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    misslottie reacted to jce2 in Took the $$ plunge on the Unlimited Beverage Package, so....What’s your favorite drink?   
    OMG!! Someone introduced me to this mix at a socce game...... no idea who won....or if they even played
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    misslottie reacted to amanx in "New" MDR Menus   
    I actually quite like the look of the menu above.  Hopefully something similar for my upcoming cruise on Explorer
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    misslottie reacted to raahc in "New" MDR Menus   
    The chilled soups were quite different and refreshing.  I remember the one I had on Oasis (a long time ago) quite well.  It was watermelon gazpacho!  I found a picture of it for you 😋

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    misslottie got a reaction from ChessE4 in Flights booked with Royal Caribbean   
    Just an update - Royal emailed us yesterday with a flight reference which we then used to book our seats.
    As it’s Easyjet I knew we’d have to pay to guarantee seats together but unfortunately, unless we wanted to pay £18.50pp one way, we can’t on way out to Italy. We’ve paid £4pp and are sat across aisle from each other (as are the in laws) but it’s only a 2.5 hour flight so not too bad.
    Cheaper on way back at £8pp and are sat together.
    Thanks everyone for your help 😊
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    misslottie reacted to Fairlynew in Cococay - Cat 5..   
    I’m not a sophisticated computer user and couldn’t figure out how to quote the post on Dorian missing coco cay but here is my response:
    Honestly, I’d rather see it centered on a currently uninhabited island!  Vacation structures can be replaced over time.  People and their dwellings not as easily.  N.C. is not a tropical paradise but we still have homes with tarps a year after a relatively minor hurricane flooded our eastern area.  Please show some compassion for the humans suffering in this horrific storm and stop worrying about coco cay. 
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    misslottie reacted to cdixon22 in Cococay - Cat 5..   
    I am more concerned about the local residents that work on the island and the clean up and sorting of their personal life they will have to do. This historic storm will change the northern Bahamas as we know it today. Prayers to all. 
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    misslottie reacted to Clear Laker in Flights booked with Royal Caribbean   
    A PNR # is a 6 digit A/N code that is used to identify you, from purchase to you boarding in all of the airline systems.  It goes back to the days when Travel Agents booked tickets for you.  The problem with reservation #s it is usually unique to the organization who sold you the ticket.  i.e. Air2Sea, Priceline or the specific airline.  The PNR code as it is known, is what is unique to you with each airline with all of that airline's systems.
    As stated, some airline's systems allow you to use multiple ways to look up your reservations (name, reservation #, PNR code) ... some don't.  The PNR Code is the industry standard for all airlines.
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    misslottie reacted to KristiZ in Flights booked with Royal Caribbean   
    Most airline websites will allow you the access your reservation using your ticket number instead of your record locator, if you can find that in your paperwork. I often use that hack to check on my seat assignments. 
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    misslottie reacted to PhantomWolf in Flights booked with Royal Caribbean   
    I don't know what a PNR is but one thing that helped me during this recent mess of travel is just being persistent with calling or being transferred to someone who may be able to help you.  It became very clear to me that not everyone is on the same page nor has the same information.  I spoke with at least 5 different RC reps the last few days and not one of them had the same information as the other.
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    misslottie reacted to Rob&Ana in Flights booked with Royal Caribbean   
    On all my Royal flights it shows 2 booking/confirmation numbers but I have never booked an Easy Jet flight thru Royal.
    I always get these the day I book and with the carrier code can log into the airline site to book my seats.
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    misslottie reacted to twangster in Set sail passes and muster station info   
    Muster stations will be printed on your SeaPass card in large font and it will also be on the inside of your cabin door.  
    Have no fears, you do have a muster station!
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    misslottie reacted to ChessE4 in Set sail passes and muster station info   
    On the smaller ships you will muster outside.  On the larger ships, you'll often muster in restaurants and theaters inside.  It's pretty painless unless you are on a Vision class ship in winter.  Your seapass will be scanned to verify attendance.  Have a great trip!
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    misslottie reacted to TetonPost in On Empress Now   
    I'm sure most of you R/C followers are aware of what's going down on this ship right now, but just in case: They canceled CocoCay because of the hurricane and then decided it was not safe to return to Miami today so they extended the cruise by three days. A lot of folks bailed in Cozumel and then we sailed to Roatan for the day. We're now at sea heading to George Town for tomorrow, then back in Miami (maybe) on Wednesday.
    The three days are totally free! They extended my drink and internet packages at no charge and even the gratuities stopped at 8 days. Instead of getting off the boat in Miami this morning I'm on a whole new adventure, compliments of Royal Caribbean. This is my first cruise ever and man am I a brand new fan of this cruise line!
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    misslottie reacted to Nikkoo in A noobs view from on board   
    Hi guys,
    We have been on Explorer for a week now, just starting day 8! I thought I’d give you my point of view on some stuff coming from a very first time cruiser and somebody who swore by all inclusive holidays on land. 
    Its good. Very good in fact. 
    The food is the best we have ever had on holiday. We went to Chops last night and it was easily the best meal we have ever had whilst on holiday. Even in windjammer I find the food to be a step or two above all inclusive buffets on land. 
    The drink... wow. I’m not a big drinker but we have loved having a drink on board. The staff in the Crown and Kettle, Errol and Nower, are great. The live music in the most night is cool too. 
    The entertainment is also several steps ahead of land based resorts. We usually go to the first half of one, realise it’s crap and never bother again! This last week has been really good every night. Not sure tonight’s ballroom and latin dance is for us but I’m sure it will be top quality. 
    Everything everywhere is clean and tidy. I suppose as you’re mostly out at sea that’s why there are no flies, ants or other bugs, which is another plus point!
    The staff everywhere can’t do enough for you, they are so so helpful. Eric our stateroom attendant is also amazingly helpful 🙂
    A few negatives? The surf and stream WiFi is pants. We are in Marseille today but with it being a Sunday most of everything is closed apparently so we stayed in the boat.  The drinks are expensive and we have zero issue hitting the break even point of the package. 
    We have booked 1 more cruise already and looking at 2 more. We are hooked!!
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    misslottie reacted to SuZQ329 in Sky Class on Anthem   
    Thanks for sharing this with me. I see the line of cars in one photo... that is why I am getting there early!  Looks like you had a great cruise!  This is only my 2nd ever. We upgraded to a suite as this is the only vacation this year.  We are also getting married during the stop in Port Canaveral on Cocoa Beach. It’s going to be perfect!  We will be wearing our wedding apparel back on the ship for dinner... not time to change after the ceremony anyway. So excited. 
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    misslottie reacted to CGTLH in Price allowance on drinks and menu prices   
    If the ship bundles or doesn't charge gratuity on drinks the limit covered would be $14.
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    misslottie reacted to Atlantix2000 in Price allowance on drinks and menu prices   
    The cap on cost for the package is set such that whatever ship you are on, the package will cover most drinks.  (Generally, only expensive wines and cocktails with top shelf liquor will cost over the cap.)  No one checks when you bought the package so a hidden advantage is that it protects you from price increases.  In other words, if you buy it when most drinks cost $12 on your ship, but a year later when you actually sail, drinks now cost $13, your package still works without paying the extra dollar.  (And people that bought the package recently probably paid more than you.)
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    misslottie reacted to Momof4crazytocruise in Price allowance on drinks and menu prices   
    The only time we've been charged more than the cap was for wine that was like $5 or more than the cap, and when we wanted a specialty glass (or pineapple). Every cocktail we ordered was covered, and every glass of wine. So unless you're planning on drinking $30/glass wine, or $70/glass scotch, don't stress too much about it. (Of course, a buck or 2 with the sea pass card to the bartender may "solve" that problem too). 
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    misslottie reacted to WAAAYTOOO in board games in the lounge   
    I have never seen anyone playing a game be asked to move. AaMoF, when we first started cruising, we used to play gin rummy in the Viking Crown room (back when there was actually a Viking Crown statue there !).  We didn’t know about the Special Diamond event (we’d never even heard of a “Diamond” back then) and when they started setting up for the event, they told us just to stay put if we wanted to.  We attended our first ever Diamond event that night without even knowing what it was.  They were very kind.  We just kept playing cards and were astonished when the server came by and asked if we wanted a drink !  Heck yeah !  That was waaay back.
  20. Love
    misslottie reacted to DRLPP in taking your medications.....   
    This August will be 21 years. My wife was my donor. Our miracle.
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    misslottie reacted to ChessE4 in Crown & Anchor   
    The NextCruise staff on the ship can help you with that, and they typically offer on board credit with your booking on the ship.
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    misslottie reacted to Traveler in Crown & Anchor   
    Usually the C&A will be activated after your first cruise. You can call them and ask to join before , anyway it will not change your reservation as you can always add the number after  
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    misslottie reacted to princevaliantus in Crown & Anchor   
    Q&A:  How do I enroll in the Crown & Anchor Society? If you are a new guest, there is no need to sign up for Crown & Anchor Society. You will be automatically enrolled after you complete your first sailing with Royal Caribbean International (applies to US Residents). Membership benefits begin after you have completed at least one Royal Caribbean International cruise. 
    If you have sailed with us but are not yet enrolled, you can contact Crown & Anchor Society at (800) 526-9723 to sign up before your next cruise. If you are outside the U.S. and Canada, call (541) 285-9723. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 9 AM-10 PM EST and Saturday through Sunday 9 AM-8 PM EST. Please be sure to have information about your previous cruise(s) on hand: ship name(s), sail date(s), and booking number(s).
    You can also visit the Loyalty Ambassador onboard to sign-up for the program. Benefits begin after you have completed at least one Royal Caribbean International cruise. If your email address is given, we will use this to only communicate your Program benefits unless you opt-in to other solicitations.
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    misslottie reacted to Ralph in Less than 24 hours and we will be on our first cruise!   
    We are beyond excited! I think I read this blog every day for the last two months! Thanks @Matt !! The information here is priceless and the people are amazing! 
    Tomorrow we board the Navigator of the Seas!! 
    As Bart Scott said years ago... “Can’t Wait!!”
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    misslottie reacted to FManke in Dinner dress code for men   
    Final thought on this.
    There's a James Bay song that says, "Why don't you be you, and I'll be me."
    I like that.
    Happy Cruising everyone.  Whatever you are wearing in the MDR.
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