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53 minutes ago, yzfmik said:

I had a conversation with the Hotel Director on Mariner (he was in The Bamboo Room every night!) and I asked that very question.  He told me the big slide tower was designed to withstand a cat 5 hurricane.

That is one beefy tower then lol

Majority of structures can not withstand a cat 5 hurricane.

Makes sense though since they want the investment to last as long as possible.

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Every storm is different.  Some have more rain, some more wind, some more surge.  Some move fast, some move slow.  

If a strong storm hits there will be some damage.  Decorative panels ripped off, trees down,  roof damage,  water and sand in places where it isn't wanted, but the primary core structures should be okay.  

If a big storm hits they will have to close it while they restore it.  On Jost Van Dyke the famous bars on the beach had sand up to the roof line.  They had to move massive volumes of sand and then make repairs from sand and surge damage.  The same would occur on CocoCay so while it is designed to withstand strong storms that doesn't mean they will re-open the next day without having to do anything. 

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1 hour ago, Atlantix2000 said:

Since this is the first hurricane in the Perfect Day era, I would say part of the reason they completely closed Coco Cay until Wednesday is to give them time to assess any damage from this (and future) hurricanes before guests arrive again.

Agreed!  Big test for it about to come...

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I can’t imagine the company making such a huge infrastructure investment without taking into consideration the high probability of a direct hit by a major hurricane. I’m sure many of the structures will sustain damage...as will many of the areas susceptible to the tidal surges accompanying the storm. There is plenty of historical data to guide their storm damage assessment and recovery planning. The island has been transformed into a hugely successful money-making project and they will work as quickly as possible to bring it back to full operating status as soon as possible. We just need to keep in mind the local Bahamians who do the work on the island and hope that they, and their families, remain safe and secure.

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