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  1. I know the rules in Europe are different in any number of ways....but I think the answer to #2 is....you can still arrange RCI transfer regardless of how you get there.  In other words, the fact that you booked your cruise and air separately should not disqualify you from using RCI transportation.  At least, that is true in the US.  Many times I have booked my own airfare and still used the Royal shuttle from the airport to the cruise terminal.


    Hopefully I understood your question correctly...and those bizarre European rules aren't vastly different.

  2. Are you talking about Global Entry ? The last cruise we were on out of FLL they did not have any GE kiosk BUT when we mentioned to the attendant, who was directing traffic through customs, that we had GE, he directed us to the Suites line which was expedited. As it was, we were suites guests too so we would have ended up there anyway, but I had never realized that you could get expedited reentry with GE even if there is no kiosk. I think it's kinda on a case-by-case basis. You don't know about it unless you ask.

  3. Check out Academy Bus and see if they have any shuttles to the Baltimore port from VA.  We have used them twice to go from Crystal City, VA to Bayonne.  There is always a stop in Baltimore but it is not at the port (at least, not on the 2 trips we were on).  They may well have shuttles from Virginia to the port in Baltimore since they work that corridor regularly.


    It is very affordable.  The RT cost for us from VA to NJ is $55 PP which I think is a BARGAIN.  It basically saves us a night's hotel since we would have otherwise driven up and stayed in a hotel overnight.  They are affiliated with RCI so your arrival is guaranteed.

  4. I have not rented a cabana at Labadee before (Feb 21 will be my first one) but at Coco Cay, we got a bottle of champagne, water cookies, fruit, towels, [access to] floats, masks and fins and of course, access to the special buffet.  I can't imagine it's much different at Labadee.  It was much too cool to get into the water when we were at Coco Cay so I didn't even use the water stuff....never even got wet but the rest was very nice and well worth the price - which was significantly less, then.

  5. Hmmmm....I had a psychologist tell me once that everyone has a bag (thrown over your shoulder, I envisioned) in which resentments are collected and stored...and that sometimes these bags will eventually get full.  When the bag is full, there is nothing to do but toss it away along with source of the resentments.


    Everyone's bag is a different size.  Let's hope your bag for RCI resentments is large enough to handle the MANY small collections you have made this week.  This is the kind of thing (particularly in the iterative way you seem to have collected them for this cruise) that can really spoil a good relationship.  You don't strike me as the resentful type but it certainly cannot be a good thing for your relationship with RCI.


    Here's hoping that these are all in the past and that the rest of your cruise is resentment-free.



  6. Dan and I will be there with 20 friends ! We have booked MTD reservations, reservations for Aqua theater, Mamma Mia !, Blue Planet, ice show and comedy club. Some have booked a couple of specialty restaurants. It is our first time to experience Coastal Kitchen and I noticed that you cannot reserve any CK meals online so we'll have to wait until we get onboard, I guess.


    At Labadee we hope to get everyone into Barefoot Beach and cabanas with those of us in suites and most of us are going to Nachi Cocom on Cozumel. We have nothing booked yet for Falmouth.


    I check the website daily and there sure seems to be a lot of good rooms still unsold. I think, when I looked yesterday, there were 13 D1 cabins available and many Grand Suites. You'd think they would be trying to discount these rooms and get them sold, but it doesn't look like they are. Of course, unsold rooms means less crowding for us and hopefully a motivation to sell things like drink cards...


    Speaking of drinking, many of our team will be purchasing drink packages. I haven't broken the news yet the prices are up...


    We are very excited too !

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