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Vegan, plant based choices part 2!

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I started a thread a few months ago about thoughts of cruising with a plant based diet. At that time RC had just posted that they were making vegan  menu options available in the main dining room.  Now I can report back from my Majesty of the Seas experience. 

Good news for those thinking vegan choices would crowd out other choices on the menu.  A separate vegan menu, really a four course meal with some choice is given upon request.  It does not impact the main dining room menu at all. 

The food was delicious and different every night. It included a choice of appetizer and main course with a soup and dessert for you. Of course you can also order off of the regular menu if you find something there. 

On Majesty, there is a chef that is responsible for most of the choices and service was just about at the same speed with the rest of the patrons. 

Pictures are worth a thousand words so below are the menus and some food shots...





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I'm very much the opposite of vegan, but, I appreciate the amount of dietary accommodation RC is able to provide. My wife MUST eat gluten-free and the staff is always so helpful to cater to her needs and modify many gluten containing choices to suit her. It really is a relief for her to not worry about making or being served the wrong choices.

On our most recent cruise on Freedom, we were seated in the MDR with a woman whose dietary needs were heavily restrictive. (Not sure the condition/allergies she had) and the staff's ability to provide for her was top notch!

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The vegan menu doesn't appeal to me either, but it is good to know RC can pretty much cater for anyone without impacting on others.

I would hate to see the number of real food options on the menu suffer to accommodate vegans, but this shows everyone can be a winner... if only land based restaurants could do the same.

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We cruised, our first one, on explorer back in August and our eldest had decided she is vegan. The menu was pretty good, she enjoyed it. It was a 13 night cruise and it got repeated after the first week but with 2 or 3 choices for each course she was happy ( minor miracle with a teenager!! ). They were also printed on card and looked like a “proper menu” if you know what I mean...

Just to be clear about my personal preference I have 2 lamb shanks and a steak one night, but each to their own live and let live 🙂



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21 minutes ago, Nikkoo said:

Excuse my ignorance, but what’s keto?

This is short for Ketogenic  diet .
This diet cut most of the carbs and focusing on eating meet , fat and vegetables. usually people loose wight quite fast with this diet and there are some people who claim that its helping many issues. Its even being used treating some health issues . On the other end there are some doctors which will say its not very healthy , I never tried it but know some people that did it and were very happy , the problem is to maintain it. 

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My wife and I are both vegetarians. While we appreciated the fact that the Vegan menu was available in the MDR (it was also loaded onto the Royal App on embarkation day), we noticed a lot of the Vegan choices were available in the Windjammer anyway. Most nights, we ate at the Windjammer for timing purposes (it was hard to line up showtimes with dinner reservations).

We did do the MDR one night and I must say, I was very impressed with the staff there. Without even telling anyone when we arrived at the MDR, the head waiter came to our table before we ordered and already knew that we were vegetarians. He pointed out the menu options that were vegetarian, offered us other choices not on the menu, and the vegan menu as well. He also checked on us to make sure that everything was going well with our dinner.

I know that our TA noted it in our reservation that we were vegetarian so I guess somebody in Dining flagged our file in their system? We didn't tell any one on the ship so they must have found out about it somehow.

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Bumping this old thread. 

Question: Do they ensure vegan food is cooked in separate cookware so it doesn’t cross contaminate with meat/dairy? My mother is cruising next month on Independence and wants to make sure the vegan options are truly vegan. I assumed they would know better, but now I am asking on her behalf. If anyone is unsure, I can always have her email. 

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