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Do You Bring your own Pillows, or use Rc Pillows?

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OK, so I saw the thread talking about the mattress on a Royal Caribbean ship, that got me thinking. How are the Pillows on the Rc Ships?


I sleep with a memory foam Pillow. I am trying to figure out if I should bring my pillow or I should be OK using Royal Caribbean's pillows?


We are already up to Three suitcases and a garment bag.


I have a fairly decent sized clear bag that I could put my pillows in, but I'm just trying to decide if I should bring it, or leave it at home.


Torn 🤔

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I couldn't see hauling a pillow through customs, on the plane, to the port and on the ship. It would take up too much room in my luggage. On top of that, knowing how forgetful I am, I would probably leave my pillow when I disembarked. I use a very specific pillow because I have had neck and back surgery but RCCL's pillows are fine for me and I always ask for two more than what is on the bed.

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I've been fine with the provided pillows on both of the cruises I've done so far. But I do pack my knee pillow and use that instead of putting a regular pillow between my knees. A lot more comfortable, especially after having to get my one knee scoped and learning it's becoming arthritic.

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