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  1. My wife and I always go for Mytime dining when sailing on an Oasis class ship so we can book around our entertainment. However, on our upcoming sailing of Allure we are travelling with some others who are choosing to stick with traditional dining due to food allergies and wanting to ensure strict attentiveness by dining and kitchen staff. We tried to ensure them the same care and attentiveness is available through mytime dining as well but they feel more comfortable sticking with traditional. The 8 PM slot they have chosen would only work for my wife and I for 3 of the 7 nights due to times of shows we booked. My wife and I are planning on booking specialty dining on the other nights so not as to interfere with our show times but I got to thinking.........would we be able to eat in the mytime area of the dining room at a time of our choosing even if we stick with the traditional dining time on our booking?

  2. 2 hours ago, cookie10* said:

    You people are unreal. Who made you the lord over the chairs! yes we get our chair prior to breakfast and we like to eat together so we go...Sometime eating breakfast in Chops take 45 minutes or so at least 30... We return and we are in, out, around until lunch which we generally return to our chairs to eat...but we have been known to go to specialty resesturent for lunch and again it takes awhile...  Bath room breaks we sometime go to the room which can take 15 to 20 minutes or longer depending on the crowds at the elevators or they are cleaning the room..  Again you guys are unreal......

    I feel this post may be intended as satire (at least I hope it is). If not, it seems as though you enjoy a lot of the different amenities and dining options available on ships. the reason for the 30 minute chair rule is so that other guests may enjoy the pool areas while you are off enjoying the other amenities.

  3. On ‎2019‎/‎10‎/‎19 at 2:43 PM, twangster said:

    I’ve not seen a Thalassotherapy pool in any Royal spa, at least one included with a spa pass.  I very much enjoyed them on Carnival though.  

    I wonder why this is? Royal is such a front runner with innovation, however, doesn't provide this option that other lines do. I understand it would be difficult to incorporate into existing ships but the new ones don't offer it either.

  4. 1 hour ago, tonyfsu21 said:

    Just saw the new Odyssey will be headed on 8 day voyages to the Southern Caribbean out of Port Everglades. We really enjoy this itinerary!   

    I am trying to make up my mind on the 7 night itinerary on Odyssey (Cococay, St. Thomas, San Juan, and Labadee) or the 7 night sailing on Symphony with the same itinerary for Jan 2021. I know I want this itinerary because of the 2 private island stops and had been leaning toward Symphony because we LOVE the Oasis class and because Quantum ships have been labeled 'cold'weather' ships. However, with the details of Odyssey released today it makes the decision harder.

  5. On ‎2019‎/‎10‎/‎10 at 8:18 AM, FionaMG said:

    Book the aqua theatre diving show for as early in the cruise as you possibly can because these shows are often cancelled due to weather/sea conditions. The earlier in the cruise you are scheduled to see it the better your chances of actually getting to see it if it has to be re-scheduled.

    On our first time on Oasis it was cancelled twice and we did not get to see it until the very last day of the cruise.

    I second this. Had the same experience on Oasis but just lucky it wasn't something we knew ahead of time. Had booked it for second night but it was cancelled due to technical issues with the floor in the pool but was able to see it on the last night.

  6. 2 hours ago, carlosalonsor said:

    Wow.... this officer has a lot of patience!!

    I couldn't stay this calmed in front of rude passengers like these... this passenger is obviously trying to provoke a reaction while filming with his cell....



    This is so pathetic, grown ass man acting like a spoiled child/teenager. What kind of an adult acts like this?! Why not enjoy your cruise? As if the captain is purposely missing ports to spite the passengers. Wanting a full refund on a cruise that was probably already discounted if it was sailing in an a stormy season. Its like cruising the Caribbean in September/October, cruises are a little cheaper and odds are pretty good that your itinerary will be changed due to storms/hurricanes. Regardless there is absolutely no reason for an adult to be acting like this. 

  7. 3 hours ago, KJones said:

    Agreed. In our singular experience with MTD, we would be brought over to Table A only to discover there was already a party sitting at it. Then, the staff would wander around looking for another table to give us without consulting the front desk. The staff would give us Table B, and soon after another party would walk over to it because the table assignments hadn't been updated to reflect that Table B was taken. It was a little chaotic, but overall our MTD experience was much more positive than negative.

    As @CruisinUpinLife mentioned, larger parties are might be better off using Traditional Dining. MTD was easy for just 2 people. On cruises where we had 8+ in our group, it was nice to have a set time for everyone to meet up every night and not having to wait for a table large enough for all of us.

    This has not been my experience although we book our dining times in advance. On the Oasis class ships I find it an excellent option. I look at the sailing itinerary, book the shows based on the itinerary (what time the ship leaves the ports it is at) and then book dining times accordingly. Even with different times on different evenings we always have the same table and waiters. I am a huge fan of the MTD! 

  8. 5 hours ago, RoyalLaker said:

    Q class was built with the canal expansion in mind. Voyager and Freedom class where built with thought that they would never leave the Caribbean. 



    Since that article in 2017 the Ovation of the seas, The Norwegian Bliss, and Norwegian Joy (all huge ships by any standard) have all passed under the Lions gate bridge to the port of Vancouver. 

  9. I just recently booked two different round trips on the Eclipse out of Vancouver. Both are not standard cruises as they are shoulder season (one in spring, one in fall). I have not cruised Celebrity before however the deals offered were irresistible and included gratuities, UBP, and $150 per person OBC (and this was for an inside cabin!). This combined with the ease of no airfare it was a no-brainer for easy getaways (plus they both head south instead of to Alaska lol).  

    On ‎2019‎/‎10‎/‎05 at 6:28 AM, JLMoran said:

    While I've yet to experience this myself, I have read multiple anecdotal accounts of people who got steep reductions in price for their sailing as it got very close to, or just after, final payment and the ship (thanks to earlier really high pricing) failed to fill up; the drops were enough to let some people move from inside to Verandah for little or no money; or a Verandah room to a Sky Suite or better for a relatively small bump in price.

    I really hope this happens for me!

  10. I have never sailed on Celebrity but just booked 2 cruises with them today. They were offering some amazing onboard perks (prepaid gratuities, beverage package, and $150 per person OBC) and are out of my homeport of Vancouver so I couldn't resist. I know celebrity doesn't offer all the extra onboard activities that Royal does (slides, flowrider, etc) but its about managing expectations. These cruises will simply be about relaxation. I will continue to book Royal cruises to get my thrills. 

  11. 4 hours ago, monorailmedic said:

    This is true.  Your "building" of points starts at zero even though your loyalty level carries over.  Would it be nice if this were handled differently?  Sure, that'd be neat.  Would it lead to all the more people having top tier statuses, which seems to upset those that have said statuses?  Probably. (this gets to the "when everyone is special no one is special" paradox)  Do I personal think it matters?  Nope.  For me, I've yet to identify a reasonably attainable loyalty perk that is worth compromising experiences for.  Others may hold a greater value to certain perks and feel otherwise, which is fine too.

    I could not agree more. The loyalty perks, while nice, are not the reason why I choose a specific cruise.

  12. I just got off Radiance this morning. Loved Samba but the location sucks. Only way to access it is through the outdoors around the sports court. If you need to use the restroom while dining, you need to go back outside, and some distance away. I think the space would be better served with a casual café or bar that would be used by the people enjoying the pool and sports decks. Perhaps a bbq pit similar to what Oasis is getting as part of its amplification.

  13. 10 hours ago, SPS said:

    A lot of new members seem to join just to vent frustration with customer service or Royal Caribbean in general (often when they themselves are at some fault and want to blame RCCL) and then are never heard from on this forum again.

    My exact thoughts when I started reading this post! Glad to see you joining this forum to post positive things!

    Happy sailings @Crummy!!!

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