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  1. Harmony of the Seas group cruise 9/16/17 :)
  2. Ooh fun! Sept 3rd meetup for the FOS group cruise?! Will be nice to hang out with Matt and the gang... does FOS leave from Fort Lauderdale?
  3. Agreed, awesome idea! I hope to be able to tune in LIVE when you do the Q&A as well!
  4. Awesome! Thanks so much for creating this Kat, looking forward to it :) Just requested to join the group!
  5. Hey Lenny, just wanted to say you're doing an awesome job on the scopes! I haven't been able to attend too many live but am enjoying the replays when I get an opportunity :) Feels like I am there. Thanks again! @johnt_83
  6. Did you have fun? A lot of the chatter I've been hearing on the Internet is that many amenities and basic things had issues...hopefully they got them fixed? Definitely looking forward to your review on here or CC if you decide to write one :)
  7. Hi Lenny, Looking forward to your scopes on the Allure! I went on her back in December of 2013 and I know a lot has changed, for example Rita's Cantina is now Sabor! I really want to try their guacamole!! Currently booked on the RCL Blog group cruise on Harmony of the Seas in Sept 2017 so that will be my first time trying that guac! :) Thank you for scoping during your cruise, I have followed you and am looking forward to it. As for destination on the ship, for some reason I don't remember Coastal Kitchen being there when I was on, or it was and I just forgot (we ate at the Main Dining Room every night for dinner since we really enjoyed our waiters, Igor and Emet). Would love to see as much of the ocean as possible and I love the Boardwalk. I am sure you will be doing a little bit of everything so will wait for it when it arrives. My handle on Periscope is johnt_83. See you on there!
  8. Loved the Allure as well when we went in Dec 2013. Can't wait to try her again in the future...and Sabor which has replaced Rita's Cantina :)
  9. Haha. Thanks for posting the scopes this week Kat! Appreciate you keeping us informed. I haven't attended a live scope in nearly 2 weeks now it feels like! Started a new job but enjoy watching them all later in the day :)
  10. Not yet, but I am planning on looking into it in the near future. Once I find out more information I can share. This will be my 2nd time on the Pearl. I'm going on the Jewel in a few weeks for a lunch and tour, may try to do some Periscoping action there as well if time allows / and I remember lol.
  11. So awesome to see more folks putting down deposits!! Wooooohoooo!!
  12. Totally agree! We booked our cruise to Alaska in July 2016 way back in January 2015, and just now booked a cruise in September 2017 in May of 2016 :)
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