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  1. There is no standard timetable. They will assign you when they assign you and not a moment sooner. Remember when you agreed to that being the case??
  2. 6000 people crammed on a boat for a week. Chances are fairly decent something is going to happen every once in a while. That is significantly increased when you realize most people on cruises are NOT young….self included. I wouldn’t be giving RC credit for this.
  3. Weather and any issues at the dock can also delay your disembarkation. You could make it, but you are also gambling that there will be zero issues on that day. Are you willing to deal with a potential headache if there is even a “minor” delay?
  4. You are well outside of the reprice window if you cruise is December 2022.
  5. Absolutely the case. The biggest savings are on beverage packages and excursions. The biggest savings for excursions were on the very first day of the sale where many of my July 2023 Alaskan excused were 35% off and then went to 20% off the very next day. Perfect Day water park and Beach Club admissions are 50% off. If I was to reprice my July cruise, I would have to actually pay more $$
  6. Is this for sushi or hibachi? If for hibachi, I’m pretty sure they can’t just simply add an extra seat at the table. Those tables are filled quickly with reservations and they aren’t going to bump a whole party for a 5 year old the venue didn’t know about until you showed up.
  7. Usually taken down on the first cruise after New Years from what ive heard. I know they are still up for cruises that leave prior to New Years.
  8. All of the good ones will involve a ferry ride. There are ruins on the island, but not very impressive. Chi hen Itza is by far the farthest, but by far the best.
  9. Yes for Izumi (you actually have more than $20), Playmakers and JR. Not sure about Bamboo Room (I think it’s a No) and it’s a hard no for Ben & Jerry.
  10. Yes you can as long as all the reservations are linked.
  11. The port is almost literally across the street from the airport. There is no security that an Uber/Lyft would have to navigate. Taking a Uber/Lyft is a fraction of the cost of getting a transfer through RC.
  12. What do you mean by register? Do you mean check in? If so, that is 45 days prior to sailing.
  13. Cafe la Trova would be my first, second and third recommendation.
  14. That is usually something that comes available when you are MUCH closer to your sailing date. Give it another month or two….bare minimum
  15. I originally had a beach bed booked for Chill Island, but then couldn’t pass up the beach club at the Black Friday price. I’ve never been to coco cay either, so figured I might as well spoil myself because who knows if or when I’ll get to go back. Maybe after seeing all there is to do, I’ll pass on the beach club next time….but that’s a next time’s issue!
  16. That 45 minutes just made your cruise much more enjoyable and one less thing to worry about each day!! It’s a small price to have things just the way you want it!
  17. If you are in a rush to eat….eat at WindJammer. People who want to eat at the MDR are there to relax and enjoy their vacation. Asking RC to change their whole operation to appease a small minority of diners who are in a rush, just isn’t going to happen. You choose where you eat and if the MDR isn’t for you….don’t eat there. It’s pretty simple. Nobody wants a Panera dining experience at the MDR. If they do, then eat at Panera!
  18. Just call up RC and make the change. Quite a simple process.
  19. I’ve had it take over 2 weeks before, but 7-10 days is pretty standard.
  20. No you will not. You will just need to show your SeaPass
  21. I’m starting to think 12/31 is the hard cut-off. I’m sailing on 12/31 on Harmony and have the ability to make show reservations.
  22. It is treated the same as MTD. You don’t have to make a reservation, but those who have one will have priority seating.
  23. I was also able to get the 11am slot. I believe the 11am is the time you are let into the terminal for check in. Im a control freak planner and just do individual reservations. Not having the days, times and venues all set prior to sailing would make me a nervous wreck!!
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