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  1. Does anyone have any insight into wether it would be feasible for the cruise lines to run their ships at less than full capacity? I've heard a lot about how Royal posted 5 billion in profits in 2019. If this is accurate it would seem to this peon that there would be room in the budget to have ships running at less than capacity and still making money.

    It would seem to me that this would be the only option to having cruises resume before a vaccination is in place as social distancing (I hate this term, it makes no sense. Its physical distancing!) is pretty much impossible on a cruise ship at capacity. I wonder what the capacity level would have to be to at least break even to make it worthwhile running the ships.

  2. 18 hours ago, Ogilthorpe said:

    One of my biggest concerns is the potential for a societal prejudice against cruises as a result of the media campaign to demonize cruise lines that results in employers and organizations subjecting employees and members to a 2 week imposed quarantine after taking a cruise. I may be way ahead of myself here, but uninformed employers could prevent even the most dedicated cruise afficianados from enjoying their vacation of choice. This could truly be negative for the cruise industry.

    I already posed this question to my employer as they know I am an avid cruiser. the response I received is that whatever guidelines are in place by the government and health officials are what they will follow. So if no 14 day quarantine imposed by health officials my employer would not impose one on me for cruising.

  3. 1 hour ago, princevaliantus said:

    .... shortened by 20 days!! So, now we are looking at early July. Hope springs eternal!!  See article from USA Today below:


    WOW! While the headline is great news for us cruise lovers, the article itself is scathing of the cruise industry......including blaming cruising for the virus entering US cities. SMH

  4. 52 minutes ago, jessicamlewis518 said:

    Hi!  My husband and I went on our first RC cruise (Allure of the Seas) May 2018 and fell in love with cruising!  We are looking to go on another cruise in February or March 2021!  Initially we were planning on sticking with Allure of the Seas and were excited to see the additions!  However, there seem to be concerns as to whether Allure will get the scheduled amplification by next Spring.

    Would you recommend Oasis of the Seas or Harmony of the Seas?  Or, should we wait to see if Allure does get the amplification?  We would like to stick with the class of ships similar to Allure's size.  The shows and other entertainment options (i.e. zipline, ice skating shows, diving show, etc.) are important to us.  Thank you so much for your help!  😀

    You can't go wrong with either choice. I would personally chose Harmony with the only tie breaker being the Broadway show of Grease over Cats. I saw Cats on Oasis and hated every minute of it lol.

    I also love the Oasis class ships but an alternative for you to consider could be the Odyssey. I have not been on a Quantum class ship yet but it looks amazing!

  5. The financial crash of 2008/2009 didn't sink (pun intended) the cruise industry and I don't think this will either. I think you will see incredible cabin price sales while the cruise lines pick your pockets while you are on board. The strategy helped them recover in 2009 and it will work again. It is hard to imagine with the dark clouds hanging over us (and the cruise industry) right now but when the clouds clear humans have proven to have short memories as @Ampurp85 mentions above. The sales will be irresistible and the ships will fill again.


  6. Even without the upgrades Allure is still an amazing ship! Was just on her in January and she is still in really good shape and has an awesome entertainment lineup. If you want the latest and greatest change your booking but if you choose to stick with Allure you will still have an amazing cruise!!

  7. 4 minutes ago, rjac said:

    We were with my brother & sister in law, who were seasoned cruisers and taught us some lessons and prepped us on what to expect. Even with that my wife & I were blown away

    Trying to explain a cruise to someone who hasn't cruised is next to impossible. There are no words to describe the feeling of walking up the gangway for embarkation, the feeling of pulling away from the port, the feeling of being surrounded by vast oceans, the feeling of sunsets and sunrises at sea.........these need to be experienced in person to truly appreciate. and when you do.....you are hooked!

  8. On ‎2020‎/‎03‎/‎19 at 6:27 AM, Floski said:

    I was 53 when I took my first cruise on the beautiful Freedom of the Seas.

    Our fifth will be on April 26 ( #stillgoing! ) on Harmony, but nothing can replace the phenomenal 

    memories of that first cruise.  Mind you, I was so naive that I thought we had to wait on the dock

    with our luggage, etc, so when we got to the terminal and the porters took our bags, I was too happy.

    I'm tellin' ya - when I first walked onto that ship into the Promenade, I know my mouth was agape for

    10 minutes.  It was so much more than I ever had imagined.  The entire cruise was phenomenal, 

    including the wonderful dinners in the MDR, the Solarium, the ports of call (especially when we went

    to Orient Beach; my gosh how spectacular that was), even the drive home was easy and uneventful.


    I wish I had more money and more time to cruise a lot.  It is so fantastic, and the Royal crewmembers 

    make it so much more enjoyable.

    37 days!

    I love hearing these stories of first time cruisers!

  9. Most cruise lines have at least 1 private island. If they are able start some short cruises where screened and cleared passengers can be contained to the ship and private islands only (only 1 ship in port at a time), perhaps they can weather the storm. I believe it will be a minimum 6 months (most likely longer) before cruising starts with any kind of regularity and I don't think any corporation no matter how large can survive that with no income.

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