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    DLXLDY reacted to WackyCactus in 100 shares and $100.00   
    I know some people will know this, but if you have 100 shares of Royal Caribbean stock you get onboard credit for free.  For instance, having 100 shares of stock, on my upcoming 7 day cruise I'll get $100.00 in onboard credit.
    Just thought I'd throw that tidbit out there since the stock price is way down.
    Plus you'll get an annual dividend of about $300.00 to buy more stock or use on something else.
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    DLXLDY reacted to FroggyFlo in Orlando to Miami: fly or drive?   
    Thanks for your answers. He will drive eventually.  We are expecting that someday Amtrak would build a fast train line to Miami.
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    DLXLDY reacted to monctonguy in Orlando to Miami: fly or drive?   
    Bus options run around $25.....we are trying that this time....
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    DLXLDY reacted to jticarruthers in Orlando to Miami: fly or drive?   
    Amtrak already does Orlando to Miami, it isnt a particularly "cruise friendly" schedule though.
    We did Amtrak from Tampa to miami and back for a cruise a couple of years ago, as the usual driver i thought it was great since i could chill and drink for a change, the passengers voted that having me drive was better though so thats not happening again 😞
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    DLXLDY got a reaction from Neesa in Orlando to Miami: fly or drive?   
    Drive. By the time you get through security and Orlando airport, fly, and get through Miami airport (one of my least favorites), he could have driven there. Plus, if he has all your summer clothes, he would have to check baggage, possibly pay additional, etc, etc...
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    DLXLDY reacted to irishfitz in New England/Canada-Best excursions/tips for newbies   
    Here is a picture of the market! Another do not miss.

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    DLXLDY reacted to irishfitz in New England/Canada-Best excursions/tips for newbies   
    You must go to Peggy's Cove!!  It was a must see we did through and excursion.  If you can do it first thing upon arrival that would be better.  That will allow you more time upon your return to visit the shops next to the port.  Our excursion was the last one of the day and we did not get a lot of time at Peggy's Cove to walk to the carved wall.  Take a camera and enjoy.  The other thing to look at is the rock formations which are off to the left as you look at the lighthouse.  
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    DLXLDY reacted to constable145 in Johnny Rockets   
    Johnny Rockets is just fine.
    Not great. Not awful. But fine. 
    In the just over 10 years I've been cruising, the cost has more than doubled. 
    The quality of the food and the experience has not increased to commensurate with the price increase.
    What really grinds my gear is how a competing line has an authentic gourmet burger joint that is included with the cruise fare and by all accounts from those who have tried both is SIGNIFICANTLY better than Johnny Rockets...
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    DLXLDY reacted to DublinFC in Johnny Rockets   
    I am looking forward to eating at JR just for the atmosphere and the feel of a diner.  My dad used to take me to one as a kid and it was always a good time.  I am sure the food will be similar to a quick service type of meal, but i am alright with it.  When the meal is finished and if I dont think its worth a 2nd time then oh well I tried it.  I think vacation is the time to try new/different things.  Especially on a cruise where usually if you do not like the food served you can get something else and still have a good meal. 
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    DLXLDY reacted to ChessE4 in Johnny Rockets   
    The main reason we go to JR is for a change of pace and a good burger.  As more ships have good burgers in other venues, it isn't a "must do".  I like breakfast there once per cruise - no charge.
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    DLXLDY reacted to Baked Alaska in An old question about MDR vs UDP (special dining)   
    Perhaps try Giovanni's for one night. Their Eggplant Parmesan IS. THE. BOMB! Having done ROS southbound this past July (2019), I would either do a 3 Night Dining (to get Izumi in the mix) or just one night in Giovanni's. And, I agree, the WJ is great, too. Having the UDP on ROS was too much. Don't bother with Samba. Meh to blah.
    We are going back to Alaska on Serenade of the Seas July 2021 and this is the strategy we will take next time. 3 Night Dining Package + Windjammer.
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    DLXLDY reacted to MaryCS62 in Please add non dairy options   
    I'm surprised by this -- my DD has celiac disease (gluten free) & a degree of lactose intolerance as well, so avoids dairy for the most part, and was always able to get a non dairy milk for her coffee/lattes. As far as I know, you may have to ask for them, but they have non dairy options on board.
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    DLXLDY reacted to Nancysau in Please add non dairy options   
    Just returned from a great cruise - I am unable to eat dairy and was really disappointed that the only options for cereal involved regular milk, also only dairy coffee creamer and butter at the tables. These are such easy changes that could be made by offering soy or almond milk, margarine and a non dairy coffee creamer. 
    I made a great salad one day too and almost every dressing was dairy based or mustard - no regular old Italian or oil based options. 
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    DLXLDY reacted to ajmp5 in UDP Tips   
    Thanks so much! We are on board right and that's what I figured.  Smart minds thing alike 😉
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    DLXLDY reacted to WAAAYTOOO in How good exactly is the road beef sandwich (Kummelweck) at Park Cafe?   
    The Kummelweck is a roast beef on a wonderful roll.  If the beef is good quality and they use au jus (as opposed to thick gravy - yuk), it is very good.  If the meat is tough or they use gravy vs au gus, it is an awful thing.
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    DLXLDY reacted to SteveinSC in Voyager denied entry to Vanautu   
    Twice, now, @monctonguy has referenced/quoted me, so I feel the need to say SOMETHING. I stand by everything I have said. Im not worried about this virus. Im going to go on about my life as I always have.... I control what I can, and worry about nothing I cant control. Hell, I barely worry about things I CAN control. Worrying doesnt solve problems...it creates them. 
    Saying people should be more concerned about things they are more likely to die from isnt trivializing corona virus.  I 100% believe people should be MORE concerned with other aspects of their health and everyday life than corona virus. Until the likelihood, the numbers of deaths, illnesses and avoidable accidents from the things society is blatantly "flippant" about come close to comparing....that belief wont change.   
    Would my level of concern be different if the epicenter was in the US? Well hell yes it would, just like i care more about a bowling ball over my head than one on the ground....but my opinion and ideas about this are based in fact, not hypothetical, and definitely not in speculation. 
    ....with that, Im done talking about it. Bowing out.....Happy cruising. 
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    DLXLDY reacted to Rose City Cruiser in Voyager denied entry to Vanautu   
    Trying to convince someone over the internet to change their stance on COVID-19 is like convincing someone to take your own political view.  Not going to happen.  Time to move onto a different topic. 
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    DLXLDY reacted to Matt in Voyager denied entry to Vanautu   
    Your statement is a microcosm of what you're essentially rallying against. Crew members have the flu. Not coronavirus. Yet, the port officials denied Voyager for absolutely no reason other than hysteria that MAYBE on the slimmest of chances coronavirus COULD be there (but it's not).
    If there was coronavirus, totally different situation.  But the sensationalism around the virus that the media is peddling has caused a benign situation to turn into a missed port of call. If this were 1 month ago, this would not have occurred at all.
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    DLXLDY reacted to twangster in Voyager denied entry to Vanautu   
    There is a difference between saying it's nothing to worry about and keeping a calm head while not overreacting or extrapolating facts that aren't known.  
    People have died so clearly is is something to be aware of and research.  We all can do that without predicting the sky is falling when in fact it hasn't (yet).
    Somewhere between "it will be over in a month" and "the world is doomed"  is where this will prove to end up.  It's simply way too early to know and that is precisely what the experts are saying - they don't know yet.  
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    DLXLDY reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Voyager denied entry to Vanautu   
    I wondered the same thing.  I think there is a protocol in place that requires to Capt. to report any sick pax or crew.  My guess is that, in the past, they didn't really worry that much about this issue, but b/c of recent events, they (the ports) are now enforcing it strictly.
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    DLXLDY reacted to HeWhoWaits in Orlando to Miami: fly or drive?   
    Drive and use your own car with parking fees. Gives you much more flexibility after the cruise returns.
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    DLXLDY reacted to saytheb in Coco Cay, Beach Club or Beach Bed?   
    Just was at Coco beach club on 2/21 at the ~$80 price/pp. I gotta say.. I wouldn't do it again unless it was ~$50 or less... I may make a separate review thread, but here's at least my reasoning based purely on our experience that day..
    The Good:
    1) The availability of loungers was decent for only Symphony docked even at ~10:30. We were on the far left side but still had an umbrella in one of the last rows, so our view was of other people and the floating cabanas primarily.
    2) The provided towels are pretty nice, especially as a chair topper!
    3) Bar service was extremely quick (AT the bar)
    4) (Specifically for our desires), minimal children. There was a few that came over from the cabanas and were yelling/screaming for a while, but otherwise it was a pretty quiet area and great to relax & nap a bit!

    The Bad:
    1) The sand beach itself was flat out painful.. it was riddled with broken seashells everywhere from about the first row of chairs down to the water itself.. It'd be nice if they groomed it just a little even..
    2) When we arrived about 10:30, we were told we should immediately make lunch reservations as walk-up dining was not an option.. that seemed strange as it was the first time hearing that. Unfortunately the options were right then (10:30.. we just had breakfast an hour earlier!), or 2pm - bumping against our 5:30 MDR but we took it. They did manage to seat us at 1:45 though as most of the proper lunch crowed was gone
    3) We must have had a lousy area as we didn't have a bartender come by to the loungers for drinks until nearly 1pm (they were walking the other areas even when we first arrived)
    4) We actually noticed it was emptier and quieter just north west of Oasis outside the club at about 12-1pm.. TONS of chairs empty, barely anyone in the water, and only blocked by the beach club boulders so you're essentially on the same beach!
    5) The overall feel of the area didn't seem that different in terms of occupancy than most other areas we walked around with the exclusion of oasis lagoon itself which was packed like sardines.
    Even given the food was good and the area , it definitely doesn't make strides towards our original booking fee at $80, so for $200/pp I'd kick myself every day for months paying that price. I'd be OK at $50, and happy at ~$40.
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    DLXLDY reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Coco Cay, Beach Club or Beach Bed?   
    The only part of our shortened Anthem cruise last week about which I was disappointed, is the fact that we missed Coco Cay and we weren’t able to visit the Beach Club for $50.99 PP.  I fear we will ever see that price again and I probably wouldn’t pay more.
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    DLXLDY reacted to JohnK6404 in Coco Cay, Beach Club or Beach Bed?   
    Interesting... the full day passes for Coco Beach Club were sold out on 2/2/20 when we last checked (Oasis, 5/31/20), but now they have added them back to the CP at $199 each!

    ... still $79.00 for our Symphony (4/24/21) cruise in the CP... they were in the $60's a couple of months ago...

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    DLXLDY reacted to Mikeb1892 in Coco Cay, Beach Club or Beach Bed?   
    Crowds are def. a concern for us.  We're sailing Oasis, and I have conflicting reports that there will be either 1 or 2 other ships there on the same day.
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