We had no issues at all at Coco Cay with any of the vendors, we LOVE Coco Cay, labadee doesn't come close to Coco Cay.
  4. What is everyone's opinion on the local vendors at Labadee? I felt extremely harassed by them, they even take it to the point to play on our sympathy's by repeatedly asking to help their family. It was so bad we made sure we found another route not to even go thru that area. Then to make things worse, one of the local vendors picked up a dog by his hind leg and begun to swing him around, while the dog was crying for help. All the cruise ship people were screaming at him and a few tried to rush him to make him stop but security stepped in and the man ran off. I feel this type of behavior is completely unacceptable on a Royal Caribbean private island. This whole experience really ruined the beauty of the Island and makes us not want to return there.
  5. We will be on the Independence in April and I plan on buying one for myself, would be happy to purchase one for you as well and ship it to you.
  6. Checked my email and Casino Royale sent me a Complimentary sailing for two and a 25 dollar casino credit on the Explorer of the Seas for Jan 20th.. I couldn't book it fast enough 🤣 I'm so excited to fuel my addiction!
  7. Yes they have locker right next to the dock! You're all set! Hope you have a great time, wish I was there again.. We LOVE CocoCay..
  8. I would say the level of entertainment from this excursion will come from how much you have been around the ocean. For me I live in Florida and own a boat so we are always in the water, so everything we saw was no different for us then being home, however the 2 guys on the boat were very entertaining, one of the guys stays in the water and picks up any sea life he comes across and brings it on the boat and passes it around while explaining in detail about that object, we tried to get around to the other side of the island to see sharks and dolphins but the water was too rough and we had to turn around sadly. I attached a video of part of the trip, LOTS of fish to be seen! All in all we had a good time, it was nice being out on the water, for the price I do recommend! IMG_2243.MOV
  9. I was there last week and they have some great excursions, we did the bottom boat tour and swimming with the pigs, you will need to sign up early to make sure you get a spot. You can also rent jet skis or snorkel, they have paddle boards and kayaks and I also saw parasailing .. Whatever you choose to do you will have a blast, I've been there twice and I can't wait to go back again!!
  10. I cruised In Sept one week after Dorian and the weather was perfect, its hit or miss that time of year, but if you do happen to have a storm for your cruise, Royal Caribbean will change its itinerary to avoid the storm at all cost, They want to keep the passengers and their ships safe. last year I saw that they rerouted all their ships to the west side of Florida to avoid the storms..
  11. I was on the Navigator last week and in Sept, the beds are hard, but under the bed there is always bed toppers, there was two under mine and I used both of them, it did help a little but our backs was still hurting 😫
  12. They have a 10:00 one and then another at 1:30, we did the 1:30
  13. I went on this excursion in CocoCay on Wednesday, I’ve always wanted to do this but the prices in Nassau to me was insane. So for $110 per person to me was worth it. They take about 30 people over, first they go over all the rules and teach you how to properly feed the pigs apples on these long skewer sticks without harming the pig. They then take everyone down to the beach area which isn’t very big, one guy stays in the water with the bucket of apples and hands each person apples as needed. They have several men all around and very attentive to the pigs to make sure the larger ones don’t get excited and hurt anyone. They have the pigs trained to sit on command and the love belly rubs. Many baby pigs running about the beach, if you sit down they will climb all over you looking for apples. There was an opportunity to sit on one of the very large pigs for a photo if you choose to do so. There is also an option to have one of the pigs do a piggy back ride on your back in the water for a photo. If one of the pigs happen to poop in the water they have one of the men quickly clean it up with a net. All in all I had a great time, I feel it was definitely worth the money as I would never pay the 350 like they want in Nassau.
  14. Thanks, I looked in there and there’s not one for that sailing 😢
  15. Would anyone happen to have a cruise compass from the Voyager 5 night spice of Southeast Asia cruise?
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