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    PRebecca reacted to SpeedNoodles in When is your next cruise?   
    Just booked Symphony, Sept 17, 2022.
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    PRebecca reacted to Yo2slick in 2 Bedroom Aquatheater Suite On Allure   
    We are now in star class on Allure for Feb 2023
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    PRebecca reacted to MicDay in Bad Influences, thank you :)   
    So after reading @twangster blogs on Alaska.
    I booked an Alaska cruise for May 15th 2022
    So after reading @RickinSTL comments about this Caribbean cruise on the Mariner
    I booked the August 13th 2022 cruise on the Mariner
    I'm so excited for these two totally different cruises, let the planning begin.
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    PRebecca reacted to AlmondFarmer in Who has the cheat sheet to the secret room codes...a1, a2... j3, j4...   
    For booking purposes this is true. But I have heard they can sleep two....if drink package is purchased by both guests. 
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    PRebecca reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Moving a Casino Comp Cruise due to Cancellations   
    Not exactly relating to this topic, but I wanted to report that I spoke with a really good agent this morning and among the many things she did for me, she also informed me that we were absolutely 100% going to get new annual tier casino comp cruises in April.  This was great news...I know there has been plenty of speculation about whether or not the casino would be awarding new annual comps this year since nobody cruised or earned one in 2020.  But the good news is - we will be getting a new annual comp next month.  YIPPEE !!
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    PRebecca reacted to RBRSKI in Grandeur Home Ported in Barbados   
    I hope one of the topics in the near future is "FIRST CRUISE TO LEAVE A SOUTH FLORIDA PORT IS (FILL IN THE BLANK)"
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    PRebecca reacted to Andy & Sheryl Unwin in Grandeur Home Ported in Barbados   
    Sadly, we will not be able to partake. A shame because I really do want to return to Dominica. We were scheduled to go with Serenade in 2018, but unfortunately hits from 3 hurricanes in succession shut that idea down.
    In 1978, I was the guy on TV hauling down the Union Flag after Princess Margaret read the order of independence. So we deliberately booked a return on the year of the 40th anniversary
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    PRebecca reacted to KristiZ in Odyssey of the Seas to sail from Haifa, Israel starting in May 2021   
    @Traveler, will you be on the inagural cruise now, and do one of your great blogs for us??
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    PRebecca reacted to princevaliantus in Cruise Bahama   
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    PRebecca reacted to Ray in Finally optimistic, anyone else?   
    I was the worlds WORST flyer, at the age of 15 i was in a glider that almost crashed! Took me 15 yrs to fly again, Uk to spain just 3 or so hours but i hated every second of it. 
    Best thing i did was book a trip to Orlando as the long haul flight helped me overcome a lot of my fears. 
    Now ive been all over the world seeing places i could never have imagined seeing 🙂
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    PRebecca reacted to Reigert2008 in Finally optimistic, anyone else?   
    One of my COVID relaxation tricks was to plan trips of all types.  When things are better, we’ll have a great list to go off on!
    stay Safe
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    PRebecca reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Finally optimistic, anyone else?   
    Thanks, Joe. Really looking forward to visiting your country.  It’s been on our “list” for many, many years. I’ve been to London but never to Scotland or Ireland. I really cannot wait for this one !
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    PRebecca reacted to WAAAYTOOO in New cruise planner format   
    From reading the "other" thread, the biggest thing coming out of this change is that fact that you will no longer be able to price compare items that you have purchased in the Cruise Planner.  It will just show that you have already purchased this item and there will be no current price available.  According to "authorities" on the other site, even CSR will not be able to look up current prices for you as they [apparently] can only see the same thing that you can see.  This totally sucks !
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    PRebecca reacted to Flopper in It's Coming ........   
    When you discover a blog but find out you have to read it.
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    PRebecca reacted to SpeedNoodles in It's Coming ........   
    I stopped doing people's homework about .... oh , wait.  I never did other people's homework!   😁🙂
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    PRebecca reacted to foxrunner in The Pesky Years   
    Could she bring along a friend? Financially that could be rough, but maybe the friend could foot some of the bill.  
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    PRebecca reacted to twangster in The Pesky Years   
    I took a tween on a cruise both when she was eligible for the teen program and after she was no longer young enough to participate but too young to drink.
    Granted she didn't have a sibling in the program but she never took to the teen hangout thing.  
    On the subsequent cruise she did want some independence which was hard on me.  Suddenly the ship was 18 times larger than it had been in the past.  When she didn't always answer her texts right away it got a little bigger.  She didn't want to hangout with me, I get that, but it's very hard to let them go off on their own even if it is just to the gym.  
    In the end it worked out fine despite a few more silver hairs.  
    You know your kid better than anyone here.  There is no one answer that applies for all tweens.
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    PRebecca reacted to Matt in The Pesky Years   
    I would think someone of that age might want to 
    Sleep in Sun tan Hang by the pool and see the fun there All of the above while on social media
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    PRebecca reacted to JLMoran in Z-plasty? WTH is a Z-plasty? (Yet *another* nahtacruz blog)   
    Not really much to report. There is some kind of "tape" that was covering the incision site, and that's now started to come off on its own. Underneath, I can see what looks like a nicely healing incision. That's as descriptive as I'll get, to spare those with more sensitive constitutions. 😄 
    And we checked our daughter's bank account balance, to see how much see had actually saved up from work for the trip to Japan. She was thrilled to find out that even though she hasn't worked since February of last year, she was so aggressive with her savings during the time she was working that she has almost enough to pay for the whole thing! She had originally been saving up for a used car that she wanted to buy when she turned 18; but between learning about this program, and realizing that if she does move to Japan there would be no way to keep any car she bought, she decided when she applied that it was better to use the money for this. My wife and I will be paying the balance on the tuition along with her airfare, but she's done a great job of learning about saving, budgeting, and putting off some of those "instant gratification" purchases to be able to hit a longer-term goal.
    Oh, and we found out that 10% of the trip cost is being covered by the program operator through a merit grant thanks to her grades. Kudos, kiddo!
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    PRebecca reacted to JLMoran in Z-plasty? WTH is a Z-plasty? (Yet *another* nahtacruz blog)   
    I forgot something in that last update. Our younger daughter (aka the artist, whose work I’ve shown in earlier live blogs) got her acceptance notice for the summer Japanese Language and Cultural Immersion program that she applied for nearly a year ago!
    Assuming she’s able to get vaccinated in time and nothing else comes along to muck things up, she’ll be spending 4 weeks with a host family in Kyoto from mid-July through mid-August.
    This is a huge deal for her. She’s been self-studying Japanese for almost a year now, and has been saving money from her part-time job to help pay for it (until her job was let go due to COVID-19 anyway). She hopes to live and work in Japan after college; she wants to get into character design for one of the smaller video game firms there. We’re really happy for her!
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    PRebecca reacted to twangster in None the wiser   
    Singapore is not COVID free.  They haven't eliminated COVID.  There are new cases in Singapore everyday.  Eleven new cases were announced today.  There is no community spread from these cases because they are being caught as they enter the country and isolated.   They are caught because of mandatory testing upon arriving.
    Despite the newly imported cases that have been occurring regularly since December in Singapore, there remains no cases on Quantum.  Cruising in Singapore has occurred absent of a vaccine since vaccines just recently started entering the picture.
    Protocols plus a vaccine will make everything so much safer.  As more vaccine is administered the overall risk of an outbreak decreases everyday.  The number of vaccines administered today will be dwarfed by the numbers by May 1st.   
    A positive case may still occur once cruising restarts just like Singapore is detecting new cases entering the country everyday. 
    Here in the US if a positive person doesn't book a cruise and just goes about their routine they will be spreading the virus everywhere they go.   On land there are no procedures to detect and isolate anyone who doesn't decide to go and get tested.  They will continue to be a risk to the community unless they have a reason to get tested.
    Cruising will be that reason to get tested for anyone going on a cruise.  If that same person books a cruise they will need to get tested.  Ideally they test positive before going to the port but if they slip through the cracks and on board is where it's detected that they are positive that is actually helping society overall because they are isolated and contained.  That would never happen if they were back on land going about their weekly routine.  
    Every positive person who is detected because they are about to go on a cruise, or every person who is detected once on board lowers the risk for society in general.  In this regard cruising will help reduce community spread because guests will be monitored and isolated if required just like community spread has been lowered in Singapore where positive cases are caught upon arriving.  
    When you combine the vaccine with the protocols it is safe to resume cruising and it gets safer every day with more vaccines getting into more arms every day.
    It's coming folks.  Cruises will be able to restart soon.
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    PRebecca reacted to Matt in None the wiser   
    I agree with @twangster in his assessment. There is a lot of positive change coming, and I think we are on the precipice of many promises finally coming our way.
    The rollout of the vaccine, plummeting cases, very good news about its efficacy, and imminent information from the CDC for cruise lines all point to ships being able to sail again.
    I've said it before and I'll say it again. I will be on a cruise ship as a paying guest by the end of 2021.
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    PRebecca reacted to Ray in Best way to contact legislators.   
    Every other post is doom and gloom!!! 
    Everyday is like groundhog day with the same virus talk being said over and over again.
    Im not wearing a mask onboard! Thats fine but you wont be sailing!!
    Its not a vacation!If thats how you feel stay at home!!!
    Cant make me do this or that! Well if you want to cruise they can!!
    Against my rights etc etc etc
    I can read and its on tv every hour i dont really want to log on here and its the same! 
    Its boring to be honest! Way i see it we can all try and predict the future but no one really can, if we could would we really predict when cruising will restart or what that weekends lotto numbers will be? right now its all guess work and just waiting to see what happens.
    Personally i would rather read a made up blog about relocating to florida or whats the best beach or hotel in Bermuda than some of the depressing posts about Covid. 
    Lets get back to the fun without all the covid, government and science posts, at the end of the day what will be will be and the only way we can change things is by following the rules and advice given 
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    PRebecca reacted to JLMoran in Z-plasty? WTH is a Z-plasty? (Yet *another* nahtacruz blog)   
    I was instructed to take off the ace bandage and packing today, and just start using gauze pads and a regular sock. So much more comfortable without that bulky material and constriction around my foot!
    And also moderately less painful. Today or maybe tomorrow is supposed to be the last of the “worst” days, so I’m hoping that means I’ll be starting to wean off the meds Real Soon Now and getting down to just Advil. I hate feeling so loopy for so much of the day.
    Had to change the gauze after just a few hours, but I was also moving around a fair bit while making breakfast and coffee and then moving stuff off the floor so our robo-vac, “Puck”, could do the twice-weekly run through the living room and kitchen area. The doc did tell me no restrictions around movement or putting weight on the foot, and said to do as much of my normal home routine as was comfortable starting today, so there you go; I imagine that moving around helps circulation and improves final skin elasticity after it’s healed up.
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    PRebecca reacted to twangster in Oasis Class Ship Names   
    Who knows exactly why but a lot of market research goes into naming.  It can be challenging to find a name that doesn't offend someone in some language and is generally clear of trademarks or registrations by similar companies.  
    It's easy to look back and find fault but I'm not sure they knew 13 or 14 years ago how this experiment would turn out.   It wasn't always cast in stone there would be this many.
    It could have been worse... Just look at Boaty McBoatface.
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