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  1. This was the heading of the email sent, “Your RoyalUp request will be reviewed onboard”
  2. I just got a email from royal up. I’ve done royal up many times but don’t remember ever getting a email saying it will be reviewed once onboard. Here is what they sent. We have reviewed the RoyalUp bids for your upcoming sailing onboard Harmony of the Seas®. While we have not selected your offer yet, the team onboard the ship is still reviewing, and may choose it for upgrade based on availability at departure time. Has anyone else seen this and if so, did it work out?
  3. Had talk with Oncologist today, and he pretty much said I should have no problem with the trip. There are more test and radiology mold to be made and a port to be put in before treatment can start, so I have a little time. Big smile now, but don’t look forward to 5+ months of treatment after. But I will fully enjoy this trip like it’s my last.
  4. Thank everyone for quick replies. I know most if not all doctors will want you to start treatment ASAP and have a negative response to delay treatment. I guess I will find out on Monday what he thinks.
  5. Last week I was diagnosed with NPC cancer with a 2 inch tumor in my nasal cavity. Next week I have my first Oncologist visit, PET scan and a radiation consultation. I’ve had a cruise booked for almost a year on Harmony on December 10th with my daughter and grandchildren. I really want to go as I just don’t know what is going to happen after and might not get this chance again. It’s been 3 weeks when they found the tumor and I feel no different and can’t see how another couple weeks would make much of a difference. Then start treatment when I get back. Am I being selfish?
  6. FORTFort Lauderdale, Florida | Cruising | Oranjestad, Aruba | Willemstad, Curacao | Cruising | Labadee, Haiti | Cruising | Fort Lauderdale, Florida F
  7. I use them on sea days around ship, especially in pool area. Cheap to get and makes it easier then digging in your pocket or searching for it in a bag.
  8. I’m sure there will be a learning curve and some complaints, but I feel it’s going in the right direction.
  9. Just got mine. I like it. I know I had to remind bar tenders when and when not to use voucher. Once I had to go to customer service to get a voucher back as they used it for a cheap drink and I didn’t want it used.
  10. There's a bump out mid ship that stick out further than the rest of the ship. Most suites are in that area on multiple decks. If you look at deck plans, you can't miss it.
  11. I told them we were both Diamond members and have the vouchers. I said I wanted the drink package, so I didn't have to worry about it, but for my wife, the vouchers are enough for her. So, they had no problem selling one of each to us.
  12. Looks like there are many shows, so will try both to get a different prospective on it.
  13. I booked Grease, The fine line, Columbus the musical, and Iskate showcase for my Dec 10th Harmony cruise. May try the aqua shows in seat, but I got a ATS and may watch from room.
  14. I just reserved all showings for my Dec 10th Harmony cruise.
  15. My wife and I are diamond members. We have a 8 day on Harmony in dec coming. I got the drink package and got her the refreshment. If she goes past her 4 drinks, I will give her my vouchers.
  16. I'm not a 100% sure, but the J4 might have both, as the J3 and J1 don't.
  17. If you call them, I’m sure they can make something work. But not online.
  18. I was on fence since my wife and I are Diamond members. But when it hit $68 and we will be on a 8 day cruise with only 3 stops and one being Labadee, I got myself one and got the refreshment package for the wife. If she goes beyond her 4 vouchers, she then can have mine. So total cost for both wad $858 with tips. And at $14 max drink, it just under 5 drinks a day.
  19. Just did that same cruise in March. Plenty to do on Odyssey. Loved the bumper cars. We had a great day at Mambo Beach in Curacao. In fact we liked it so much we are doing the basic same cruise in Dec on Harmony except we will be in Labadee instead of Cococay.
  20. Just did that in March. Didn't even rush off ship and still was at airport in plenty of time. You should be good.
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