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  1. I could have written this post. Exact same thing for me. No emails except invoices and communication related to an already booked cruise. I have to call CR all the time to have them check cruises for me. Everyone I've spoken to confirms my email is in the system. No one can correct it.
  2. Thanks. We book the same way. I did look on the BOA RC Visa site and they do still offer upgrades and cruises along with RC gifts and charitable donations. I'll stick with the casino rates and still use for OBC. Just booked Anthem through CR yesterday for Oct '19. Enjoy your Christmas cruise!
  3. I use it all the time for OBC. It's like getting free drink packages?. Never used for actual cruise or upgrade. Can you do this after purchasing a cruise or do you actually book through them?
  4. I don't blame you for passing. We usually do a GS and did a OS once. Way too much room for 2 people and no other perks to justify it again.
  5. We've always done BOGO and , honestly, never had a problem. We took care of our reservations as soon as we got on board (well, first we got a drink?). They are usually very flexible and often will not make you stick to the first 2 nights. We've often done night 1 or 2 and pushed the second night until later in the week. We've always had Izumi included. Maybe that's something new?? Have fun!
  6. We are not D+ or Pinnacle, but a few years ago we met a couple at muster around our age, early 50s. Hit it off immediately Great people. Saw them later at Sabor sporting their Pinnacle pins. We teased them about it. They say they try not to wear them but staff actually instructs them to when they recognize them and see they don't have them on. They don't want to wear them just because of the stereotype of Pinnacles
  7. I'm not sure I really care who's in the suite lounge. I'm fortunate enough to be eligible to enjoy the SL or CL as is anyone else who is eligible. As long as no one is trying to take my seat, why should I care what others are doing? It doesn't affect me.
  8. saved $400 on our October Anthem sailing plus she added the $100 casino certificate hubby got 3 weeks ago!! I'll take it.
  9. Well, you've convinced me on contacting Michelle for my next booking. I've seen so many good things on here about her, I'd be crazy not to. It all gets so confusing as to what deals can go together, esp with Club Royale. Congrats on your good fortune!
  10. Well I'm on this sailing so if I see a guy with an entourage in tow or a crown on, I'll be sure to come back and post pics. LOL
  11. I'd like an "RCB" sticker for my car. The white oval ones like everyone uses.
  12. Well...well....well July 4th is my birthday! I'm guessing you'd all help me celebrate, Yes?
  13. Wow! Great deal! Enjoy. Off topic but I managed to obtain a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle 23 through the PA LCB lottery. Merry Christmas to my hubby. Not sure that one will be opened soon. Lol
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