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  1. I'm sure we will change our plans on the ship. After 20 cruises on Disney, we have learned to go with the flow. But with a new line and a new ship, we had to have some semblance of order or we'd just be wandering around confused for 7 days I don't find that relaxing at all! Our only "must dos" are chops, giovanni's, mama mia and ocean aria. After that, we will most likely do a lot of that wandering. i picture myself spending many a moment in two places in particular: various places on the pool deck and in Vintages late at night using my drink package to its fullest.
  2. Ok so bear with me here. Booked all the shows and dinners weeks ago for our upcoming Allure cruise (it leaves on Sunday!!!!). How do you all work the puzzle that is making sure you get to see the shows you want, have the dinners you want AND be able to get dressed up for formal night? I thought I had it all figured out until I was doing a final check of my stuff just now. Let me caveat all this by saying that we have traditional dining in the late rotation. Early doesn't work for us and MTD was "full" when we booked so I went with it. My only concern with our schedule is that we are missing both formal nights in the MDR. I have two daughters who love to dress up and they are okay with doing it at a speciality restaurant but wondering if we are "missing something" Here's what I have done: Day one: We want to go to the MDR to meet our servers since it's night one. We always have done this on Disney ships and thought it was the best way to get our cruise off to a great start. Day two: We booked Izumi Hibachi for this night, mostly because we also booked Ocean Aria for this night and that takes place in the middle of our dining time. I wasn't taking into account that this is formal night. We won't dress formally to go to Izumi for a hibachi meal. Day 3: Back to MDR as we have Mama Mia before dinner. Day 4: MDR Day 5: MDR Day 6: We are booked for Giovanni's. If we would be better served to go to MDR this night to enjoy formal night, then perhaps I can switch out our reservation to Day 5 instead. If it is just as cool to be dressed up and do Giovanni's, I'm okay with that. Day 7: Chops. My bottom line is - will we miss anything by missing both formal nights in the MDR. We don't eat lobster due to allergies so that's not to come into play. And, is Royal like Disney in that there is a wild mix of folks on formal nights? - everything from tuxes and gowns to polo shirts and shorts. If so, then I'm not going to worry about being in the MDR as much. If people are "dressier" then maybe I'll make the switch. Thanks as always for your assistance!!!
  3. You all were right. It was in Order History but the strange thing is that when I checked my order history yesterday it was blank. I thought I did something wrong so I changed browsers and re-signed in and it was still blank. I was a bit worried because I had a drink package and dinner reservations and show reservations all set and now they weren't there. Dinners were in my "calendar" but not in order history. Went out to dinner and when I returned I checked again and there it was - everything was there - and I was able to cancel old internet package and rebook. Thanks again for the help because I wouldn't have known to go to order history (I'm a newbie as we have only cruised DCL previously).
  4. Thank you! It's odd because I can see my dinner reservations and have an option to change or cancel. But don't for internet or drink packages. But I'll ask my TA if she can fix this for me!
  5. Sailing for the first time on RC next week on the Allure! Booked a one-device internet package some time ago but now decided we'd be better off with a two-device package. Can't find anywhere in cruise planner to make that change or to cancel the one-device and rebook the two. What am I missing?
  6. It's also not on my Allure sailing for August. And they have the "sale" for the premium. Except that it isn't a 20 percent sale. It's a $2 sale. Yesterday premium was $49. I put it in my cart to get total price and it was around $402. Today I put the "20 percent off" sale into my cart and the total was $388. Now I was an English major but even I know that isn't 20 percent off.
  7. Thank you! We had an extra key one time when daughter brought friend on a cruise. And I think we'll miss the app that Disney Cruise Line has to be able to text each other so it's back to the white board or sticky notes for sure!
  8. I know, right? Glad to hear others share the same horrible values that I apparently do. :)
  9. So I am thinking that I will buy one of the premium drink packages for myself because quite frankly I will use it. I'm a 3-4 glass of wine at dinner or after dinner so that makes it pretty well worth it just for that. Throw in a frozen drink at the pool some days and a few bottles of water and it seems like a no brainer. My wife isn't as big a drinker and thus will just pay for her one glass of red wine with dinner and a frozen drink at the pool once or twice during the sailing. My question is more related to the soda. We only have one soda drinker in the family and it's my youngest. If I get the "souvenier cup" with my drink package and have no intention of using it, can she use it? I know officially the answer is probably "no" but using the freestyle machines, am I the one who has to fill the soda cup up every time? Seems silly for us to buy a second package just for a soda a day for her - and I'd rather just pay that out of pocket. But if I have the cup and I"m not using it at all, it also seems silly not to let her use it for a few sodas during the week.
  10. Here is my update. We rebooked two cabins - directly across the hall from each other on the 8th deck Forward. Looks to me like a great location as it is on the same level as Central Park which I think is going to be my favorite place on the ship. Can anyone weigh in on this? Ended up spending a net extra 300 dollars to get an extra cabin for the sailing. We have spent more than that to upgrade at the port from a porthole to a verandah on Disney so to be able to do so and get an extra whole room. Wow. Thanks to all for their advice!
  11. Got it! I wasn't aware of the dates. I was able to book dining but not reserve shows - but was hoping there was a show schedule that I could follow so that I did'n't book any speciality dining in the middle of a show we wanted to see at a time we wanted to see it!
  12. It must just be too early. Where Chicago is showing up is the "Entertainment PDF" list that was linked. Clearly it's totally out of date - and they should probably get rid of it!
  13. Sick of me yet? Latest question is regarding the entertainment schedule. I looked in my cruise planner (we are cruising August of this year on the Allure) and the entertainment schedule posted is from a previous year. It lists Chicago as the show. How/where do I find the current entertainment schedule for my sailing so I don't schedule a dinner when I want to be at a show?
  14. that's a great suggestion too. We are looking to change a little late in the game (sailing in August) and the adjoining cabins seem to be gone. But I have my TA checking on that and an across the hall situation too where we can get an extra key for the cabin
  15. Thank you for that. Didn't realize the internet thing - on Disney you buy a code and can log in from any device but you are buying MB and thus can share. Seems like from this note that you can share on Royal as well so long as you aren't logged in at the same time on two different devices, right? Important to me because i have my own business and will need to use my laptop sometimes and my phone when it's not as important and didn't want to have to buy two devices.
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