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  1. If they select you as a volunteer, do they pay for your airfare hotel etc?
  2. CDC extending to Oct 31st was inevitable, it's just a waiting game really.. honestly, consider it very lucky if they open up sailing this year, even with that document they submitted... how much you wanna guess no one at the CDC has read through it? CDC has been out to ignore the cruise lines... every other aspect of the travel industry is up and running, airlines, Disneyworld, Vegas, etc etc, but no cruises even though they are going to probably be cleaner than any other place... these no sail order extensions are just annoying. I know they are doing it on a month to month basis, but as
  3. Well said! I agree with all of this. The screenings will be happening throughout the day as well I imagine, or at least when you get back to the ship from a port. Bottom line is we know this, cruising will not look the same for awhile! I don't think we've ever needed a vaccine as bad as we do now. The world is falling apart, and it's embarassing to see the US be the laughing stock of the world since cases are increasing like crazy. I bet you if cases were under control here, cruising would've started by September, but nope.
  4. Probably more cancellations. If they go bankrupt it won't be announced until they are in the worst case scenario which is Spring 2021 from what I am hearing.
  5. Man, the trend is definitely not good. I had a feeling no cruises until at least Spring 2021 which is why we cancelled November 2020 and April 2021. Hoping that summer season to Alaska in July 2021 happens if not, the cruise industry is long gone and will never return the same as it was. I miss cruising.
  6. It isn't working on Chrome but it is for Firefox
  7. Odd, I am on Chrome and it is still showing the old format.
  8. Website looks the same to me. No new updates.
  9. Just reading this not-so-live-blog now and wow I really enjoyed this @rshov Excellent writing and glad to hear you and your fiance had a wonderful time! We are currently planned on Oasis in April 2021 but given everything going on we aren't really sure if it'll happen. Going with a group of 30... 16 adults and 14 kids including our little monster. Should be fun. Thanks again for a wonderful review! Looking forward to reading your June 2021 Odyssey blog!
  10. Harmony of the Seas group cruise 9/16/17 :)
  11. Did you have fun? A lot of the chatter I've been hearing on the Internet is that many amenities and basic things had issues...hopefully they got them fixed? Definitely looking forward to your review on here or CC if you decide to write one :)
  12. Totally agree! We booked our cruise to Alaska in July 2016 way back in January 2015, and just now booked a cruise in September 2017 in May of 2016 :)
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