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  1. My wife and I are coming from Colorado and would like to see ground zero. How easy is it to get from the Newark airport area to ground zero?
  2. I need a very important question answered for my 10 yr old. Is there a crepe station on symphony of the seas. We have watched millions of videos but never seen one. 35 days out, YEAH!!!
  3. Hi RoyalNewbie96, I am on the same cruise with you. See you in 58 days.... Never stayed in an aquasuite, but have been on Allure and the ship is going to be Awesome. We ended up doing two balconies for our family of 5. I am excited to have two bathrooms for everyone that tends to want to get ready at the same time. This Blog is amazing to answer every question you have. Don't hesitate to reach out to anyone on the BLOG or myself if you have any questions, someone has an answer.
  4. Funny, I had started creating a scavenger hunt for our group that is sailing later this year. We have a bunch of kids, and I thought it would be great for the first day when they were exploring the ship to do in families. Here is what I started. Symphony of the seas Scavenger Hunt Take a picture with a crew member. Find the three interactive works of art. Daniel Canogar's all embracing Sound Shell Alejandro Marote's out-of-the-ordinary, meteorite-inspired sound chamber.
  5. I love the value that you get. Over the years I have used cruising as a way to connect with my kids with no distractions of devices. Now internet is a possibility we still don’t purchase it so we have some great times connecting.
  6. I am considering opening up a RC Visa Credit Card. Does anyone have opinions on the card? I figure that with the sign up bonus as well as paying the cruise off with it, I could have a good size onboard credit.
  7. I know its a few weeks away, but I am very excited to see the Cruise Compass for Symphony of the seas, the Western Route. If anyone is headed on it next month, would you please post it? Also, do you think looking at another OASIS class ship that does that same cruise give me essentially the information?
  8. Hi, My name is Jason and I have been reading this blog for six months now, and I am a Cruiseaholic as well. I believe I am making my wife and kids annoyed with all of the things you all teach me. Thank you.
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