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  1. I think this is put out because they are going to lift the no sail order and are trying to warn people not to go.. I will not be one of those people.. LETS CRUISE!!
  2. IMO it depends on which ship you're on, I think the key is more worth on the larger ships, do you utilize things like the flow rider rock wall? When we bought the key on the Navigator, the perks we took advantage of was the priority check in, but is that even going to be a thing during this pandemic? Lunch at chops on embarkation day, but if we can not get on the ship until late in the afternoon will the lunch be an option? The internet and breakfast on debarkation day. We didn't need to use it for the shows on the smaller ship but would be a good use for the larger ships for sure. We didn't
  3. I have two cruises booked on the Independence, one for May and one for August so both fall in the window of the change but I only received an email about the change for the August one..
  4. I've purchased my items I wanted for my December 12th cruise on the Symphony. I have HIGH hopes!
  5. Everything would be fine if they had testing upon arrival at the port with immediate results.
  6. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/environmental-health/clia-lines-commit-universal-covid-19-testing-us-based-cruising?fbclid=IwAR1jrAdxBNtAOurOnMxNCtAACHoD-2wWMI-TAJ0kYRqOphi8rXMvQ3VyYDM
  7. This is Definitely a choice we shouldn't have to make!
  8. Royal is going to have to come up with some sort of plan here or a lot of people won't be cruising, not for the lack of not wanting too but not being able to get tested.
  9. YES! After MANY phone calls that is EXACTLY the situation!
  10. I called CVS, they wont even let me make an appointment if not sick, I called MDNow, she told me their results takes 5 to 7 days.. She told me she herself was trying to find a rapid test and could not find any anywhere with results less then 5 days.
  11. This is the issue I am finding, if you're not sick or haven't been in contact with someone who was sick, if you just need a test for say a ..."cruise" they don't do rapid testing or even let you schedule an appointment
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