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  1. Frankie did an AMAZING job! The final vlog from Anthem was posted today and there's some more of him singing. I hope you have a great time on Anthem!
  2. Man THANKS for watching. We all definitely had a great time and we are STILL trying to get used to life back "on land." All the first timers on the cruise had a great time and 1 even booked another cruise while onboard. I wish I could go again in Oct, but our next cruise wont be until Dec. 2018 on Symphony. However, I am sure you have a great time on Anthem as we did. Will this be your first time on Anthem or a Quantum Class ship? And yes, Logan is definitely a character. It was great seeing how much he was enjoying being on the "cruise boat" lol.
  3. Arriving at Cape Liberty has gotten much better since the very first time we cruised out of there back in December 2014. They still seem to lack a great way to keep the traffic flow in/out steady. However, I am sure that is the case with most embarkation ports. To answer your questions: We arrived at 11 am. Out "suggested" arrival time was about 12:30 pm, however, we really wanted to get our vacation started as quickly as possible, and would have been there at 10:30 am but we decided to stop at a rest stop on the way up. We arrived using a chartered shuttle service. There is a nice new partly lot there where you can park your vehicle should you choose to drive. It is the home port to the second largest class of ships in the world so it is appropriate busy, however, it will likely only take you between 10-20 mins from arrival to boarding the ship. You are going to have a great time on Anthem!
  4. Honestly, they have GOT to refigure Northstar's "reservations." I was on Quantum when there were no reservations and they simply treated it as a first come first served and that (in my opinion) was much better. The reservation system for a "ride" is quite ridiculous. However, I just got off Anthem, and if you were in line you almost always got on because many folks missed their reservations.
  5. Hey RCBlog Fam, My 16 piece group of family/friends and I just returned back from our 9-night cruise onboard Anthem of the Seas, that left out of Cape Liberty on Thursday, May 25, 2017. I am an avid vlogger and if you have the time to watch, I'd love to share our experience with the RC Blog community. Check Out The Series Here:
  6. So, I just got this letter from Royal Caribbean saying Anthem will be "transitioning" to My Time Dining and that reservations are now open. That's all well and good, but when I go on cruise planner, it only shows the specialty restaurants individually, multi-night dining packages, and then "My Time Dining (complimentary)". So, I played around with it and at no point does it let you choose the individual complimentary restaurants (ie American Icon, Chic, Grande, Silk, etc). What am I missing? lol Does MTD effectively end our ability to pick and choose which restaurants we wish to dine at? [update] - Never mind, just read more information here on the blog. The email they sent out was VERY limited with details.
  7. Very nice! I have booked a large family cruise on Anthem on May 25, 2017 (so far away :() and our first port is in Bermuda. I didn't know shes never been until today.
  8. I know this was answered already, however, my recent cruise consisted of 16 family and friends and 2 staterooms were booked with both occupants being under 21. Although I know it is posted that there must be someone 21 in each room, i'm not entirely sure how strict they are with that policy since we had TWO staterooms occupied with people under 21.
  9. As a relatively new cruiser, since my first cruise ever was on board Quantum of the Seas for her first NYE cruise 2014 into 2015, I can say that I simply say that I fell in love with EVERYTHING. As some folks mentioned already, the freedom to do whatever it is that you wish from eating to drinking, to participating in activities to going to shows or even just doing NOTHING while relaxing on your balcony or in your stateroom. Plus, I LOVE being able to "log off" from the real world, social networks and basically be "off the grid" for a while. Funny thing is I had no idea I would get hooked on cruising. With the way cruising is portrayed on TV and in movies, I always thought cruising was more for the retired group. As a now 30 year old husband and father, I am happy to know that I was wrong because I could literally cruise all year long lol.
  10. Hi Welcome, The folks here are always gentle, so don't worry lol
  11. I've been "lurking" around being jealous of people and their cruises. I have been actively watching the live periscopes though. But now that I'm preparing my life to plan a few cruises coming up (all of which will have their own vlog series!!) and with one being 45+ family member cruise in 2017, I figured now is a good time to resurface lol.
  12. I sure hope that's the case Matt. lol
  13. Hey guys, I have been looking for new itineraries for Anthem, or ANY ship for that matter, leaving out of Bayonne past April 17, 2017 and there is nothing, even though the Caribbean 2017-2018 itineraries released yesterday. However, no Quantum ships itineraries seem to have been updated to this date. So is this a bad sign that Anthem will no longer be leaving out of NJ past April 2017 (with nothing replacing it, even though they just built that new terminal) or do you think the Caribbean itineraries are just slowly rolling out and something (hopefully Anthem) will surely be leaving out of Bayonne summer 2017? Thoughts?
  14. The 6th and FINAL installment of my Liberty of the Seas Vlog is now available for viewing. Thank you all for watching and following our adventure. Check Out Part Six: https://youtu.be/Fy0K4VMHnyk
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