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  1. Did you have to wait long for Valet to bring your car once you disembarked??
  2. Wow thanks Eagles!! great recommendation!
  3. HI!! We are leaving out of Tampa in 9 days on Rhapsody!!! Kind of last minute booking for us (only one-month ago) and we have never gone out of this port before. We have only been out of Port Canaveral and Baltimore. I think i read somewhere that there is a brand new RCI embarking area/structure?? Has anyone been to this new facility?? If so, do they do anything different? We are driving and parking at the dock area - planning to get there right at 10:30 AM- any advice for parking? Is it pretty easy to find? We are gold members (i know, babies in the points world compared to many of you) - is the supposed "gold member area" or "waiting room" clearly marked in the Tampa port?? Getting really excited, but booking one-month out has packed a lot to do in a short time!! Any advice appreciated for Tampa port and embarking.
  4. wow lots of great advice everyone!!! thanks so much!! we will definitely go to the local store and take inventory lol . this is one of the few cruises we are planning to drive to the port so no worries about flights - hence why we are considering stocking up on liquor lol
  5. Hi - do you all think the bottles of liquor sold in the stores on the ship are good deals?? Went on a RC cruise in 2014 and bought a bottle of whiskey and rum, but wondering if it's a good deal or not as I didn't bother to compare prices once I got home. Thanks!!
  6. Which ships is the mystery dinner offered?? i have never seen it so I am guessing i've never been on the right ships :)
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