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Crown and Anchor tier levels need changes?

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53 minutes ago, PG Cruiser said:

I initially understood this to mean that you had ALL 10 of your glass blocks in your checked luggage.  I thought you wanted to display them in your cabin while sailing.  After reading your other reply, I now got it.

I read it the same way you did....but I never question anything the twangbot says.  LOL

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On my last cruise Dec 2021 I asked the Diamond club concierge about the crystal blocks as I never received one either.  She looked it up for me and they are suppose to ship mine to me.  I still haven't received it but I know with all the problems with shipping now I suspect I will eventually get it.

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On 2/27/2022 at 7:59 PM, ChrisK2793 said:

‘Do you know you get FIVE FREE $13 drinks every day as a Diamond Plus?  That’s $65 FREE every day!  You get early access to the seating at shows, you get cabin discounts when you book your cruises, free behind the scenes tours when they start back up ($100 plus per person value), choice of amenities to be left in your room every cruise …….. even the few times we haven’t stayed in suites, it’s never takes us longer to board than 20 minutes in the regular line ………. We only just became Diamond Plus this week and are VERY HAPPY with what we’ll get on our next cruise in a couple weeks on Wonder!


Congratulations!  We just became D+ this week! Can't wait to see how these benefits work out on our B2B on the Explorer, in May!

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