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LIVEish, 5 Days on Majesty (09/03/2018 or 03/09/2018 better yet September 3, 2018)


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I normally start this sooner and on a different tone. But staying a few nights prior in Tampa got in my way (in a good way).

Booked itinerary is as follows: Tampa, Sea day, Costa Maya, Cozumel, Sea day, finally back in Tampa.

However I'm not sure if my new friend Gordon will change those plans.


For these that are new to reading my LIVEish. Check out my previous one to get an idea of what fine quality work I produce: LIVEish, 7 Days on Harmony (05/12/2018 or 12/05/2018 add to the mix May 12, 2018)

For the record yes, I'm slacking. Still at the hotel debating when to leave for the port.

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Update: Expected departure is a little bit after 11pm. Heard things right, going to Cozumel first with expected arrival at 11:30 with departure time adjusted to equal out hours.


Added: Sums up things well, from James Van Fleet.

Update @RoyalCaribbean #MajestyoftheSeas, plan is to leave by Midnight, that will give us plenty of room to drop south behind Tropical Storm #Gordon. Expecting it becomes a Hurricane tracking towards New Orleans/Mobile. We will flip Itinerary but still make all Ports of Call. https://t.co/eO9Esv6OFy

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On thing I have forgotten about... Windjammer Recon! Bit of a challenge and didn't get the full selection. For the record the theme for the night was "American".

Over head shot, note at dinner tonight only this section was open. The one that is more forward was closed off.


Once things died down a bit I was able to get a few shots.

Action station was "Mongolian Grill". Carvery item was "Striploin of Beef"



Going to guess this was the "American" theme station


Another island, interesting item were the corn dogs. Hidden behind the black container was lasagna.


Finish it up with dessert.


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