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ABC Island tips


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I have not yet been myself but I have been taking notes when I see other people ask this question as I'm booked to the ABC's in April 2022!

The coolest thing I have seen suggested is to rent your own quad ATV in Aruba - 8hrs for only $240 for a 2-seater. Any excursion that lets you ride ATVs in Aruba is way more for a shorter time period, although you'll lose the benefit of a tour guide. 

Here are some scenic spots you can cruise to in your quad: Baby Beach, Eagle Beach, Palm Beach, California Light House, Alto Vista Chapel and the Casibari Rock Formation https://www.arubaatv.com/#/rentals/rental-car4 



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1 hour ago, Dad2Cue said:

My wife wanted to do the ABC islands.  I booked an Odyssey 8-night cruise that included A and C.  Do you think my wife will notice that B is missing???

Only if she's a diver or snorkeling fan. Bonaire it THE place to dive or snorkel among the three.

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Nothing specific for a solo guest.

The ABC islands are a very relaxed destination absent of pushy or aggressive street vendors found on some islands.

On Curacao it's an easy walk along the shore to the downtown area across a floating pedestrian bridge.  Very picturesque.   

Bonaire is known for snorkeling.

Aruba docks near a city type center with bars and restaurants nearby.  

Bonaire is least developed or feels that way.  Aruba and Curacao have a lot to offer really dependent on what you are into.  

If you have a late stay consider taking in the sunset from a beach, a rare treat for cruise guests since most sunsets are observed from the ship.  I was thankful I had a working cell phone to call a taxi with a late stay on Bonaire.  The roads are lightly traveled later in the day so flagging a taxi down was difficult.  

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