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The reason it's fitting to visit this next port of call while we sail on Empress of the Seas is because they were a package deal of sorts with the acquisition of Admiral Cruises.  


Both Empress and CocoCay have come a long way since then.  

The addition of the pier was a game changer and the introduction of Perfect Day at CocoCay was all that many times over.







Sailing from Florida and on Empress of the Seas it was simply unavoidable for me to make this stop at CocoCay.

Let's take a little look around...

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A new Twangster blog!! A new Twangster blog!!! I don't care if it's completely fake and all the pictures have been seen before, IT'S A FREAKING NEW TWANGSTER BLOG!!!!!

A new fake feature is the Royal Transporter.  I dropped by just in time to see some new guests arriving from another ship. 📷 :CBS/Paramount Pricing: For $79.95* (plus 18% gratuity)

I have a fever but it isn't from COVID-19.  I have cruise fever and an itch I can't scratch.    So why not join me for a wild and impossible cruise itinerary involving teleporting between cabins,

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The forward deck area is a great place to sail into the sunset but after dark it's also a great place to stargaze.  On this occasion that included Milky Way gazing.

I caught some lightning on the horizon from a distant storm in this next photo.



Forget sailing into the sunset.  Tonight we sail away into the Milky Way.



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Later as we approached Miami under the cover of darkness it was almost time to debark.


I looked down to see the Captain on the bridge wing.  Our eyes met and I gave him the nod.  He understood.  


Warp drive engaged, we are heading back out to sea.



When it's a made up cruise you can do things like this.

I think I'll stay on Empress one more day, there's an island calling my name.

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