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COVID On board Future Cruise Credit

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Hi, i have a question and hope that someone here has maybe experienced something similar 🙂 

i went on a cruise with my family, we booked as one family for 2 rooms. During the cruise i was tested positive for covid and had to isolate for 4 days (not the rest of my family).

During this time I received a letter by royal Caribbean which states: “Please know that we will be providing all quarantined guests and their travelling party with a Future Cruise Credit based on the prorated value of time spent in quarantine and cruise time lost. This Future Cruise Credit will be issued to you or your travel partner via the email address on your reservation.” 

from my understanding my family (my traveling party) AND I should get the 4 days which i was isolated refunded as a future cruise credit, but now they only want to give me a future cruise credit, which i think is wrong?! They are arguing that everyone else was not quarantined which is right but they themselves wrote „all quarantined guests and their travelling part“ which obviously indicates that it includes people not quarantined, or am i wrong because otherwise it should say „all guests of the traveling party“ or „only the guest who tested positive will receive a refund“.

Has this happened to anyone else and what should i do? 

is it even legal for them to write an official letter and then afterwards say „no we are not doing that“ ?


I would appreciate your help and feedback 🙂 


thank you!


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Welcome to the board

In Royal's booking vocab, traveling party only means those in the room with you. You had two rooms and those rooms are each treated as a separate reservation, despite you being family. So not everyone traveling with you. I think you are reading it wrong, because traveling party only means those on the same room as you. If the rest of your traveling party stayed in the other room and you were the only one confined, then it is only an FCC for you. 

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You have no recourse as you are not being wronged. Let’s say you had a family reunion cruise consisting of 30 people spread out in 10 cabins. Do you REALLY think that all 30 people would be and should be compensated with 4 free days? It’s no different than your scenario involving 2 rooms. No where did they ever say that your entire family, even those in different cabins, were entitled to 4 days. 

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