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Not something you see every cruise

Humble room for this voyage, better photos are to come.  

Help! I'm addicted to these bite size portions of beef carpaccio...   Ohhh and this view in the Suite Lounge

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1 hour ago, Matt said:

Did you see anything while at PDCC?

Nothing visible that I noticed. But I did overhear some talk from other guests about having to make reservations.

One person had mentioned that if you went beyond a certain point and didn't have a reservation you couldn't go any further. Still not sure what they were using to indicate times.


Nothing new that I've noticed since May. Construction fence for the Coco Beach Club and South Beach area. Think I posted the picture of a block structure starting to peak above the fence. Only other sign of work are some floating booms on the water.

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Some more thoughts, getting off the ship.

Going to say Terminal 1 in Port Canaveral wins the "getting off" crown. First would be the use of a ramp to reach the ground floor. Nice not having to deal with an escalator. Elevator is also still an option. Extent of the Concierge taking us off was to this point. From that point forward priority ends.

However, with the use of the new facial scanner to clear (if using a passport) plus another bonus things really never slowed down. That other bonus is you collect your bags after using the scanner/clearing immigration. Once your bag has been collected you can head straight towards the exit. Once exiting the terminal the foot traffic and vehicular traffic patterns are some what smooth, thus very minimal congestion.

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