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    CruisingKitty got a reaction from Mrs. Thomas in Some realistic analysis from a Canadian - fall 2020   
    You know SoFlo can't get out of Phase 1 and have instilled curfews again. Sadly I wish we knew the exact date when we will be able to "normal cruise" since I don't relish the idea of spending thousands to wear a mask and socially distance while on vacation. 
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    CruisingKitty reacted to Baked Alaska in Excursion refund policy   
    This is not true! BOFA 's in bed with "the enemy", namely RCCL. BOFA does NOT issue the credit, getting "the money back on your card right away". Rather, they change the statement amount due, but it still shows the disputed amount as being owed. I have disputed a little over $3k with BOFA.
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    CruisingKitty reacted to SpeedNoodles in Excursion refund policy   
    @CynBeth welcome to the forums!
    I've only heard this when people use big consolidated TAs. For those of use who have used MEI Travel, they have saved us so much time and hassle.  I'd never book a cruise again without using them.  That being said, they typically don't deal with Cruise Planner items.
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    CruisingKitty reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Excursion refund policy   
    Very sound reasoning. I almost always purchase excursions through the CP for that very reason....and with things so fluid at the moment, it’s reassuring to know that you will get your money back with no hassle if the cruise is cancelled. 
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    CruisingKitty reacted to crisgold52 in Did they extend the date FCC must be used by?   
    Yep it is very limiting due to this hence I've only got one GLOBAL SUSPENSION FCC and taxes sitting with RCL for November and a refundable deposit for February (as of this response). If I had any more cash tied up I'd opt for refunds for this reason. It's also why I opted to not buy any more pre cruise purchases now as to avoid tying up more money. The carrot they dangled with the cruise planner sales worked I'm sure with a large infusion of revenue but with no actual realistic sail date in sight then it becomes a logistical headache just to deal with more dispersals of refunds again. There's always always always sales 🙂
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    CruisingKitty reacted to crisgold52 in Cruise Planner Refunds   
    Yes I totally agree. Only RSS agents can expedite the refund request. In ANY REFUND situation the BIGGEST hurdle is from when the request is made in the agents system to when it hits accounting. This accounts for the backlog. 
    Once accounting gets the request then Dispersal is within a day at most to ones CC the depending on the CC up to 7 business days. 
    RSS has the ability to expedite the requests. If not expedited then it sits as pending in the system for who knows how long before accounting gets it hence the 45 days or more. Stuff one learns from working the phones 😉
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    CruisingKitty reacted to Oliver in Domestic Cruises Unlikely to Resume This Year, Analysts Say   
    I’ve always believed that this will be the case. 
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    CruisingKitty reacted to TempoGL in Domestic Cruises Unlikely to Resume This Year, Analysts Say   
    Very fair.  I was referring only to the United States and should have clarified that.  I guess I thought it was implied because I was talking about the upcoming presidential election.
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    CruisingKitty reacted to princevaliantus in Domestic Cruises Unlikely to Resume This Year, Analysts Say   

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    CruisingKitty reacted to Sharla in 125% CP. What happens if cruise canceled?   
    Hi @Jill and Everyone,
    We just heard from Royal Caribbean- yes you will get that FCC back for the cruise planner credits for another cruise. 
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    CruisingKitty reacted to Sharla in 125% CP. What happens if cruise canceled?   
    Hey Jill, I did ask around and I have a question in to our sales manager with Royal Caribbean. Hopefully we will have a definite answer soon!
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    CruisingKitty reacted to DDaley in 125% CP. What happens if cruise canceled?   
    I asked this question too and no one was able to answer! I had spent $800 of my own dollars on a booking that got cancelled so even I don't get to keep the extra 25% they added to that amount, I would like to think they wouldn't just *&%^ you on the amount you had spent originally. That would be super messed up!  
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    CruisingKitty reacted to Jill in 125% CP. What happens if cruise canceled?   
    I’ll send Sharla at MEI an email today. I can’t imagine they’d wipe out $1800 of cruise planner OBC if the cruise gets canceled by them. I would think they’d just reissue the certificate to be used on another. This isn’t like free OBC promotion. This was for all my purchases from our canceled May cruise plus an extra 25%. I applied this certificate to my upcoming October cruise which likely will get canceled. 
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    CruisingKitty got a reaction from WAAAYTOOO in Cruise Planner Refunds   
    I too "re-priced" cruise planner items I purchased for (2) bookings. After having a long...on hold....explain again....on hold conversation with RC and got all except for $503.86 refunded which RC said they already gave it back to me. I filed a claim through RCCL BofA Card mid June.  Called the other days after mailing "hard copies" of proof of the purchases for each booking number...and I'm still waiting for them to review the documents which could take up to 90 days. My advice is to get a supervisor involved for all refunds with RC.  At this point I'm sick with disappointment and awaiting for the next round of cancellations. Good Luck getting anyone to care.
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    CruisingKitty reacted to crisgold52 in Some realistic analysis from a Canadian - fall 2020   
    Yes it will come back and on leaning towards 2021. But realistically it's a big risk for the three players to undertake aka heading out to sea with asymptomatic folks who may or may not come down with something during the voyage. So at this point its looking very unlikely that my NOV MARINER OR even my FEB 2021 NAVIGATOR will be going ahead due to a combination of various factors. Also my source was advising that theres no guarantee if the CDC will seek to extend the no sail order past July 25. Flights on the other hand are  a bit of a different model since while it's TRUE people are packed closer together...by their nature flights last hours not days and they have the ability to touch down anywhere Plus lesser head count per aircraft compared to a ship .
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    CruisingKitty reacted to twangster in Some realistic analysis from a Canadian - fall 2020   
    No one has a crystal ball to look into the future so anyone suggesting a hard date is simply guessing.  Anyone can throw a date out there.  All of 2021 may be lost to cruising, perhaps 2022 as well.  We just don't know.  Bankruptcy may be inevitable but don't confuse that with the company disappearing from the planet.  
    The Florida/Texas/California/XYZ situation at the moment is unfortunate.  There are some very valuable lessons that can be learned there.  Some areas will use that knowledge to shape their response going forward.  Like NY/NJ and other states in that part of the country the current areas that are experiencing high case counts will get past this as long as they don't ignore science and data.  Other states will benefit from this having seen what happens if too much is opened too soon.  That will help the country in the long run.  All we need is for leaders to lead and not follow a false hope.
    The states that have or are experiencing extreme impact are all cruising home port states.  Sadly the current Florida situation may be the wound to the cruise industry that proves fatal.  If the areas suffering high impact now had used lessons from the Northeast the cruise industry as we know it might have been spared.  If history teaches us anything the cruise industry will come back eventually.  It became what it was despite plagues and viruses throughout the ages.  It will come back at some point.
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    CruisingKitty reacted to crisgold52 in Copy of CDC Order foy everyone's reading pleeasure !!   
    It most likely and logically will  unless the US gets the cases under control. The Bahamas has also barred ships into their region till at least Sept 30 for the same reasons while meanwhile in canada we continue to be edgy about prospects of opening the land border in 2020.
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    CruisingKitty reacted to SpeedNoodles in RCL Stock Price   
    Back when I was a zoo keeper we had a White-Cheeked Gibbon we named "Bailey" who would get stressed out by various things.  We could tell when he was stressed because he'd put his arm/elbow up to his head and cover an ear.  I'm officially in "Bailey Mode".
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    CruisingKitty reacted to SpeedNoodles in RCL Stock Price   
    I've been watching it for a week, and was to jump on it when it hit $26.  It did, then I realized I have NO idea how to go about doing it and closed my browser (the 2020 human version of the ostrich sticking it's head in the sand)
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    CruisingKitty reacted to JohnK6404 in All The Ships Anchored Off Of Florida ...   
    Cool, thanks for sharing!
    Don't forget the live port cameras... just click on one and you'll see a drop-down at the top of the video feed for all of the other cameras...
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    CruisingKitty reacted to JimnKathy in What will happen if Royal Caribbean goes bankrupt.   
    I just bought some RCL stock at $28 a share...Coronavirus is just a short-term blip creating a terrific price point for long-term investors to build a position.
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    CruisingKitty reacted to twangster in What will happen if Royal Caribbean goes bankrupt.   
    It's complicated.  Just like the big automakers being multinational corporations is complicated.  While the asset value of a ship maybe carry a flag of convenience there are domestic taxation for certain aspects of the business just like with any American company that does business internationally.  
    One thing to consider are the spin off jobs and supply chain of the cruise industry.  When the big automakers were bailed out it wasn't just because they were American companies, the fear was the impact to the supply chain that feeds the automakers.  That is what would hit so many Americans.  
    Just like our own president is proud to pay no tax and calls that being "smart" many American companies work the tax code to their benefit to minimize tax burden.  All American companies do this, the bigger ones have more opportunity to do it better.
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    CruisingKitty reacted to KenCP in What will happen if Royal Caribbean goes bankrupt.   
    Royal currently has enough money to operate for quite some time.  They have just uncreased their line of credit by $500 million.  The US government will be there to help if it came to that
    As well they many ships that if they had to they could sell a ship or two.  If everyone booking was to be refunded, then it may cause a major cash flow issue for all the cruise lines.  They are not currently operating so the expenses for the ships are drastically lower at the moment as well.
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    CruisingKitty reacted to michelle in What will happen if Royal Caribbean goes bankrupt.   
    Do not think that is a worry at this point - but I get why people would be concerned !  they are a great and very supportive company
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    CruisingKitty reacted to Ampurp85 in What will happen if Royal Caribbean goes bankrupt.   
    Doubt RCCI will go bankrupt for several reasons. The main being that the government will bail out, to a certain extent, at least Carnival and Royal. Cruising is good for the economy and a favorite among the older more well-off traveler. While millennial's mostly prefer to "gram" experiences, those with  actual sense want a vacation that provides a good time and value.
    In the infinitesimal case of RCCi filing bankruptcy they may choose to do a few combined bon voyage cruises to appease those with FCC or current bookings.......or yes you will lose the money.  This is an unprecedented time, who knows how many businesses will have to restructure.
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