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  1. I see someone mentioned the espresso machine available all day. I am very picky when it comes to coffee. Does the suite lounge on Anthem have this available as well??
  2. Thank you! I will look for the private deck door. We are in an aft cabin so that will be more convenient for us. That is awesome for the dessert. Very sweet😉
  3. @twangster @WAAAYTOOO @Lovetocruise2002 It sounds like all of you are seasoned cruisers... A question about getting back on the ship in port... it says the ship leaves at 7. What is the latest we can be back on? We are eloping while in Port Canaveral and just want to make sure we don’t miss the boat!!
  4. Thanks for the advice. We are staying in NYC the night before to go to a college bball tournament to see Duke. We are early risers anyways so I am sure we will be there by 10
  5. Thanks for sharing this with me. I see the line of cars in one photo... that is why I am getting there early! Looks like you had a great cruise! This is only my 2nd ever. We upgraded to a suite as this is the only vacation this year. We are also getting married during the stop in Port Canaveral on Cocoa Beach. It’s going to be perfect! We will be wearing our wedding apparel back on the ship for dinner... not time to change after the ceremony anyway. So excited.
  6. We are booked on Anthem for Thanksgiving Week in a Sky Class Suite. I know there are some perks to this... and I read a great blog on here about the Star Class. Do we get a special zone and guest check in at the port? I am a good traveler and do travel for work a few times a year but are getting anxious about embarkation day at Cape Liberty. Any tips? Things that we should know or do as part of the Sky Class on the ship?
  7. I am a coffee addict and like good coffee. Where in the cruise planner can I purchase this? Or is it something I can purchase on the ship. Is this only for espresso drinks? Or for coffee in these locations too. I a, not purchasing a beverage package but definitely need coffee and good ones at that!
  8. You carried your bags out when you disembarked? And the porter was before you got to customs?
  9. Are you in Port Canaveral at all during the cruise? My fiancé and I are on Anthem during Thanksgiving week and are eloping on Cocoa Beach. Cocoa Beach weddings have an all inclusive package that is very reasonable! Congratulations!
  10. We are in a suite in November on Anthem. I was just wondering where we should be having dinner. Coastal Kitchen looks like it is upscale and eclectic for dinner and I am not sure if it is for us. Any insight?
  11. So can you use copies of your passport to get back on the ship??
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