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Johnny Rockets


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1 hour ago, Orange Crush said:

Can you go to JR for just a milkshake, or do you have to pay the cover charge no matter what?

On Quantum Class ships you can, but other ships it's cover charge or bust.  JR does have a takeout option, so you might be able to ask wait staff about your scenario.  Nothing to lose.

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On 7/2/2017 at 4:39 AM, constable145 said:

The food at JR's is nothing special. When I first started cruising it was 4.95. Now it is 7.95. The quality hasn't gone up to justify the increase in the price. Many would argue it was gone down.


RCI is getting their you know what  handed to them by Carnvial in the burger joint ... Guy Fieri's burger place on Carnival ships is apparently AMAZING and it is INCLUDED. Rave reviews about it across the board while JR has seen a steady decrease in quality and increase in negative feedback.

Guy's Burgers on Carnival are amazing and better than what Johnny Rockets serves. In addition, it's included in the fare. They also have a BBQ place and a burrito/taco bar, all complimentary, which puts them ahead of Royal in terms of "deck food," in my opinion. However, after trying the specialty burger on Princess for $5, I have to say the while the Princess burger was much better than Johnny Rockets, I tip my hat to JR for value as the price includes a soft drink, fries and onion rings, plus dessert.  The $5 only got me the burger.

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