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Here it is! Healthy Sail Recommendations

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1 hour ago, stevendom57 said:

@cruisellamaI agree. As an engineer I know that there is only so much planning that you can do. Eventually you have to go ahead and run tests. It never fails, something will not work right, but you fix it and run more tests. Eventually you get it right.

The cruise lines need to plan and implement what they think will work and give it a limited test. Refine what didn't work and test again. Eventually it will be sufficient.

Having said that, the one thing that they cannot do is to lock everyone on board and not let the go if there is a breakout. Doing that at the beginning of this breakout will forever be a black eye on the industry and give reason for critics to call them petri dishes. 

I think the reduced capacity recommendation for early sailings is another mitigation technique to minimize breakout.   Might even be appropriate to message early cruising as protocol validation.   "Attention all passengers , as part of being part of the first cruise experience after shutdown, you are all privileged to be part of our new and amazing health protocols.  Enjoy your vacation and we look forward to remotely monitor you complete the Muster 2.0 drill. "

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These recommendations are totally incomplete. No mention at all was made whether hiding rubber ducks would be allowed.

I'm confused why you would consider this?  Does a grocery store fear healthcare workers?  Does an airline question healthcare workers or pull them aside at check in?  How does anyone even know what yo

The requirement to book cruise line excursions is not unexpected and understandable given the need to maintain the "bubble" as much as possible from start to finish.   The comment that they shoul

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2 hours ago, Matt said:

Agreed. There is no single recommendation that is a "silver bullet" approach.  If there were, all the other recommendations wouldn't be necessary.

The Panel's approach is like a mesh, where all these different changes (masks, testing, social distancing, etc) aren't enough to prevent things on their own, but together, significantly reduce the likelihood of there being a case without it being caught at one point to mitigate the spread.

Silver Bullet? I thought that meant Bob Seger had all the answers 😛


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7 hours ago, cruisellama said:

The panel highlighted that nothing is 100%.   We're now in the stage of risk management/mitigation - lets get to it.  We'll have some success and a few failures - but doing nothing only cedes to defeat.   Even in failures, we learn, and find ways to avoid them next time around.

Yes, completely agree. There is nothing that is completely risk free, but risk mitigation is a very real and practical approach to everything, including resuming cruises.

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5 minutes ago, Matt said:

Yes, completely agree. There is nothing that is completely risk free, but risk mitigation is a very real and practical approach to everything, including resuming cruises.

That’s one thing I think gets overlooked. Every time you wake up in the morning you go through a litany of risk assessments throughout the day. 

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