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  1. 23 minutes ago, Lovetocruise2002 said:

    Was it ever advertised on the older protocols?  I don't ever remember seeing it.  That is why I originally reached out to the suite concierge to see if it was being offered.

    It was in our Alaska protocols for September, but not sure if it was for other sailings 🤔 . But either way glad it is still on the website ! It just seemed odd both the Barbados and San Juan protocols specifically mention testing for international passengers but the US home ports don't . Also noted that Barbados has a cost for it but San Juan doesn't 

  2. Anyone else notice the newly released protocols until March 2022 don't mention post-cruise testing for international travelers returning home from US ports?

    Maybe I missed it but I only see antigen testing for unvaccinated children at disembarkation.

    Hoping it's still an option (even if we have to pay!) as we have a 12:30 flight to catch and don't want to be messing around with testing at the airport!

  3. We just returned from Alaska and temperatures were around 50-55 and rain every day.

    Granted we are Canadian but we were fine with long sleeved shirts/sweaters under a waterproof jacket (not a winter jacket even) on all of our excursions. Along with gloves, hat and waterproof hiking boots. Wore shorts and long-sleeved t-shirts or dresses around the ship. Didn't need waterproof pants but we camp so have a lot of quick dry activewear 

  4. We are preparing for our flight on Wednesday from Toronto to Seattle to cruise on Ovation Friday! Very excited and a little nervous of course.

    I am a pharmacist at SDM and administer antigen tests so that part was obviously easy for us, we are just going right before our flight.

    We just couldn't wait any longer to be back cruising! Mostly worried about getting the testing on the ship to be able to return to Canada but thinking positively that it will all work out !

  5. We did a 14 night Baltic cruise on Explorer (a sister ship to Voyager) in 2019 and it was incredible. The food quality in the MDR and Windjammer was very similar to the Oasis class ships to us (but we aren't foodies). The service in both our room and MDR was the best we have ever had! We didn't notice crowding except at the usual times (Windjammer on embarkation day, returning from excursions). The ports on the Baltic cruise are just phenomenal and we enjoyed long days in ports so the ship was honestly secondary to the whole experience.

    Two things I wanted to mention: if you are visiting Stockholm, go to the helipad to watch sailaway, the archipelago you sail through for hours after leaving is just beautiful and almost no one was with us after a few minutes since it was pretty cold (bring a cozy jacket and ear protection). Also, the solarium is open air on Voyager class ships so the pools even at the end of June/early July were empty since it was too cold to swim except a couple of warm days. So don't plan on spending a ton of time around the pool except with a blanket and a book.

    If you haven't booked this cruise, YOLO book it!

  6. We vary in our stateroom between interior, oceanview and balcony dependent on price and itinerary.

    For instance, booked an interior for our next cruise but with the latest sale it was $150 total to upgrade to a balcony and minimal savings to stay in an interior. No brainer and we will appreciate the balcony especially with 5 sea days. 

    For our other cruise to Iceland, it is $2500 more for a balcony.We would rather book another entire cruise or be able to afford incredible excursions.

    Even with a balcony we use if only for a few minutes in the morning and evening since we are so busy with activities. We mostly use it just for drying our bathing suits and laundry ! 

  7. 9 hours ago, Phillip Diamond Plus said:

    I sure hope that Jewel will still sail on the 12 night sailing May 28th to the British Isles from Amsterdam.  I am booked on that one and also have air. 

    We are in the same boat (pun intended) as you! We have Jewel booked just after you June 9 to Norway and Iceland and booked accommodations in Amsterdam even before COVID we were so excited! 

    We just went to the Baltic last year and while we loved it we aren't interested in returning yet so crossing all my fingers and toes this is wrong info

  8. We tend to mix in doing it on our own, private excursions and shore excursions no matter where we are.

    Caribbean ports that have mostly beach days/resorts wouldn't be too much trouble for Royal to coordinate and limit contacts. Hopefully by the time Royal expands out of the Caribbean COVID is under control enough that they can stop requiring booking a shore ex

    Any of the big cities in Europe I think will cause trouble even with Royal excursions. Cruises bring thousands more to already crowded tourist areas and the locals were upset even before COVID in many cities. Even with shore excursions contact tracing is going to be difficult. It will be impossible if passengers can go out alone. 

    FWIW I wouldn't have minded taking shore excursions to Rome and Athens since they are far away from port. The Scandinavian capitals I would not have liked to take expensive shore ex since we simply walked the cities and spent almost nothing.

    Either way I hope if they make us take RC excursions they :

    1. Still offer a variety of excursion options (concerned bc right now our Iceland cruise has very few listed)

    2. Offers discounts or packages like MSC seems to be doing


  9. On 8/29/2020 at 8:07 AM, Neaxan said:

    I'd take a Baltic Sea cruise over a Med cruise any day. Bonus point: even Royal has longer itineraries there (up to 10 days). You could even do a Baltic Sea cruise and a Med cruise - or a Norwegian fjords cruise. Flights from Stockholm to Barcelona or Rome take about 3 hours and  flights in Europe are quite cheap if you don't need any bells and whistles.

    I second this! But it depends on what you are looking for in your adventures. We loved our 10 night Mediterranean cruise for the ruins in Italy and Greece but it was SO hot even in mid September 

    The 14 night cruise we did of Scandinavia and Russia was simply incredible. Weather much cooler which we prefer and there is so much to see right near the port in most cities so easy to navigate by ourselves by walking or HOHO tours. We also sailed from Southampton which allowed a visit to London first (some also did Paris!) 

    You really can't go wrong in Europe though and we have never had an issue with transit or safety. Do your research first and take the regular precautions you would in a big city and you will be fine !

  10. I think the concerns of limited capacity will be partially resolved with rooms not being released again after people take advantage of FCC or lift and shift. No matter when sailing resumes there will be many who won't want to sail due to the restrictions or health concerns.

    All this being said, we took advantage of the sales to upgrade our June 2021 cruise to an oceanview from an interior hoping maybe that will give us a better chance of sailing!

  11. 9 minutes ago, Jill said:

    We’ve got October 2021 Med on Odyssey. I feel fairly confident we will have learned to live with this virus. Heck at the rate US cases are going, I think herd immunity is getting closer each day! Honestly as long as mortality rate continues to decline (currently less than .05%) the virus will be more of a nuisance. Still troublesome for those with co-morbidities but manageable for the vast majority. 

    I agree! I would book a sailing for next year with the current (really great) prices before they inevitably rise

    We are booked for Norway and Iceland June 2021 and have confidence we will be sailing, with or without a vaccine (which I do think will be available by then). Right or wrong, people won't keep living in this distancing bubble forever and I think will take the risks and travel in 2021. We are (relatively) young and healthy and would feel comfortable sailing, especially with the changes that I am sure will be put in place to make cruising even safer. But of course situations differ ?


  12. On 5/22/2020 at 10:28 AM, twangster said:

    I thought UK based sailings already banned indoor smoking on ships.  Is this not the case?

    Late response but didn't see that this was answered. Smoking in casinos is definitely banned on sailings leaving from the UK. This made a huge difference to our enjoyment of the ship and casino during our colder sailing to the Baltic. We could walk through casino to the theater after dinner and didn't have the smell of smoke wafting into the promenade which we've noticed on other sailings. It was great for non smokers and the casino still seemed pretty busy !

  13. We've done the opposite as most everyone else and keep downgrading! Started with Concierge class on our first cruise on Celebrity. Tried a balcony room on Royal and decided we didn't use it enough to justify the cost. Then we did a promenade view interior which I think is our perfect room. The price was great and we loved having the window seat for reading and people watching. 

    We had an oceanview booked on a cancelled cruise and now next year we've decided to just try a regular interior room on Jewel. We are never in our room except to sleep and shower its just not worth it to us.

  14. On 6/3/2020 at 6:43 PM, GrandmaAirplane said:

    If by any chance your credit is with Air Canada, as of June 1st they are retroactively loosening the credit rules (it covers already cancelled flights, as well as flights still not cancelled yet.)

    Thanks for the info! Really wish we had chosen Air Canada since we have international flights to book for next year. But we had a Swoop flight and they don't fly anywhere we plan to go until at least summer 2022  ?

  15. I agree with most of this. I will also add look at the complementary food venues outside of the Windjammer. Our first day or two on Harmony the crowds for breakfast and lunch were overwhelming for me coming from smaller ships. Once we started to explore other options (especially Solarium bistro and Park Cafe) it just improved the whole experience. Also I will say having a cabin on deck 6 was fantastic when the abyss slide was open we used it as an elevator!

    We actually found Harmony better to navigate than smaller ships surprisingly. The different neighborhoods make it easy to get your bearings.

  16. We go back and forth on this. In general, if we are taking a Royal Caribbean excursion or plan to stay close to the port we leave our passports on the ship. We take them when we have organized an excursion by ourselves further from the ship. Its definitely a difficult decision but even with money belts etc in a lot of ports it feels safer to not have them with us especially in large tour groups that are easily targeted by thieves 

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