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Lurkers Unite!

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40 minutes ago, Katrack said:

My husband rolls his eyes when he catches me lurking here (a lot).  I could never thank everyone enough for how much I have learned!


Well now you can tell him that there are plenty of us that lurk on the daily so you are not alone 😂😂😂! And we will continue to lurk and learn at our leisure ❤️

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I've never posted on a message board in my life.  Only a nerd would do that.


Oh shoot, I guess I'm busted by my rating.


Just kidding.  This is a great place for information about all of cruising... not just Royal Caribbean.  I appreciate the atmosphere as well as the info.

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11 hours ago, Pookie said:

spying homer simpson GIFI have been forcing myself to not lurk...in lurking at the number of views vs the number of replies, lurkers seem to be the majority...😋

true truth GIF


9 hours ago, trashman said:

The topic line spoke to me!  Let's keep this going!

Yes @trashman! We need to keep our conversation flowing! When, where, and on what ship is your next cruise?

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