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Top desserts to try on Wonder of the Seas

28 Mar 2022

A Royal Caribbean cruise offers endless opportunities to try new and exciting desserts. From a sundae with twelve scoops of ice cream to a s’mores cookie and tiramisu, there is a dessert fit for every guest onboard.

As someone with a sweet tooth, trying new desserts is one of my favorite parts of a cruise. Being able to order a dessert I may otherwise be hesitant to try, or one that I have never heard of before, is always a highlight of my meals onboard.

On my recent cruise on Wonder of the Seas, I took up the challenge of finding the best desserts to eat onboard. After much “strenuous” dessert research, I’ve put together my list of the top six desserts to try on Wonder of the Seas.

Fried Cheesecake from 150 Central Park

Starting off our list of top desserts is perhaps the most delicious of all: fried cheesecake from 150 Central Park.

Fried cheesecake is a dessert I never knew I needed until I tasted it. Rich, creamy cheesecake covered with a crunchy, powdered sugar-coated shell and doused with fresh whipped cream and caramel sauce? Yes, please!

150 Central Park exceeded my expectations as soon as I tasted my first course, but they really went above and beyond with the fried cheesecake. This may be one of my favorite desserts of all time.

If you’re considering dining at 150 Central Park on your next cruise, don’t hesitate to order the fried cheesecake for dessert (and bring your stretchy pants!).

Warm Bread Puddin’ from The Mason Jar

I was so full after my hearty dinner at The Mason Jar that I actually skipped dessert. Due to my aforementioned sweet tooth, skipping dessert on a cruise is unheard of!

Because of this, I had major FOMO (fear of missing out), so I made sure to return to The Mason Jar later in the cruise to try a dessert.

Luckily The Mason Jar bar features a late night menu after 9PM, so I could order menu items without eating a full meal at the restaurant. With fried oreos, Georgia peach ice cream, and chocolate pecan pie on the menu, choosing a dessert was a difficult task in itself.

Ultimately, after hearing a few guests rave about it, I decided on the Warm Bread Puddin’.

Soft, sticky, and sweet, the warm bread pudding is made from buttery croissants and soaked in vanilla-bourbon custard. To top it all off is a serving of rich vanilla bean ice cream, offering the perfect balance between warm and cold.

Bread pudding is not a dessert I would typically order, but I was definitely glad I did.

Note: the Warm Bread Puddin’ isn’t technically on the late night menu, but I was still able to order it without a problem.

Campfire Cookie from Playmakers

I first tasted the campfire cookie on my first cruise on Mariner of the Seas and it has been one of my go-to desserts ever since. In fact, I love this dessert so much that I’m (very slightly) upset whenever I’m on a ship without Playmakers!

The campfire cookie is one of two desserts at Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade. In simple terms, the campfire cookie is a chocolate chip cookie with marshmallows on top.

A dessert of this caliber, though, deserves a more thorough description. Let’s take a deeper dive into the three components of the campfire cookie:

  • Layer 1: a warm, gooey, extra-chocolatey chocolate chip cookie cooked in a skillet
  • Layer 2: a generous coating of marshmallow, toasted to perfection and topped with nutella and caramel sauce
  • Layer 3: a side of rich vanilla ice cream and milk to add to the cookie

What’s great about Playmakers is that, while it is a specialty restaurant, the menu items are priced a la carte. Therefore, there’s no need to sit down for a lengthy three course meal in order to try the campfire cookie.

At $6, it’s a dessert well worth the cost.

Baklava from Solarium Bistro

Solarium Bistro is one of my favorite complimentary dinner options on an Oasis or Quantum Class ship. Not only is it usually much less crowded than other venues, but it offers cuisine not available elsewhere onboard.

From hummus and pita to lamb chops and babaganoush, the Mediterranean-style cuisine at Solarium Bistro always hits the spot.

If you have room in your stomach after your eighth serving of hummus, be sure to head to the dessert station. My favorite dessert at Solarium Bistro is also one of my favorites onboard, and that is the nutty, sugary, and sticky baklava.

For a complimentary dessert that is tricky to make, the baklava onboard is surprisingly good. I’ve never seen baklava anywhere else on a Royal Caribbean ship other than Solarium Bistro, so don’t miss it on your next Quantum or Oasis Class cruise.

Crispy Sesame Balls from Izumi

Overshadowed by Izumi’s mochi ice cream are the Crispy Sesame Balls. Unassuming yet unique, the sesame balls are the star of Izumi’s dessert menu.

The sesame balls are made from glutinous rice flour and sugar, which brings a chewy, mochi-like texture to the dessert.

Each sesame ball is then filled with a small amount of red bean filling, which is slightly sweet yet not overpowering. Red bean is a common dessert flavor in Japan, often used as a filling for steamed buns and mochi.

Lastly, each sesame ball is coated in sesame seeds and fried. The crunchy sesame coating gives each bite a toasted, nutty flavor that blends perfectly with the sugary, chewy consistency inside the sesame ball.

Each order comes with four sesame balls which are served warm.

The majority of guests dining at Izumi tend to order mochi ice cream without considering other desserts on the menu. During your next meal at Izumi, step out of your comfort zone and try the Crispy Sesame Balls. You’ll thank me later!

Pool deck soft serve

The last dessert on our list is also the most simple: a heaping cone of complimentary soft serve from the pool deck.

On every Royal Caribbean ship is a soft serve ice cream/frozen yogurt station where guests can enjoy unlimited and free ice cream cones. The most common flavors are vanilla, chocolate, and twist, although strawberry (my personal favorite) may be available as well.

While a cold ice cream cone is extremely satisfying on a warm Caribbean day, there are a few ways to take your soft serve game up a notch:

  • Add soft serve ice cream to a cup of soda for a soda float
  • Bring a cookie or brownie from the Windjammer and add ice cream on top
  • Put ice cream in a cup and add chocolate milk. Mix it together for a DIY chocolate milkshake!
  • Make an Italian affogato by filling a cup with vanilla ice cream and adding a shot of fresh, warm espresso

There are a few runner-ups I should add to my list: Key Lime Pie from Chops Grille, Go Bananas from Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen, and coconut cookies from Cafe Promenade.

What is your favorite dessert on a Royal Caribbean ship? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check out our FULL ship tour of Wonder of the Seas to learn more about Royal Caribbean’s newest ship:

Wonder of the Seas vs other Oasis Class ships

18 Mar 2022

Wonder of the Seas is the fifth Oasis Class cruise ship in Royal Caribbean’s fleet, but she has several key differences that make her stand apart from other ships in the class.

Photo by @AdamsAway

In some ways, Wonder of the Seas can be looked at as an “Oasis Plus” class compared to just an Oasis Class ship. While she shares many of the same restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues as other Oasis Class ships, significant enhancements were made to her design and layout.

Whether you’re simply curious as to what Wonder of the Seas is like or you are planning a cruise on the ship, it’s helpful to know the ins and outs of how Wonder of the Seas differs from other Oasis Class ships.

Suite Neighborhood on Wonder of the Seas

The biggest difference between Wonder of the Seas and other Oasis Class ships is the addition of an eighth neighborhood onboard: the Suite Neighborhood.

The Suite Neighborhood is an exclusive enclave onboard just for suite guests. Within the suite neighborhood is the Suite Lounge, Coastal Kitchen restaurant, and suite concierge. Hallways and entrances to most suites are located within this area as well.

The most upgraded enhancement to the Suite Neighborhood is the Suite Sun Deck. On other Royal Caribbean ships, the sun deck is usually quite small with lounge chairs available. The sun deck on Wonder of the Seas, though, is complete with a private bar, plunge pool, in-pool loungers, and a variety of comfy seating for guests.

While not entirely a “ship within a ship” concept, the Suite Neighborhood on Wonder of the Seas can really enhance the cruise experience for suite guests by offering private, quieter areas onboard to relax and dine.

Staterooms on Wonder of the Seas

Wonder of the Seas shares the same stateroom categories as other Oasis Class ships. From interior rooms to extravagant suites, there is a cabin to fit any budget.

She does have a few differences in layout, location, and offerings of staterooms, though.

Unlike other Oasis Class ships, where many loft suites face the Sports Court, this area is now taken by the Suite Sun Deck on Wonder of the Seas. Therefore, most suites located in this area of the ship face the ocean instead.

Wonder of the Seas, like Symphony of the Seas, has the Ultimate Family Suite. Designed to be the most kid-friendly stateroom onboard, the Ultimate Family Suite has its own in-suite slide, jacuzzi, step climbers, piano key stairs, and private game/movie room. The Ultimate Family Suite on Wonder of the Seas is larger than on Symphony, with three bedrooms and the option to convert the game room into a fourth.

Like all Oasis Class ships, Wonder of the Seas has Boardwalk and Central Park balconies. One important thing to note before booking a Central Park balcony on Wonder of the Seas, however, is that the jumbo television screen from the pool deck overlooks Central Park.

As movies and music are often playing loudly on the screen during the day and evening, a Central Park balcony on Wonder of the Seas may be less peaceful than on other Oasis Class ships.

Windjammer on Wonder of the Seas

When Royal Caribbean originally designed the Oasis Class ships, the Windjammer was not held to the same importance as on previous classes of ships. With so many other new complimentary dining locations onboard, such as Solarium Bistro and Park Cafe, Royal Caribbean thought the Windjammer would be less important to guests. 

Therefore, on other Oasis Class ships, the Windjammer is smaller and tends to get crowded during meal times.

When designing Wonder of the Seas, though, Royal Caribbean recognized that even with a plethora of other dining options onboard, the buffet remains an extremely popular dining venue. Rather than keeping the venue small, they decided to create the largest Windjammer in the fleet.

The Windjammer on Wonder of the Seas wraps around the entire Boardwalk neighborhood on Deck 15, which differs from other Oasis Class ships both in deck number and layout.

There is also a standalone vegetarian section available at the Windjammer on Wonder of the Seas, making dining as a vegetarian a breeze.

Solarium on Wonder of the Seas

Unlike other Oasis Class ships, where the Solarium is only partially covered for shade, the Solarium on Wonder of the Seas is totally enclosed and climate-controlled.

The Wonder of the Seas Solarium resembles the Solarium on a Quantum Class ship more than that of other Oasis Class ships. Quantum Class ships have a fully enclosed Solarium, allowing them to sail in both warm and cold regions of the world, whereas Oasis Class ships tend to stick to warm weather climates.

The Solarium has plenty of padded pool chairs and other comfy seating as well, giving guests a relaxing, adults-only oasis that can be enjoyed rain or shine.

Pool deck

Wonder of the Seas brings a more upgraded pool deck experience compared to other Oasis Class ships.

Like Oasis of the Seas, Wonder of the Seas has a Caribbean style pool deck, featuring colorful decor, The Lime and Coconut bar, and private casitas.

Aside from decor, though, the pool deck has a few layout differences from other Oasis Class ships. First is the movie screen viewing area, where guests can relax on padded theater chairs during the day and night, whether to watch a movie or catch some sun.

Speaking of a movie, the TV screen on the pool deck is the largest television on any Royal Caribbean ship.

On either side of the theater chairs are padded pool chairs. This area resembles the Suite Sun Deck found on Voyager and Freedom Class ships, but is available to all guests onboard. 

While more of a design difference than an amenity, Wonder of the Seas has an exterior shell at the sides in the middle of the pool deck which is used as support for the ship’s giant Crown & Anchor logo.

Activities and entertainment on Wonder of the Seas

Wonder of the Seas is the first Royal Caribbean ship to feature the Wonder Playscape, an underwater-themed climbing playground for kids. Here kids can enjoy slides, climbing nets, and games. The Wonder Playscape is connected to the Wonder Dunes mini golf, offering an area of the Sports Court filled with activity for young cruisers.

The Wonder Playscape has taken the spot of what would have been a second FlowRider. Therefore, unlike other Oasis Class ships, Wonder of the Seas only has one FlowRider.

In regards to entertainment, Wonder of the Seas is currently the only Oasis Class ship without a full-length Broadway show onboard. Instead, she has two headliner shows in the Royal Theater: Voices and The Effectors II.

A second entertainment difference found on Wonder of the Seas is the lack of Jazz on 4. Unlike other Oasis Class ships which have a standalone venue for live jazz music, Wonder of the Seas has a high-roller casino in its location.

The Golden Room is a high-roller casino space designed for top casino guests. Currently this area is open to all guests, offering slot machines as well as table games such as roulette. It is also currently a non-smoking casino.

The Golden Room is likely a leftover design choice from when Wonder of the Seas was being built for the Asian cruise market, as ships sailing from China tend to have more casino space onboard.

New bars and restaurants on Wonder of the Seas

Cantina Fresca is a new bar found only on Wonder of the Seas. Connected to El Loco Fresh, Cantina Fresca offers a Mexican-inspired drink menu with the best margaritas you’ll find onboard. This has proved to be a popular bar on Wonder of the Seas, with many guests grabbing a drink while eating at El Loco Fresh or hanging out on the sports deck.

The Vue is the second new bar on Wonder of the Seas, which takes the spot of what would have been a second cantilevered hot tub near the Solarium. The Vue extends over the side of the ship and a signature drink menu specific to the bar is coming soon.

The Mason Jar is the third new venue on Wonder of the Seas, as well as the first southern-inspired restaurant on a Royal Caribbean ship. One side of the venue is a restaurant open for brunch and dinner, which offers a diverse range of dishes from around the American south.

The other side of the venue is The Mason Jar Bar, focusing on drinks made from bourbon and moonshine and featuring a live country band.

While not a new restaurant, Wonder of the Seas is the first Oasis Class ship to have Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar. The menu at Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen tends to lean more towards Italian-American cuisine compared to traditional Italian food, and offers a selection of homemade pastas, pizzas, and meat dishes.

Miscellaneous differences on Wonder of the Seas

The Diamond Lounge has virtual balconies, so guests can see outside in the venue as there are no windows in the space.

Located on the Boardwalk is a kids-only souvenir store with apparel, games, legos, stuffed animals, and more.

The AquaTheater has a more enclosed design compared to other ships, and the AquaTheater show is the only one to feature an all-female cast.

The Social100 Patio for teens on Wonder of the Seas has its own non-alcoholic bar and jacuzzi.

What would have been the Suite Sun Deck area on other Oasis Class ships (deck 17 forward) is now seating space available for all guests.

The casino has sliding doors that open and close as you enter, which helps to keep smoke contained.

Elevators on Wonder of the Seas use a touchscreen feature, and several floors have images or graphics next to the number to help guests remember what is on each floor.

There is a room with vending machines, selling everything from toiletries to headphones, located on deck 15 near Social100.

The most Instagramable places on Wonder of the Seas

18 Mar 2022

The largest cruise ship in the world offers plenty of picture taking opportunities. From pictures of the ocean at sunset to selfies with astronauts, there are an abundance of places to capture your vacation memories on Wonder of the Seas.

Whether you are looking for a classic cruise shot of the ship’s aft or one that showcases the impressive design and architecture of Wonder of the Seas, you will have no trouble taking excellent photos onboard.

Get your camera ready and discover the most instagramable places on Wonder of the Seas. 

(Warning: these are guaranteed to make everyone at home jealous!)

Astronaut on the pool deck

There are three astronauts found on Wonder of the Seas, which are scattered throughout the ship. Finding the astronauts can be a fun scavenger hunt activity for guests onboard, and it also provides a perfect photo opportunity!

The most accessible astronaut for photos is found at the pool deck's movie screen viewing area, where an astronaut is sitting and watching the pool deck's jumbo television.

Taking a photo with the astronaut is a fun vacation memory, and it's a lot easier to get a picture with the pool deck astronaut than the one climbing the rock climbing wall!

Location: between decks 15 and 16, midship

Butterfly wings on the sports deck

A butterfly wing mural is a classic Instagram shot, with street art painted in the shape of wings and a space in the middle for someone to stand.

Royal Caribbean recognized this photo trend and added a butterfly wing mural to Wonder of the Seas. When walking from the upper pool deck to the Sports Court on deck 16, you’ll run into the butterfly wings on the wall. You may have to move a few chairs around to get the best picture possible.

Location: deck 16, aft & starboard

Central Park at night

While Central Park is a peaceful oasis on Wonder of the Seas no matter the time of day, its beauty really shines through once the sun goes down.

At night, Central Park is lit with lights of all colors. From gold twinkle lights on the shrubs to blue light shining from the Royal Promenade, it’s certainly one of the most picturesque places onboard.

The best photo taking opportunity at Central Park is before you go to dinner on a formal night, when you’ll be dressed in your best clothes and ready to capture a memory on camera.

Location: deck 8, midship

The Vue bar at sunset

The Vue is one of the new bars on Wonder of the Seas and is perhaps the most instagramable of all bars onboard.

The Vue extends over the side of the ship to offer fantastic ocean views. The best time to take a photo at The Vue is during sunset, where not only the sky lights up, but also the mosaic canopy over the bar.

Location: deck 15, forward

Swing at The Mason Jar Bar

Another new bar on Wonder of the Seas is at The Mason Jar. The Mason Jar Bar was designed with comfort in mind. Rocking chairs and padded seating dot the bar, offering a comfy place to relax while tasting the bar’s signature cocktails and listening to the live country band.

Located in the bar is a large swing covered with pillows in front of a row of flowers. While not a stereotypical cruise photo showing the ship or ocean, the swing offers a cute spot for friends, couples, and families looking for a group photo.

Location: deck 15, aft

Pool deck photo overlooking Central Park

Oasis Class cruise ships have a split pool deck where you can look into the Central Park neighborhood below. 

If you walk on the upper pool deck on deck 16 near The Lime and Coconut Bar, you'll reach a fantastic view of the pool deck with the park below you. This is a classic instagramable spot on any Oasis Class ship, and it really puts into perspective just how big the Oasis Class truly is.

Pro tip: use a wide angle lens or selfie stick in this area to ensure you capture the entire pool area in your photo.

Location: deck 16, midship

Views of the ship’s wake

A classic cruise photo is standing at the back of the ship with a view of the ship's wake. There are a few places to take this photo on Wonder of the Seas.

The best spot to take this picture is from the back of the jogging track on deck 5. As the jogging track reaches the back of the ship, it opens up to an expansive view of the ocean, offering close-up views of Wonder of the Seas moving through the sea.

Another top location for a photo of the ship's wake is from the back of the sports deck. While further away from the water than the running track, this area offers more angles for your photos.

The back of the sports deck or running track can also be good spots to take photos during sailaway or while Wonder of the Seas is in port.

Outside the spa overlooking the Royal Promenade

Right near the entrance to the Vitality Spa & Fitness Center on Wonder of the Seas is a scenic overlook of the Royal Promenade. This spot gives a full view down the entire Promenade, offering a great location to take photos of the ship.

Whether you want to take a selfie, pose for a photo, or take a picture of the Promenade itself, this is one of the best places to do so on Wonder of the Seas.

Location: deck 6, forward

Solarium bridge wings

One of the hidden secrets on Wonder of the Seas are the Solarium bridge wings. Located all the way forward in the adults-only Solarium are two platforms that extend over the side of the ship.

This area is usually not very crowded and offers unobstructed views of the ship's exterior and ocean. This area does tend to get extremely windy, though, so keep that in mind for your photo session!

The bridge wings provide an even better photo opportunity when you are sailing into or out of port, offering the chance to capture pictures of the beautiful destinations Wonder of the Seas visits.

Location: deck 15, forward

Looking for more instagramable places on Wonder of the Seas? Check out our full ship tour to discover more of the ship

Wonder of the Seas Guide, itinerary, features, and more

17 Mar 2022

Wonder of the Seas is the largest cruise ship in the world, and the fifth ship in Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Class. A marvel of technology, engineering, and design, Wonder of the Seas offers something for every type of traveler to enjoy.

Wonder of the Seas aerial

We’ve put together a guide to help you plan a cruise on Wonder of the Seas and learn more about the amenities, features, staterooms, activities, dining, and entertainment available onboard.

Wonder of the Seas overview

Wonder of the Seas is Royal Caribbean’s newest cruise ship, whose inaugural sailing was on March 4, 2022.

She is currently the largest cruise ship in the world, taking the title from her sister ship Symphony of the Seas. At 1,188 feet long, 210 feet wide, and with a gross tonnage of 236,857, Wonder of the Seas is a massive vessel.

She has a capacity of 5,734 guests at double capacity and 6,988 guests total. With 2,300 crew onboard, the total capacity for Wonder of the Seas is 9,288 passengers!

Despite having such a high capacity, it’s unlikely that Wonder of the Seas will feel extremely crowded. Due to Royal Caribbean’s innovative Oasis Class ship design, Wonder of the Seas is split into several neighborhoods.

The neighborhoods are designed to space out guests and provide a diverse experience throughout the ship, with each neighborhood offering different amenities, activities, and dining.

Like other Oasis Class ships, Wonder of the Seas has the following neighborhoods:

  1. The Boardwalk, meant to evoke nostalgia for oceanfront boardwalks of the past. The Boardwalk is complete with an arcade, candy store, hot dogs, sports bar, and Johnny Rockets.
  2. Pool & Sports Zone, where guests can enjoy the ship’s pools, hot tubs, and signature activities on the Sports Court
  3. Central Park, a tranquil area where guests can walk and relax along thousands of plants and flowers. Central Park is home to several restaurants, retail stores, bars, and artwork.
  4. The Royal Promenade, the main thoroughfare on Wonder of the Seas where guests can enjoy bars and lounges, shop, and grab a coffee
  5. Entertainment Place, the hub of signature entertainment on Wonder of the Seas, complete with a comedy club, ice skating rink, theater, and casino
  6. Youth Zone, home to Adventure Ocean programming, an arcade, and teen club
  7. Vitality Spa & Fitness, a peaceful spa and salon with a diverse range of treatments available. The fitness center is available at no extra cost to guests.

Wonder of the Seas differs from her Oasis Class sisters, however, in that she has an eighth neighborhood onboard, the Suite Neighborhood.

The Suite Neighborhood is an exclusive enclave available just for suite guests on Wonder of the Seas. Located at the top of the ship, suite guests can enjoy a private neighborhood that features the Coastal Kitchen restaurant, Suite Lounge, and private Suite Sun Deck.

While other Royal Caribbean ships have a private sun deck for suite guests, Wonder of the Seas takes this concept one step further. The Suite Sun Deck on Wonder of the Seas is a large outdoor space featuring comfy loungers, its own bar, and a plunge pool. The sun deck overlooks both the ocean and sports deck area.

The Suite Neighborhood offers an exclusive experience for guests looking to enhance their cruise experience, and can be a selling point for those deciding between booking a suite or not.

Wonder of the Seas dining

As an Oasis Class ship, there is no shortage of dining options found on Wonder of the Seas. Both complimentary and specialty dining options are available and come in a wide range of cuisines and styles, meaning there is something for everyone to eat onboard.

With so many restaurants included in your cruise fare, it’s entirely possible to eat only at the complimentary venues on Wonder of the Seas. From Mediterranean-inspired dinners at Solarium Bistro to American breakfast at Johnny Rockets, it’s unlikely you’ll get bored with the complimentary restaurants available.

Wonder of the Seas also has a wide selection of specialty dining venues. Specialty restaurants come at an extra cost, but offer cuisines and dining experiences not found elsewhere onboard.

Specialty restaurant meals can be purchased individually or as part of a dining package. Purchasing a dining package allows you to try several different restaurants at a lower cost than purchasing each meal individually.

Dining package availability is limited, so it’s a good idea to book a dining package early via the Cruise Planner website. Both a 3-night Dining Package and Unlimited Dining Package may be available depending on the cruise.

Wonder of the Seas complimentary dining options:

  • Main Dining Room
  • Windjammer Cafe
  • Solarium Bistro
  • Park Cafe
  • Cafe Promenade
  • Sorrento’s Pizza
  • Boardwalk Dog House
  • El Loco Fresh
  • Vitality Cafe
  • Coastal Kitchen (suites only)
  • Room service (continental breakfast only)
  • Johnny Rockets (breakfast only)

Wonder of the Seas specialty dining options:

  • Chops Grille
  • Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen and Wine Bar
  • Wonderland
  • Izumi Hibachi & Sushi
  • Hooked Seafood
  • 150 Central Park
  • Sugar Beach (ice cream and candy only)
  • Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade
  • Starbucks
  • Johnny Rockets (lunch and dinner)
  • The Mason Jar
  • Chef’s Table

A restaurant brand new to Wonder of the Seas is The Mason Jar, a southern-inspired venue featuring dishes from diverse regions of the American south.

Open for brunch and dinner, menu highlights at The Mason Jar include Meemaw’s Fried Chicken N’ Waffles, Stuffed French Toast, Crab Beignets, Classic Po’boy, Lobster N’ Crawfish Gumbo, Shrimp N’ Grits, and the Southern Burger.

Adjacent to the restaurant is The Mason Jar Bar, serving specialty cocktails including the PB&J Old Fashioned, Mississippi Moonlight, and All Shook-Up shake.

Read more: The Mason Jar Southern food restaurant on Wonder of the Seas

Wonder of the Seas is the only Oasis Class ship to feature Royal Caribbean’s newest Italian restaurant, Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen.

Guests can dine on Italian-American cuisine, with menu highlights including chicken parmesan and spaghetti carbonara. Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen also has an extensive pizza menu with pizzas made to order in the restaurant’s own pizza oven.

Next to Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen is Giovavnni’s Wine Bar, which offers a selection of Italian wines. Guests at the wine bar are also able to order food from Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen next door, although the menu is limited and not included in the dining package. However, this can be a nice option for those wanting to try just an appetizer or pizza from the restaurant, and the prices per item are quite reasonable.

If you’re unsure of whether you should book a dining package or not, check out this video from the Royal Caribbean Blog YouTube channel which explains the pros and cons of a Royal Caribbean dining package:

Wonder of the Seas Bars & Lounges

Just like dining venues, Wonder of the Seas has no shortage of bars and lounges to explore. Two brand new bars were brought to Wonder of the Seas: Cantina Fresca and The Vue.

Cantina Fresca is a Latin-themed bar focusing on Mexican-inspired cocktails. This is the place to go onboard for margaritas, with flavors including pineapple jalapeño, strawberry, mango, and passion fruit. Mexican agua frescas are also available here, the first ever offered on a Royal Caribbean ship.

Cantina Fresca is conveniently located next to El Loco Fresh near the Sports Court, offering the perfect beverages to go along with burritos, nachos, and quesadillas.

The Vue is the second new bar on Wonder of the Seas. Taking the place of what would have been a second cantilevered hot tub, The Vue offers picturesque views of the ocean during both day and night. The bar is partially covered by a mosaic canopy, which lights up at night in a kaleidoscope of color.

Other bars and lounges on Wonder of the Seas include:

  • Schooner Bar
  • Trellis Bar
  • Boleros
  • Rising Tide Bar
  • Solarium Bar
  • Bionic Bar
  • Cask & Clipper Pub
  • Wipe Out Bar
  • The Attic
  • Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade
  • The Lime and Coconut

Shows & Entertainment

Wonder of the Seas is packed with entertainment venues and shows to satisfy thousands of guests per week. All shows and entertainment are included in your cruise fare, although reservations are usually required for signature performances. It’s a good idea to open the Royal Caribbean app as soon as you get onboard and reserve your preferred time slots for shows.

There are three main entertainment venues on Wonder of the Seas: the AquaTheater, the Royal Theater, and Studio B.

In the AquaTheater guests can enjoy inTENse, the first AquaTheater show to feature an all-female cast. As the name implies, inTENse is an intense performance with aerial acrobatics, slacklining, high diving, tumbling, and synchronized swimming. Adding to the performance are immersive lighting and sound effects that are sure to leave guests inspired.

The Royal Theater is home to two headliner performances: Voices and The Effectors II. Voices: An Intimate Performance on a Grand Scale, is a hybrid virtual and live show featuring vocal, musical, and dance performances.

The Effectors II: Crash ‘n’ Burn is a sequel to the original show found on Spectrum and Odyssey of the Seas. Royal Caribbean’s cast of superheroes returns to the stage in this performance to battle their archnemesis known as Crash (and his sidekick Burn). The Effectors II uses dramatic and state-of-the-art technology to create scenery, imaging, and storytelling throughout the show.

In Studio B, the ice rink onboard, guests can travel through the year’s seasons with 365: The Seasons on Ice. The Wonder of the Seas ice show tells the story of Earth’s changing seasons through projection mapping, lighting and sound, costumes, and set design. The ice show features a talented cast of professional figure skaters and includes an impressive performance from an aerialist.

Outside of the main headliner shows on Wonder of the Seas are a variety of other entertainment options. Guests can enjoy live music throughout the ship, from piano tunes at Schooner Bar to acoustic guitar at the pub.

Something new to Wonder of the Seas is live country music at The Mason Jar. On most evenings (and some afternoons), a country band performs at the bar. Guests here can listen to live tunes while sipping a drink from one of the comfy rocking chairs found throughout the bar.

Comedy shows are performed throughout the cruise as well, either in the Royal Theater or in The Attic comedy club.

Pool deck

The pool deck on Wonder of the Seas is a hub of activity throughout the cruise, for both guests looking to relax in the sun and those wanting to participate in onboard activities.

The pool deck’s design shares many similarities with other Oasis Class ships. There are three main pools, several jacuzzis, and one Splashaway Bay location for kids.

Parents with young children will especially enjoy Splashaway Bay, as it provides a splash pad and aqua park area with water sprayers, slides, and dump buckets.

The Perfect Storm waterslides are also found on the pool deck. These are a set of three waterslides: two racing and one that ends with guests sliding around a “champagne” or “toilet” bowl to the bottom. Waterslides are complimentary and open for most of the day.

Wonder of the Seas features a Caribbean-style pool deck, complete with colorful decor and The Lime and Coconut bar. There are three Lime and Coconut locations on the pool deck. Two are found next to the pools on either side of the ship, and the other is located on the upper pool deck.

The location above the pool deck offers comfy seating with panoramic views of the ship and ocean, and is sure to be a popular hangout spot on sea days. Signature drinks to try at The Lime and Coconut are the Rum Runner, Mai Tai, Watermelon Rita, and Lime and Coconut.

In addition to the ample seating around the pool deck, Wonder of the Seas has several casitas available for reservation. These come at an extra cost and provide a covered daybed option for guests looking for a bit more comfort. The casitas on Wonder of the Seas are all located on the upper pool deck on deck 16.

Wonder of the Seas has more diverse pool seating compared to other Oasis Class ships. Across from the massive television overlooking the pool are padded theater chairs. These chairs are accessible throughout the day for guests looking to relax or watch a movie.


Like all Royal Caribbean ships, Wonder of the Seas has an adults-only Solarium. Available to guests 16 and older, the Solarium offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle found elsewhere onboard. 

The Solarium on Wonder of the Seas differs from other Oasis Class ships in that It is fully enclosed and climate controlled. This ensures guests are able to enjoy the Solarium in any type of weather.

Inside the Solarium are hot tubs, a small pool, and plenty of pool chairs to lounge in. Padded chairs, mushroom loungers, and sofas are available to sit in as well, leading to maximum comfort for guests.

Here guests can also find the Solarium Bridge wings, one of the hidden secrets on Wonder of the Seas.

Also located in the Solarium is the Solarium Bistro, open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Solarium Bistro is a complimentary dining venue that usually has fewer crowds than other venues onboard. Above the Solarium Bistro is Hooked Seafood, where guests can dine on New England style seafood dishes.

Signature activities on Wonder of the Seas

Wonder of the Seas is packed with immersive, thrilling, and unique activities for guests of all ages. Most signature activities on Wonder of the Seas are included in your cruise fare. Most are open every day of the cruise, although exact days and times can be found on the Cruise Planner or in the Royal Caribbean app.

Something new to Wonder of the Seas is the Wonder Playscape, an underwater-themed playground with climbing walls, nets, games, puzzles, slides, and plenty of nooks and crannies to discover.

The Wonder Playscape is intended for kids up to 12, but seems to be geared more toward younger children.

Other activities on Wonder of the Seas include:

  • The Ultimate Abyss, a dry slide taking guests nine decks down from the Sports Court to the Boardwalk neighborhood
  • The zipline, during which guests fly over the Boardwalk neighborhood
  • FlowRider, a surf simulator for boogie boarding and standup surfing
  • Escape from Planet Z laser tag
  • Wonder Dunes mini golf
  • Rock climbing walls
  • Sports Court area for activities like basketball, pickleball, soccer, ping pong, etc.
  • Ice skating rink in Studio B
  • Carousel

Wonder of the Seas is set to have an Escape Room located next to Adventure Ocean, but it is not currently built. Once constructed, the Escape Room will likely come at an extra cost.

There are also two arcades onboard: a large arcade near Adventure Ocean and a small set of games next to Playmakers on the Boardwalk. The arcade has an additional cost.

Other activities found on Wonder of the Seas include trivia, game shows, scavenger hunts, karaoke, pool games, and more.

Adventure Ocean

Wonder of the Seas follows Royal Caribbean’s updated Adventure Ocean programming, with childcare and activities for children aged 6 months to 17 years.

Adventure Ocean is free for guests, with the exception of the nursery (6-36 months) and childcare after 10pm.

The following areas are offered in Adventure Ocean on Wonder of the Seas:

  • AO Kids, for children aged 6-12, which features a large open area for games like dodgeball, as well as video games, interactive digital tables, and hangout spaces
  • AO Juniors, a space for kids 3-5 years old with age-appropriate activities and open play areas
  • AO Babies, a nursery area for children between 6 and 36 months
  • AO Theater, where movies, talent shows, games, and performances are held
  • The Workshop, home to craft and science lab activities
  • Play Place, a play area for kids featuring climbing and playground equipment. This area is open throughout the day for parents to visit with their children.

Teens aged 13-17 onboard Wonder of the Seas also have their own designated spaces. The teen areas of Adventure Ocean are less structured than those for other age groups, with teens free to come and go as they please.

The first teens-only space onboard is Social100. This space has plenty of comfy seating and hangout space, video games, books, a vending machine, foosball tables, and interactive digital tables.

Teens also have access to the Social100 Patio, located outside on deck 17. The Social100 patio features its own hot tub, non-alcoholic bar, beanbag chairs and other lounge seating, selfie photo spot, and giant chess set.

Wonder of the Seas staterooms

With a capacity of 6,988 guests, there is an array of stateroom categories to choose from when booking a cruise on Wonder of the Seas. In fact, there are a total of 2,867 staterooms found onboard.

Choosing which stateroom to book ultimately depends on your budget and vacation style. Some guests may prefer booking an interior or ocean view room and putting the money saved towards add ons like a drink package or shore excursion. Others may value the extra space and privacy a balcony or suite provides, even if it comes at a higher cost.

No matter which stateroom you choose, all cabins come with a private bathroom, television, vanity/desk area, dresser, couch or lounge chair, outlets, a mini fridge, and storage.

Here are the non-suite staterooms available on Wonder of the Seas:

  • Interior
  • Interior with Virtual Balcony
  • Promenade View Interior
  • Central Park View Interior
  • Ocean View
  • Central Park View Balcony
  • Boardwalk View Balcony
  • Ocean View Balcony
  • Ocean View with Large Balcony

Accessible staterooms are also available in most room categories, which come with extra space including wider doors, ramps, lowered sink and vanity, lowered storage and safe, etc.

The following suites are available to book on Wonder of the Seas:

  • Junior Suite with Balcony
  • Grand Suite - 1 Bedroom
  • Owner’s Suite - 1 Bedroom
  • Crown Loft Suite with Balcony
  • Royal Loft Suite
  • Spacious AquaTheater Suite - 1 or 2 bedrooms
  • Ultimate Family Suite

Wonder of the Seas is the third ship in Royal Caribbean’s fleet to have the Ultimate Family Suite. Complete with an in-suite slide, colorful step climbers, interactive piano staircase, three bedrooms, a jacuzzi, and a movie/game room, the Ultimate Family Suite is sure to impress all kids onboard.

Wonder of the Seas itineraries

Wonder of the Seas night lit up

The original plan was for Wonder of the Seas to be homeported in China, but Royal Caribbean decided to redeploy the ship to the United States instead.

In March 2022, Wonder of the Seas began offering 7-night Eastern/Western Caribbean & Perfect Day itineraries from Port Everglades, Florida.

Wonder of the Seas carousel

In May 2022, Wonder of the Seas will head to Europe, where she will offer 7-night Western Mediterranean cruises from Barcelona and Rome. Wonder of the Seas will visit Palma de Mallorca, Spain and Capri, Italy and replace Allure of the Seas in the region.

After her summer season, Wonder returns to Florida to offer year-round sailings in November 2022, when she sails from Port Canaveral. Destinations range from Perfect Day at CocoCay and Philipsburg, St. Maarten, to Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas; and Cozumel, Mexico.

More Wonder of the Seas resources:

Wonder of the Seas FAQ

Interesting facts you may not know about Wonder of the Seas

Wonder of the Seas Live Blog

The questions people are asking about Wonder of the Seas

15 Mar 2022

Royal Caribbean's Wonder of the Seas has started cruising, and while I've done my best to share what the new cruise ship is like, some questions remain.

Wonder of the Seas rear aerial

While I have shared a lot of information about the cruise experience in live blogs and a look around the ship, there are still questions cruise haves have about going on Wonder of the Seas

I asked for which questions folks still have, and I'll do my best to answer as many as I can right here.

Does the Solarium have a pool?

Yes, there is a pool in the adults-only Solarium on Wonder of the Seas.

While the pool may look more like a pool on a Quantum Class ship, there is definitely a pool to wade in and enjoy to cool off.

How do you rank the new southern food restaurant compared to other specialty dining and should we expect to see it on other ships in the future?

The Mason Jar is a brand new concept for Royal Caribbean, and based on the first two weeks, it seems to be a big hit.

First and foremost, I appreciate variety. Having a completely new concept offers everyone more choices in where to dine, with little overlap in cuisine.

I'm certain Royal Caribbean is evaluating how well the concept is received and future ships certainly could have a Mason Jar onboard if demand keeps up at its current pace.

Do they have a Broadway show on Wonder of the Seas?

No, there is not a Broadway show on Wonder of the Seas and Royal Caribbean has made no indication one is coming.

However, an additional featured production show is coming to the new ship later this year.

Effectors 2 will be a follow-up to the hit show first seen on Spectrum and Odyssey of the Seas, which has the cruise line's own brand of super heroes singing and dancing their way around the stage to show off the power of music.

Thoughts with the noise from the pool movie at night being heard in Central Park?

One change Wonder of the Seas has compared to other Oasis Class ships is the addition of a movie screen on the pool deck, which can be seen and heard below in Central Park.

Some of the first cruisers reported the sound of the music and movies shown on the movie screen can be heard quite clearly in the neighborhood 7 decks below.

I haven't stayed in a Central Park balcony room on Wonder of the Seas, but I have walked through the Central Park neighborhood plenty of times to hear a song or part of a movie played on the big screen.

My initial reaction was on all Oasis Class ships, you can easily hear music from the pool deck down in Central Park, so this is not a new phenomenon.

If you're someone that goes to bed on a cruise ship before midnight, perhaps this might cause a noise bleed issue in your room. 

Personally, I'm not in my cabin enough at any time of the day for this to be a major impact.  But if you're sensitive to noise, or perhaps need to get to bed early on some nights, booking an ocean view cabin might be a better choice.

What's the difference with the suite neighborhood?

Royal Caribbean has revamped the suite neighborhood on Wonder of the Seas. In short, it's much larger than traditional suite sun decks and offers more to do there.

You'll find a full bar, pool, and comfortable seating. More importantly, there's abundant shade.

Biggest differences & positives or negatives compared to Harmony of the Seas?

Royal Caribbean launches search for Godmother to Harmony of the Seas | Royal Caribbean Blog

When it comes to all Oasis Class ships, you'll notice the shows and dining varies the most among the Oasis Class ships.

I think the pool deck is noticeably different on Wonder, and I love the new seating options there and general look.

Harmony has more shows onboard, including a Broadway show. That's not a knock against Wonder's shows. Rather, it's just simple math that Harmony has more shows.

What exactly is the Playscape?

Royal Caribbean Blog - Unofficial blog about Royal Caribbean cruises

It's a mix of a few different family-friendly activities in one.

You'll find mini golf, slides, and things to climb and bounce on. It seems to be a better fit for younger kids than older kids, but children make their own fun.

Is there an escape room on Wonder of the Seas?

Experiences: Escape the Rubicon on Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas | Royal Caribbean Blog

Not yet.

There is a sign for it outside of Adventure Ocean on deck 14.  From what I'm hearing, they're working on building it out.

No word when it might open.

The Mason Jar Southern food restaurant review on Wonder of the Seas

14 Mar 2022

The Mason Jar is Royal Caribbean’s newest specialty restaurant, found only on Wonder of the Seas.

The Mason Jar highlights southern cuisine, but does not focus on just one region of the south. Instead, the menu features dishes from throughout the American south, each with their own special touch.

When I first heard Royal Caribbean was opening a southern restaurant on Wonder of the Seas, I wasn’t sure what to expect. A southern style restaurant on a cruise ship? I was skeptical of how Royal Caribbean would pull off the diverse cuisine and flavors of the south.

So when I boarded Wonder of the Seas for the inaugural sailing last week, I immediately made reservations at The Mason Jar. During my cruise, I tried out the restaurant for both brunch and dinner to see what The Mason Jar has to offer.

Location and initial impressions

Stepping into The Mason Jar is like entering a no-frills country kitchen in the American south. The farmhouse decor of the restaurant, which features country-inspired art, checkerboard napkins, and pillows, gives a very homey feel to space.

The location of The Mason Jar is fantastic, as it is located on Deck 15 with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the ocean. Many specialty restaurants on Wonder of the Seas are located within Central Park or in other areas of the ship with limited ocean views, so I especially loved where The Mason Jar was built.

Something Royal Caribbean has been doing lately with its new specialty restaurants is incorporating a restaurant and bar combo. This happened most recently on Odyssey of the Seas with Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen and Wine Bar, where guests can choose to dine on the restaurant side or enjoy drinks and small bites at the wine bar.

The same concept was added to Wonder of the Seas with The Mason Jar. The Mason Jar Bar is located adjacent to The Mason Jar restaurant. Unlike the restaurant, reservations are not needed to enter the bar and it is open throughout the day.

The bar side of The Mason Jar is designed like a sprawling southern porch, with padded rocking chairs and a large porch swing. A live country band performs at the bar most evenings (and some afternoons) of the cruise.

The Mason Jar brunch review

The Mason Jar is open for brunch on sea days only, from 10am to 2pm, and the menu serves both savory and sweet dishes.

The menu is broken into three sections: Eggs N’ More, Somethin’ Sweet, and Handhelds.

Eggs N' More

  • Meemaw’s Fried Chicken N’ Waffles
  • Smoky Deviled Eggs
  • Spinach N’ Pimento Cheese Omelet
  • Salmon-Avocado Toast
  • Southern Breakfast
  • Breakfast Biscuits
  • Blueberry Johnny Cakes
  • Charred Watermelon Salad

Somethin’ Sweet

  • Peanut Buttery Banana Overnight Oats
  • Sweet-Tooth Cinnamon Roll
  • Stuffed French Toast
  • Red Velvet Pancakes


  • Classic Po’boy
  • The Southern Burger
  • Crispy Chicken Sandwich

As this is the first restaurant serving a brunch menu in Royal Caribbean’s fleet, I had high expectations when entering The Mason Jar.

Brunch at The Mason Jar begins with two appetizers: Pimento Cheese and Saltines and Jalapeño Cornbread. Both are served with cajun butter or whipped honey butter. The cornbread is a personal favorite of mine, offering a perfect mix of sweet and savory bites.

For my main course, I ordered a stack of Red Velvet Pancakes, which came topped with a sweet cream cheese glaze. The red velvet flavor came out beautifully with every bite, each having the perfect amount of cream cheese icing.

I would say the pancakes had more of a cake texture than that of a fluffy pancake. In fact, they tasted like a mix between a slice of red velvet cake and pancakes. I did not mind this and thoroughly enjoyed the pancakes, but if someone is looking for a buttery, fluffy pancake this may not be the best choice.

Other members of my party ordered the Sweet-Tooth Cinnamon Roll and Meemaw’s Fried Chicken N’ Waffles. 

The cinnamon roll was perhaps the most picture-perfect cinnamon roll I’ve ever seen. It was quite large, but I probably would not order just a cinnamon roll for brunch. Instead, I think it’s a good idea to order one cinnamon roll as an appetizer (or dessert!) to share with the table. 

The Chicken N’ Waffles is one of the most popular items at The Mason Jar. A golden waffle topped with fried chicken and sweet maple syrup, it offers an ideal mix between sweet and savory flavors.

Brunch at The Mason Jar exceeded my expectations. Both the classic and reimaged southern-inspired breakfast dishes are packed with flavor, and by having a wide range of items on the menu, all guests will be able to find something new to try.

The Mason Jar dinner review

Dinner is the main meal at The Mason Jar and is open every evening. The dinner menu is broken into three sections: Lil’ Plates, Hearty Plates, and Meat n’ Two Fixin’s.

Lil’ Plates

  • Pimento Cheese
  • Lobster N’ Crawfish Gumbo
  • Smoky Deviled Eggs
  • Fried Green Tomatoes
  • Blueberry Johnny Cakes
  • Crab Beignets
  • Caesar Salad
  • Charred Watermelon Salad

Hearty Plates

  • Shrimp N’ Grits
  • Blackened Cajun Catfish
  • Chicken Pot Pie (vegetarian option available)
  • Classic Po’boy
  • Crispy Chicken Sandwich
  • The Southern Burger

Meat n’ Two Fixin’s (guests choose one meat and two sides)

  • St. Louis-Style Ribs
  • Beef Brisket
  • Meemaw’s Fried Chicken

The sides at The Mason Jar are coleslaw, sweet potato fries, cajun fries, mashed potatoes, mac n’ cheese, and collard greens.

Each dinner at The Mason Jar starts with a plate of jalapeño cornbread and buttermilk biscuits. Served with cajun and whipped honey butter, I found these so delicious I could have eaten the entire plate!

For appetizers, my table shared Pimento Cheese, Fried Green Tomatoes, and Crab Beignets. Some appetizers at The Mason Jar can be eaten individually, but many are made for sharing. 

The beignets, dusted with Old Bay and served with creamy crab dip, were a highlight of the meal, offering a perfectly fluffy and airy texture.

For my main course, I ordered the pot pie. I ordered the vegetarian option, which was stuffed with a creamy filling of potatoes, carrots, and peas topped with a buttery crust. Pot pie is a classic comfort food not available elsewhere on a Royal Caribbean ship, and I enjoyed the hearty flavor, with the flaky crust being especially tasty.

Other members of the table ordered the Blackened Cajun Catfish.

The sides at The Mason Jar may have been my favorite part of the meal, though, particularly the Cajun Fries. These come served in a shareable bag and are coated with a generous dusting of cajun seasoning. Just like the cornbread and biscuits earlier in the meal, I probably could have eaten the entire bag of fries myself!

Meals at The Mason Jar are definitely on the heavier side, so this is not the place to go if you are hoping to have a healthy meal. That being said, I had a fantastic dinner at The Mason Jar and felt it offered one of the more unique dinner menus on a Royal Caribbean ship.

Desserts at The Mason Jar

Like all Royal Caribbean specialty restaurants, The Mason Jar has its own signature dessert menu. The Mason Jar’s dessert menu does a great job incorporating southern-inspired flavors.

The following desserts are available at The Mason Jar:

  • Cherry Pie
  • Warm Bread Puddin’
  • Chocolate Pecan Pie
  • Twice-Fried Oreos
  • Gone Bananas

Ice cream is also on the dessert menu, with flavors including georgia peach, maple-candied bacon, and bourbon butter pecan.

As someone with a huge sweet tooth, I was eager to try dessert at The Mason Jar. Friends of mine recommended I order the Warm Bread Puddin’. Made from croissants and raisin bread soaked in vanilla-bourbon custard, it is served with a generous scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Bread pudding isn’t something I would normally order, but I am glad it was recommended to me because it was one of the best desserts I had all week on Wonder of the Seas!

Others at the table ordered Gone Bananas, a layered pudding dessert with roasted bananas, vanilla pudding, and graham cracker crumble. While they thought the flavor was great, they mentioned the ratio of pudding to bananas and graham crackers seemed a bit off. They much preferred the bread pudding.

Matt from Royal Caribbean Blog loved the Twice-Fried Oreos, which are coated in funnel cake batter, fried, and dusted with powdered sugar. If that isn’t sweet enough, they are served with a side of chocolate sauce for dipping.

The Mason Jar Bar review

The drink menu at The Mason Jar Bar has a focus on bourbon and fresh flavors. The drinks are all quite unique, most of which incorporate liquors and ingredients not as common at other bars onboard Wonder of the Seas.

The following signature drinks are available at The Mason Jar Bar:

  • Mississippi Moonlight, made with blackberry moonshine, fresh blackberries, and lemonade
  • Southern Belle, made with bourbon, fresh mint, lemon juice, blueberries, and club soda
  • Mint Julep, made with bourbon, homemade mint simple syrup, fresh mint, and dusted with powdered sugar
  • The Stubborn Mule, made with bourbon, lime juice, and ginger beer
  • PB&J Old Fashioned, made with Skrewball peanut butter whiskey and bourbon, strawberry jelly and walnut bitters, and garnished with a mini PB&J
  • Far From Manhattan, made with brown sugar bourbon and angostura bitters topped with a slice of candied bacon
  • No Joke, Smoke & Coke, a smoked drink made with bourbon on the rocks and Coke
  • Pretty as a Peach Tea, made with bourbon, fresh brewed sweet tea, and ripe Georgia peaches

I tasted the PB&J Old Fashioned, which is one of the most popular drinks at The Mason Jar. It was a little strong for me as I’m not much of a whiskey/bourbon drinker, but everyone else I met could not stop raving about it!

I also tried The Stubborn Mule, made with Buffalo Trace bourbon, lime juice, and ginger beer. It was a bit sweeter than the old fashioned, so I much preferred the mule.

Some of the most unique drinks at The Mason Jar are the dessert milkshakes and floats. Both non-alcoholic and alcoholic options are available. The floats combine vanilla ice cream with a choice of soda or chocolate milk stout. Non-alcoholic milkshakes are available in chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry.

The signature milkshake is the All Shook-Up. Made with Skrewball peanut butter whiskey and Blue Chair banana cream rum, the shake is topped with whipped cream, brown sugar, and caramelized bananas. It’s certainly a unique drink and one that guests with a sweet tooth must try while at The Mason Jar Bar.

The bar also features a late night menu, where guests can order food from The Mason Jar kitchen starting at 9pm. A select number of appetizers, entrees, and desserts are available, which come priced a la carte. The late night menu is included in Royal Caribbean’s dining package.

Should you try The Mason Jar for brunch or dinner?

The short answer is… you should try both! While some menu offerings are the same at brunch and dinner, the majority of the menu is different. To try all that there is to eat at The Mason Jar, I recommend dining there during both brunch and dinner.

If you have to select only one, though, my recommendation is to dine at The Mason Jar restaurant for brunch, but order items from the late night menu at the bar later in the cruise. Because the late night menu features many of the same dishes you will find on the dinner menu, you will have the chance to try both brunch and dinner selections at The Mason Jar.

You should also make sure to visit The Mason Jar in the evening when the band is playing at the bar. The Mason Jar offers a more intimate atmosphere than listening to music in a more crowded area onboard, such as the Royal Promenade. Plus, you'll have time to try all of the venue's new drinks!

How much does The Mason Jar cost?

The Mason Jar is a cover charge restaurant, meaning you pay one price and can taste as much as you want. The late night menu has dishes ranging from $3 to $9.

Brunch comes with a cover charge of $24.99 and dinner $39.99. Kids aged 6 to 12 can dine at The Mason Jar for $10.99, and kids under 6 for free.

I had a wonderful dining experience at The Mason Jar overall, and it is definitely a must-do on your next cruise on Wonder of the Seas.

Top 10 Wonder of the Seas Hidden Secrets

11 Mar 2022

If you have a cruise booked on Wonder of the Seas, there are a few hidden secrets to know about before you set sail.

As the world’s biggest cruise ship and fifth Oasis Class ship, Wonder of the Seas provides an extensive variety of choices for dining, entertainment, and relaxation. Exploring the entire ship can seem overwhelming, and it’s easy to overlook unique features, dining options, and areas to hang out onboard.

After walking up, down, and around the ship for the past few days, I’m sharing the top 10 hidden secrets to know about before your cruise on Wonder of the Seas.

Astronauts onboard

Wonder of the Seas, like all Royal Caribbean ships, has an elaborate and diverse art collection. From a gigantic purple dragon spanning ten decks in the ship’s atrium to art pieces in every stairwell onboard, there is no shortage of inspiring art to discover.

One of the most unique art features is a set of three astronauts scattered throughout the ship. One can be found in Central Park peering through glass into the Royal Promenade below. Another is found at the Boardwalk, hanging on the rock climbing wall. The third astronaut is located at the movie screen seating area on the pool deck.

Finding the astronauts can be a fun way to explore the ship for guests of all ages, and they make for a great photo opportunity as well.

Late night bites at The Mason Jar

If you’re looking to try Royal Caribbean’s newest specialty restaurant, you can taste select menu items on a late night menu.

Late night menu prices range from $3 to $9 and include crab beignets, fried green tomatoes, and the crispy chicken sandwich. The menu is available every day starting at 9pm.

This can be a great option for those wanting to try just a few items from The Mason Jar, or for those who are unable to dine at the restaurant for brunch or dinner. As The Mason Jar is in high demand as the newest restaurant in the fleet, reservations can fill up quickly.

Late night bites at The Mason Jar are included in Royal Caribbean’s dining packages.

Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen menu items at Giovanni’s Wine Bar

Similar to at The Mason Jar, you can order menu items from Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen at the wine bar next door. The kitchen is open from 12pm to 10 or 11pm each day.

Menu items include four types of pizzas as well as appetizers like fried lasagna, calamari, and Italian stromboli. Two popular desserts, Go Bananas and Mamma’s Tiramisu, are also available.

Unlike at The Mason Jar, ordering food at the wine bar is not included in the dining package, and menu prices range from $3 to $12.

Virtual Balcony in the Diamond Lounge

The Diamond Lounge on Wonder of the Seas is located within the Entertainment Place neighborhood on Deck 4. Because the space does not have any windows, Royal Caribbean added two virtual balconies. This helps give those in the lounge an idea of what the weather is like outside without having to leave the lounge, and it also provides a nice view.

USB plugs in bars

Select bars and lounges onboard have USB charging plugs and hooks for bags or purses, including Playmakers, Schooner Bar, The Mason Jar, and Giovanni’s Wine Bar.

Having USB plugs available in common spaces onboard is great for those needing to charge devices or use a laptop. In addition, the hooks are helpful for guests wanting a secure place to put their purse or jacket while at a bar.

Quiet seating on Deck 17

On other Oasis Class ships, the outdoor deck space on Deck 17 was reserved for the Suite Deck. Because Wonder of the Seas has a separate suite neighborhood, though, this space is now open to all guests.

Comfy loungers and pool chairs are available here, and the area tends to be much less crowded than other areas on the pool deck. While this area is prone to high winds, it’s a nice spot to relax while enjoying the sun and ocean views.

To access this area, walk all the way forward on Deck 16 (the upper pool deck) and go up the stairs.

Seating and game area on the running track

Located on each side of the running track is an outdoor seating and game space with excellent ocean views.

One side of the ship has a few tables and chairs, shuffleboard, and a ping pong table. The other just has seating areas. Not many guests know about this area, so there are rarely many people here, and it’s a tranquil spot to enjoy ocean views without the crowds.

To access these areas, head to the running track on deck 5 and walk forward. Depending on the side of the ship, the seating area will be on the right or left side.

Solarium bridge wings

In the Wonder of the Seas’ Solarium are two bridge wings that extend over the edge of the ship. These can be a nice spot to watch sailaway or catch a sunset while at sea.

Unlike other outdoor deck spaces onboard, the Solarium bridge wings usually do not get very crowded. To access the bridge wings, head to the very front of the Solarium.

Less crowded seating at the Windjammer

Unlike on other Oasis Class ships where the Windjammer is quite small, the Windjammer on Wonder of the Seas is the biggest in the fleet. It wraps around the Boardwalk neighborhood on Deck 15, offering views of the ocean and Boardwalk below.

There are main seating areas at the Windjammer on each side, which can get crowded during peak dining times.

If you walk all the way to the back of the Windjammer, though, you will find a smaller seating area that tends to be much less crowded.

There is also a separate entrance to the Windjammer that can be accessed near the lower area of the Wonder Playscape on Deck 15.

Private teen deck

Teenagers aged 13-17 onboard have access to Social 100, an outdoor deck exclusively for teens. Located on Deck 17 next to the waterslides, Social 100 features a private hot tub, non-alcoholic bar, selfie area, games, and comfy seating.

This is a fantastic spot for teenagers to hang out and relax with new friends while at sea. 

In addition to the outdoor deck, teens also have access to the indoor Social 100 area located on Deck 16. The indoor space features a gaming area, comfy seating, vending machine, books, and foosball tables.

Interesting facts you might not know about Wonder of the Seas

07 Mar 2022

Wonder of the Seas is filled with impressive new features and amenities, but Royal Caribbean also included a few things that are slightly different or even unique to this ship.

Wonder of the Seas aerial

While the press releases will always highlight the big headline-grabbing features of a new ship, there are a few interesting anecdotes and tweaks Royal Caribbean has made with Wonder of the Seas.

While these may not be the "I can't believe they did that" type of changes, I thought these were interesting enough to share for someone that goes on Wonder of the Seas soon to know about.

Largest Windjammer at sea

The Windjammer is the epicenter of quick meals for many families, and Royal Caribbean designed the Windjammer to be the largest in the fleet.

Royal Caribbean Vice President Food & Beverage, Linken D'Souza, said the Windjammer on Wonder has 1048 seats, 300 bigger than any other Windjammer.

They also added a "kidjammer" station at right height for kids so they can grab their own food.

Windjammer | Royal Caribbean Blog

This is significant not just because it's a very large Windjammer, but because traditionally the Windjammer on Oasis Class ships were not always that large.

In an effort to keep passengers separated and not too close in one area, the original Oasis Class ships purposefully not a massive Windjammer to promote the idea of going to alternative quick service food choices, such as Park Cafe, Mini Bites and others.

Cruise fans know what they want, and Royal Caribbean dedicated the most space yet to the Windjammer on Wonder of the Seas.

The female-only aqua show wasn't intentional

Wonder of the Seas arrives in U.S. for her first sailings | Royal Caribbean Blog

Royal Caribbean touts the fact its all-female AquaTheater show on Wonder of the Seas is a first, but this wasn't the plan from the start.

Royal Caribbean Senior Vice President of Entertainment, Nick Weir, shared at the start of the planning process for "InTENse", they simply were looking to find the most adventurous and thrill-seeking performers they could find.

As the auditions began, Mr. Weir's staff noticed all the people auditioning were female.  They then had the idea to embrace that fact and make it an all-female show.

Cafe Promenade serves Starbucks drinks, and soon the entire fleet will too

If you order a latte or macchiato at Cafe Promenade on Wonder of the Seas, you will get a Starbucks beverage and soon all the Cafe Promenade's in the fleet will too.

Mr. D'Souza said the licensing agreement with their supplier allows Royal Caribbean to offer Starbucks branded drinks at Cafe Promenade, but also continue offering Starbucks drinks at the kiosk.

While the Starbucks kiosk beverages are not included with any drink package, the Starbucks drinks at Cafe Promenade are included with a Royal Caribbean drink package.

Genies are the only crew members without name tags

What is the difference between suite concierge and a Royal Genie? | Royal Caribbean Blog

So this is not a Wonder of the Seas-only feature, but I forgot about this fact and wanted to share it with you.

The Royal Genies are the exclusive perk for the top suite guests onboard Wonder of the Seas. Genies are kind of like a cross between a butler and wish maker, and they are shared between just a few cabins.

On Wonder of the Seas, there are 3 genies across 8 Star Class suites.

Genies don't wear a nametag while in public areas of the ship, because the cruise line doesn't want other guests asking them questions or otherwise taking time away from the families the genies are assigned to.

Wonder is first ship to bring back events cancelled due to Covid

Two major onboard events are coming back to Wonder of the Seas for the first time since Covid-19.

Laser tag is already up and running on Wonder of the Seas, and the Royal Promenade parade should ready by the second voyage.

The street parade has 98 people in cast.  The plan is to bring back parades to other ships systematically.

Both of these events were suspended due to Covid-19 social distancing concerns up until now.

First ship to have a country band onboard

If you prefer Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryant, or Garth Brooks, Wonder of the Seas is for you.

At the Mason Jar restaurant, there is a bar area that features a country music band trio that performs most nights.

While Royal Caribbean has always been a major proponent of live music on its ships, country music was usually not in the repertoire.

Wonder of the Seas has its first VIP high roller casino area

Wonder of the Seas was designed with a high roller casino area in lieu of a jazz club to appeal to the Asian cruise market. When Royal Caribbean changed plans to keep Wonder of the Seas in the United States, they decided to keep the VIP room.

Cruise line executives I spoke with admitted they weren't sure whether or not the concept will be a hit with Americans, but it seemed worth a try.

If you are worried about missing out on jazz music, Royal Caribbean still offers live jazz music in both Central Park and the Music Hall.

Wonder of the Seas Live Blog - Day 3 - Labadee

07 Mar 2022

There's been a few milestones on the return of cruising, and Labadee is one of the most recent of those.

Wonder of the Seas in Labadee

Royal Caribbean resumed visits to Labadee a few weeks ago, and today Wonder of the Seas visited Royal Caribbean's private destination.

We docked early in the morning and I walked off the ship to get a full day.

The first thing I noticed were little tweaks to Labadee that Royal Caribbean has made, such as adding more umbrellas, and repainting a number of buildings with brighter colors.

Royal Caribbean told me they also re-worked the flow of the arrivals area to eliminate the security building near the entrance (it's now a towel station), as well as fixing the irrigation of the area to prevent flooding when it rains a lot.

Walking around Labadee, things looked more similar than not, and it all looked beautiful.

While Labadee lacks the sheer variety of things to do at Perfect Day at CocoCay, it's still a really fun and relaxing beach day.

I had rented a Nellie's Beach over the water cabana for the day. We had cabana number 3 on the hill to the right of the beach.

Royal Caribbean had upgraded its cabanas at Labadee. I heard some of the Barefoot Beach cabanas were brand new. Our cabanas had new furniture inside.

The cabana was lovely, and I love getting one whenever I visit to have shade and a "home base of operations" while there.

Lunch has not changed much and it gives me a better appreciation for the elevated lunch you get at CocoCay.

Something special for the media onboard was Royal Caribbean Vice President Food & Beverage, Linken D'Souza, managed to get some local food from the Haitians living nearby to sample. I love trying local cuisine!

In the afternoon, I was able to try out something brand new to me: the alpine coaster.

The Dragon's Tail Coaster has been at Labadee for years, but I hadn't gotten around to trying it.

Royal Caribbean sells one ride and all day passes. 

You watch a short video to understand how the braking works, and then it's into your car and up the mountain.

The views alone are worth the ride, but of course it's a really fast-paced ride down too. I admit I rode the brake down more than I thought, but it was exhilarating.

Overall, I loved our visit to Labadee, and it felt good to be back after so long.

We got back onboard in the mid afternoon, and if you hadn't heard, there was a sprinkler system malfunction on the Royal Promenade. It happened while I was in Labadee, but the video quickly spread on social media.

The good news is by the time I got back onboard, it was all cleaned up and you would not have known anything had happened. It's a credit to the hard working crew members who quickly swooped in to take care of it.

In fact, the country music trio from the Mason Jar performed on the Promenade.

As afternoon turned into evening it was time to get ready for dinner.

Our dinner plans brought us back to Izumi, but this time for sushi.

Izumi Master Chef Travis Kamiyama hosted us and provided some special sushi dishes in addition to what's on the menu. It was a tremendous sampling.

I love going to Izumi for either sushi or teppanyaki, and today's meal did not disappoint.

We wrapped up our evening with drinks at The Mason Jar.

Tomorrow we will be in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Stray Observations

The stowaway piano player is back in elevators again.

I ran into Ben, David & Stef from YouTube!

I ran into Royal Caribbean's Vice President of Entertainment, Nick Weir, and asked him about shows returning to other ships across the fleet, such as Grease and Columbus the Musical.

He said it's moving, but it takes a while to get shows back up and going again as it is no simple process to prepare casts and get them ready to perform.

He said it will be a process throughout this year for all the productions across the fleet to make a full return.

First look around Wonder of the Seas

04 Mar 2022

Royal Caribbean's Wonder of the Seas begins her first sailing today, and this cruise ship is packed with so many things to see, do, and eat.

The biggest cruise ship in the world is also the fifth Oasis Class cruise ship, and departs Fort Lauderdale on Friday to begin a 7-night Eastern Caribbean cruise.

Royal Caribbean has built on the Oasis Class lineage, but also added new features and things to do that you won't find on any other cruise ship.

Enjoy this comprehensive look at the highlights of Wonder of the Seas.

Suite Neighborhood

Coastal Kitchen and the Suite Lounge

Suite Sun Deck 

Wonder Playscape

This area is best described as a combination of mini golf and jungle gym.



The hallways and staterooms have a blue motif to them.

Around the ship

The elevators have a new button system that is better at explaining what's on each deck.

Fun art in Entertainment Place

Casino has sliding doors to help keep smoke in

Adventure Ocean

Thanks to the new protocols, there is no required advanced sign up for kids in Adventure Ocean. It's effectively the "old system", with a capacity of 120-130 children in the 6-12 year old group

The nursery (6 months to 36 months old) still requires advanced reservations.

AO Kids (6-12 years old)

AO Juniors (3-5 years olds)

Nursery (6-36 months)

Central Park

Pool deck

The pool deck has been completely redesigned with a new resort vibe to it.

Teen deck

The Vue


Wonder of the Seas has the largest Windjammer in the fleet.

The Mason Jar

A brand new restaurant that serves up Southern American cuisine.


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