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What's the worst cruise tip you've ever heard?

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On 5/28/2022 at 11:41 AM, San Diego Garrett said:

That the calories on cruises don't count.

This is true though. I was told they have a highly patented, super secret calorie sucking machine in the kitchen that each ingredient goes through before its delivered to the passengers via special plates that keep the calories from returning to the food before it's eaten. Utensils also have magic powers to deter calories from counting. Heard it from a very reputable source. 


Just kidding. I made that up but wouldn't that be so cool!?

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On 5/28/2022 at 12:04 PM, 10-42 said:

I have a daughter that is totally and completely against. cruising.  I've been trying to get her to cruise for a few years now.  She has relented, just a little.  She says that she will go only on a 3 day cruise.  My response:  You won't get the full experience of the ship, especially an Oasis Class or Quantum Class ship in 3 days.  A three day cruise cruise "USUALLY" amounts to leaving a Southeastern port, cruising over night to the Bahamas, dock in the morning, take advantage of the Perfect Day or Island City, get back on the ship and cruise back to the Southeastern port, and get off the ship.  How can you experience the whole experience like that.  I've been on 3 Oasis Class ships, on 7 and 8 night cruises and I'm sure that there are STILL things that I didn't know exist or didn't get to it.  I told her that if she wants to go on a cruise like that, it wont be with me.  The shortest cruise I'll take is a 7 nighter.  

When I hear people say that they were not happy with cruising and only went on ONE three day cruise, I can only ASSUME that they didn't have a full experience.  I never wanted to cruise until I did.  Now I'm hooked.  My first cruise was an 8 day to the Panama Canal on Brand X.  Haven't looked back, well except for not cruising Brand X anymore.  

I do RESPECT your opinion though!

I completely agree with the advice to avoid 3 day cruises, especially for first timers.  But there are always going to be extenuating circumstances.  If you daughter will only take a 3 day, then go with what you can.

I had an extenuating circumstance once and took my dad on a 3 day cruise.  He wanted to go, but was on dialysis and couldn't be away from it for more than 4 days.  Dialysis at Sea is a thing, but prohibitively expensive.  We took an end of season 3 night cruise out of Seattle and he loved it.  Sadly, he passed away 6 months later, so we were never able to go again.

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